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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by benAmerica, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. benAmerica Member

    Is there a centralized communication team? I have a long list of email addresses of media outlets. We also need international government email addys as well as UN addys. For instance, Michele Montas is the current Spokesperson under UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon since January 1, 2007. Can we find an email addy for her? Suggestions, Ideas or point me to an already started group/thread.

    Thank you, and lets be the media.
  2. skollie-IRAN Member

  3. benAmerica Member

    Media Contacts:

    I haven't vetted these...but it is a start

    Gavin Power, Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact Office (New York)

    Tel.: +1-212-963-4681


    Paul Clements-Hunt, Head of Unit, UNEP Finance Initiative (Geneva)

    Tel: +41-79-349-54-86


    Matthias Stausberg, Communications Officer, UN Global Compact Office (New York)

    Tel.: +1-917-367-3423


    Nick Nuttall, UNEP Spokesperson, Office of the Executive Director (Nairobi)

    Tel: +254-20-7623084

    Mobile: +254-733-632755 or +41-79-596-5737


    Asset Owner Signatory Contacts:

    Knut N. Kjr, Executive Director, Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM)

    Mobile: +47-9010-0438

    Henrik Syse, Head of Corporate Governance, Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM)

    Mobile: +47-9306-2567

    Colin Melvin, Managing Director, Hermes Equity Ownership Service, and Chair of PRI Investor Group (on behalf of BT Pension Scheme), or

    Paul Lee, Director of Governance and Engagement, Hermes Investment Management

    Contact: Nick Denton

    Tel: +44-207-357-9477 or +44-173-026-3314

    Mobile: +44-777-027-2083


    Robyn Belek, Deputy Director of Communications, Office of the State Treasurer, State of Connecticut

    Tel: +1-860-702-3013

    Email :
  4. benAmerica Member

    FAIRs List on DailyKos


    Will harvest comments
  5. benAmerica Member

    Embassies Emails

    Email to Embassies:

    Allow wounded
  6. Sol Mann Member

    Excellent thread, I'm gonna move this to Promote the Cause shortly.
  7. benAmerica Member

    Email Harvesting

    I will be able to check in over the next week, but right now we need email addys for the U.N. and for the embassies of other nations located in Iran. When people ask "What can I do?" we need to have a list of people for them to harvest email addys for.

    The MSM is not/will not report and Governments are trying to keep it at arms length. Is there a central website i saw someone was working on as a communication arm?

    I will spread this around on my end and see if i can stir up some help...meanwhile, can the mods put out some sort of action request?

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