"communities" like Project Chanology; a new paradigm?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Jeff Jacobsen, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    " These types of communities are truly poly-archies and the type of power that is held in them is meritocratic, distributed and ad hoc. Everyone can contribute without permission, but those with recognised expertise who are accepted by the community - the so-called '"maintainers' and the 'editors' - decide which software or design patches are acceptable.
    These decisions require expertise, not communal consensus. The tension between inclusive participation and selection for excellence is one that every social system faces, and that peer production has solved in a rather elegant way. The genius of the solution is not that it avoids conflict, but that it designs away unnecessary conflict by allowing for the maximum human freedom compatible with the goal of co-operation. Indeed, peer production is always an "object-oriented" co-operation, and it is the particular object that will drive the particular form chosen for its peer governance mechanisms.
    The main allocation mechanism in such projects is a 'distribution of tasks'. Unlike in the industrial model, there is no longer a division of labour between jobs and mutual coordination. Because the work environment is designed to be totally open and transparent, every participating individual can see what is needed, and decide accordingly whether to contribute. Remarkably, this new model allows for both global coordination and for small-group dynamics. And it does this without 'command and control'!"

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    This is an interesting article on how "open source communities" work and get things done. I consider Project Chanology to be such, which I call Internet Collective Action. This article explains pretty well how such an organizing method can work IRL.
  2. Interesting article. Thanks!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Great Article! BUMP!
  4. moarxenu Member

    There are great insights here. I find the reflection on power less relevant to Chanology. There are only two levels of power at WWP: the mods and the anons. Whatever recent dramas may suggest mods continue to serve the egalitarian interests of the forum and Chanology.

    I find it remarkable that in four years of Chanology no one has ever ordered me to do anything. The pwning of the cult has taken place by suggestion and contagious enthusiasm. and lulz.

    Chanology has no leaders but is full of anons with extraordinary leadership gifts exercised in the most modest, indirect, and humble of ways. Perhaps the best term is from France - they are animateurs, animating raids, research projects, harpooning, and descending in hordes on the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Illinois legislators, and school districts in Purcell and Lawton Oklahoma.

    Even four years on I sometimes shake my head in disbelief that this ever happened.
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  5. PresidentShaw Member

    New as in ''has been here for 4 years?
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