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  1. Hello,

    While attending a protest, I had spotted someone who may have belonged to CMO. After a failed attempt to find a good summary of CMO, I decided to write one to summarize it for the anons who were there.

    Most of the information is from my personal observation while in the Sea Org, so it already has more information then the Wikipedia article on CMO (yay for not needing references!).

    I will crosspost on other sites, in case a former messenger has more details they want to add. I was not qualified for CMO when I joined the Sea Org, so my information is limited to what I observed of them. But then again, if I ended up in CMO, I might not be here to tell of it!

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  2. Very interesting - many thanks.

    Do you have any docs relating to this?
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Ha! I thought they no longer existed. I was under the impressin that they were just girls that LRH had around him, sort of like his own harem.
  5. Anonymous Member

    They started out as little girls in hot pants who followed Hubbard around to light his Kools and catch his ash.
    Thigs haven't changed much ;) They're still a bunch of little girls.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Also these LRH loli had a lot of power,people were rpf'd on there say so.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Imagine a bunch of little L. Ron Hubbards running around... that's what the CMO is. Each one trying hard to out-Hubbard the rest. That Miscavige (ex-CMO) came out on top tells a lot.
  8. Triumph Member

    Queen Aussie Bitch Carly Crutchfield was a CMO Hoochie
  9. Anonymous Member

    I remember receiving a recruitment letter from a CMO person while in the cult. I was intrigued.
    I replied to "Sir" (a woman, as it turned out), asking, "What is the typical Messenger's day like?". I got silence for a response. I guess I wasn't supposed to ask that question.
  10. AnonLover Member

    I've always wondered how soon newly recruited SO kids get tapped for the CMO... straight off of the EPF? Or later?
  11. DeathHamster Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    I'm going to take a somewhat-educated guess and say... before. Someone correct me, but I believe the CMO have their own EPF/DPF (Deck Project Force).
  13. DeathHamster Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Telling the whole truth would get her instantly excommunicated, and she knows it.
  15. PodPeople Member

    Contemplate the belly button. Think more in embryonic terms. By birth, contracts and if not, then a lifetime IAS membership. I'm not joking. See ASHO's The Auditor Vital Statistics some time. Hell, Any potential SO recruit was scarce since, well always. Regular SO, high fat, cheap hamburger compared to CMO, Kobe steak.
  16. AnonLover Member

    Can we get confirmation on ^^This?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Not a confirmation, but I seem to recall the CMO were special, with their own rules and such. Snobs of the already snobby Sea Org "Elite".
  18. NCSP Member

    All good April Fool's jokes end with a rigorous session of studying the Data Series.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard was high as a kite and His Messenger missed it. Sorry, "sir". LOL
  20. DeathHamster Member

    The Flag Orders were Hubbard's orders and rules for the Sea Org. Wouldn't there be a parallel set for the Commodore's Messengers?
  21. Anonymous Member

    I would tend to think so. But I don't think there is a collection of CMO advices / orders. Any old timers know?
  22. Budd Member

    "Miscavige said he is trying to parlay Scientology’s cherished IRS tax exemption into “religious recognition” in the major countries of Europe, where the church has battled for acceptance. He said he wants to do it by the year 2000."

    Hmm, year 2000. Did I miss something?

    "As Miscavige’s position in Scientology grew, allegations began to surface about his conduct.
    He lists two without being asked. One is that he raided Hubbard’s assets and did “harm to the founder.” The other is the suggestion Miscavige was involved in the 1985 suicide of his mother-in-law, Mary Florence Barnett, who was said to have associated with a splinter group of Scientologists.
    Miscavige is incredulous about being linked to her death. California authorities ruled Ms. Barnett shot herself three times in the chest and once in her right temple with a .22-calibre rifle. One of Ms. Barnett’s daughters told an investigator she had been depressed following surgery."

    Hmm, not depressed enough to do the impossible. Maybe she had some help. And who could that have been? Could it be.... Sata... little Davey?

    "“He was always on the defensive,” said Washington lawyer Gerald Feffer, who has represented the church in IRS matters since 1984. “He lived in an environment where people (federal investigators) were trying to destroy his family, himself and his church.”

    Miscavige has "family" ? We know about Shelley, but we don't know where she is today. Were there any children, or is he talking about his parents?
  23. — P.J. O'Rourke
  24. Yes, there is a CMO EPF which is required, in addition to the normal EPF, before being posted in CMO. It is not part of the normal EPF. IIRC, it consists of several courses and, instead of heavy grunt work like the normal EPF, they do more "refined" work like ironing the uniforms of senior CMO members. The CMO EPFers don't wear grungy shorts and t-shirts like the normal EPF, they were some sort of lesser CMO uniform. I'm sure there is some sort of passing standard for graduating, but I wouldn't know what it is.
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  25. The CMO EPF uniform (as it was implimented in CLO Canada) was black formal shoes, black formal pants, the Sea Org belt (with silver logo), but just a plain white t-shirt.

    The CMO EPFers were still like regular Sea Org members, and I recall they were still allowed to chat at mealtimes. Once they finished the CMO EPF, they vanished, and re-deployed into action with rapidly changing personalities.

    I also recall Claire Kitt, the D/COI CMOCAN, arguing with my senior about who was transferred into CMO and who stayed in the CLO. I stayed out of our office during that meeting because when I approached the door, Claire was talking about my friends (evidently a few were rejected from CMO) in a really insulting way. But it was clear that selections for CMO were pretty much done as soon as the candidate arrived on base, and it had to be agreed as fair for both orgs.

  26. Anonymous Member

    ^ horse trading
  27. RightOn Member

    weren't their pics of them in white boots and mini skirts or something? (very religious)
    I can't find it noa
  28. JustNoise Member

    Both. You can be recruited directly by CMO. You can be traded in to CMO. You can be sent out of CMO. All the "kids" tend to go to CMO because they usually don't have sexual related incidents on their records which would disqualify them for CMO. They also look for high scores on the OCA test and the Scilon IQ test(which is easy to memorize- I got a near perfect score, I are a genius) and the leadership test. CMO members are discouraged from fraternizing with average sea ogres. They have their own reserved tables in the dining halls and people to wait on them. They are taught that they are the voice of El Ron, when they give a directive, it is like El Ron speaking through them. Part of the training involves practicing memorizing orders so they can be repeated back exactly, and practicing giving orders in tone 40.

    People in the CMO are obsessed with pecking order and rank. Any ordinary sea ogre must address a CMO person as Sir no matter their age or gender. 9 year olds girls get a snappy "Yes Sir!" from 50 year old career sea ogres---or else. Internally it is also all about the pecking order. CMO Clearwater must say Sir to CMO IXU, who must in turn say Sir to CMO INT, who answer to RTC. To get to INT you must rise up through these ranks.

    Being in the CMO is all about yelling at others and getting yelled at. You are yelled at several times per day by your CO. The people in your org are looking for ways to sabotage you to make themselves look good. Watch yo back, man! Sure, you get to wear a crisp white uniform, but you will get put in lowers for spilling even a drop of food on it, thereby lowering the perception of CMO with your slovenly food consuming ways. Oh and these are mostly kids, remember? If your bed sheets aren't tight enough to bounce a quarter it means group ridicule at the next staff muster. Compare that to the average kid who leaves toys and homework stuff all over their bedroom floor. CMO punishment involves a lot of uniform care and cleaning, but nothing too visible, mostly ironing exec shirts and cleaning exec berthing.
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  29. AnonLover Member

    Thank you JustNoise - fascinating info there.

    So... sexually active incidents disqualifies a kid for the CMO (shivers) too freaking creepy!!!
  30. DeathHamster Member

    Do CMOs out at orgs ever use Hubbard's Office for anything?

    If not, they're missing a wonderful psychological terror weapon: Someone will know that they're in deeep shit when they're called into Hubbard's Office and screamed at by a CMO standing behind the desk beside Hubbard's chair.
  31. JustNoise Member

    Not usually, no. LRH's office is thought as a sort of museum office. It is for display only. It is supposed to have a full library of his works. I know, right? Like he'll need to have a reference of his own writings handy when he is reincarnated and then drops into the local org to use his office. It is cared by the the LRH comm (a sea org member) at a class v org. The last two such orgs I visited didn't seem the have an LRH comm around, plus I noted a lot fewer LRH photos than you would expect, but elaborate displays ala the lifetime museum set up in main hallways with a lot of fancy vids playing.

    Not to say that the LRH office gets no use. I mean, they are often the nicest space in any org and often a place where nobody would think to look for you. At St. Hill it is like a time capsule. The mansion at INT is amazing. You would have to have a certain mindset to dare to use it though and be quick on your feet to not get caught. *I* have used various LRH offices as a quiet place to hang out and avoid drama. I used one for a month once. I am sure I am not the only one. I'd bet good money that somewhere some kinky scilons have put LRH offices to very good use. Me, I just wrote reports there.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Have you been in it?
  33. DeathHamster Member

    And afterwards... did you smoke the Kools?
  34. JustNoise Member

    I have probably breathed plenty secondhand, but no.
  35. From: Hubbard: Messiah or Madman.......(I'm going with the latter)......

    L. Ron Hubbard's policies and personal treatment of children constitutes child abuse, imho.

    Can you imagine a parent being honored to have one of their children placed in this position?

    Delusion runs deep in Hubbard's Scientology........

    It's beyond sad, it's quite sick, actually........
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Wonder if Connor and Isabella are products of CMO's?

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