Commercials on NBC: What to do?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Lately, I've been seeing Scientology commercials being aired on NBC. Now, those of us that know about Scientology can laugh at how they try to portray themselves in these ads, but the fact is they're spreading their lies by broadcasting them to millions of uninformed people, and some of those people might find themselves getting involved in Scientology as a result. And NBC is condoning it.

    Looking at Scientology as a religion (you shouldn't), they're getting special treatment with these commercials, in that you certainly don't see any "What is Judaism?" commercials or the like. Looking at Scientology as a manipulative and dangerous cult, it's absolutely disgusting that anyone would allow these absurdly misleading commercials to be aired.

    So what course of action can be, or should be taken to get NBC, or anyone else, to stop airing these commercials?
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  2. Dragononymous Member

    Go tell them.
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  3. Herro Member

    Free speech bro.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Fuck you, cocksucker.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Get everyone you know to not watch NBC, and to boycott NBC's other sponsors.
    Get same people to write letters to NBC executives.
    Get Tony Ortega to investigate why NBC is accepting Miscavige's jewgolds.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Maybe start with your local affiliate station. The ad buy may have been local to your oown market area. As for network contacts,

    Robert Greenblatt
    Chairman NBC Entertainment

    Jennifer Salke
    President NBC Entertainment

    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112
    c/o NBC-TV
    3000 West Alameda Ave.
    Burbank, CA 91523

    NBC Comment Line: 212-664-2333
    NBC Universal main phone, Los Angeles: 1-818-840-4444
    NBC Universal main phone, New York: 212-664-4444

    General viewer related email:

    Creepy ads are creepy. Mainly it's money spent by the IAS for the benefit of current scientologists to get them to fork over even more cash since buying ad time is the only way they can get a little thetacomm on the TV. At least they haven't resorted to late night infomercials... yet. Unfortunately, there's s always some chance they'll pick up a few strays this way which is sufficiently appalling.

    So yeah, let them have it. How many disconnected mothers who've lost their children to billion year SeaOrg contracts have to put up with this? None. They have remotes. They have letters to the Editor.

    They have free speech, bro.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The ads are a huge problem, for the Scientology corporation that it. What the ads do for most people who are curious about Scientology is to get them to google for info. The company is paying for people to find out that it is a cult. I heartily support these ads.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Interesting perspective!
  9. dox???????????????????

    Are you saying they don't allow other religions to buy commercials?
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. What do you mean "other religions?" Did you mean "Other cults?"
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Dox or...
  13. Tourniquet Member

    Religions, be they as they may, do not need TV ads to promote their respective faiths.
    Only cults (i.e., Mormons and Scientology) do.
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  14. Is Scientology "getting special treatment" from NBC?
  15. Tourniquet Member

    Dunno... but what I meant was, I've ever seen TV ads only from those two cults.
  16. Anonymous Member

    This does not require dox since it is a statement about human behavior. Most people that the cult wants to recruit in the US use internet, especially anyone under 30. They will gather info from the internet when they are curious about something. Considering how mysterious and coy the Scientology corporation likes to be with new customers, it's almost certain that anyone who wants to know more will check them out on the web.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Also, there is no lack of info on the web. If anything there is a glut of info on how weird, abusive, and cultish the Scientology corporation is. There are over 10 thousand web pages of dox, vids, discussions, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, tv news pieces, and even a few movies.

    Nobody who looks at just a tiny fraction of that of that will become a client of the company.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Also, there is no lack of info on the web. If anything there is a glut of info on how weird, abusive, and cultish the Scientology corporation is. There are over 10 thousand web pages of dox, vids, discussions, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, tv news pieces, and even a few movies.

    Nobody who looks at just a tiny fraction of that of that will become a client of the company.
  19. Tourniquet Member

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  20. PresidentShaw Member

    Oh hi bigot thread
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  21. Anonymous Member

    1. Accuse NBC of supporting Scientology's SeaOrg child abuse and trafficking.
    2. Private Army a whole bunch of Morally Outraged people.
    3. Leave a pile of small shoes on NBC's doorstep.
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  22. sallysock Member

    From 1983

    Before the internet.
    Makes me think of Paulette.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    There was a time before there was Internet?
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  24. Herro Member

    It's not an unreasonable assumption, but without dox it's just that- an assumption.
  25. Anonymous Member

    There is no mention of such a time in the Bible, so... no. There was no time before there was Internet.
  26. Anonymous Member

    "There were many in the church I felt were treated unfairly" -- John Brodie, ex-scientologist.

    Mr. celebrity spokeshole, you have no idea, but yeah.
  27. Anonymous Member

    At start, no has Internet. An Ceiling Cat sayz, i can haz Internet? An Internet wuz.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    My concern with contacting anyone about this is, if they were willing to air these commercials, then what if that means there is an association with the cult? If I complain to NBC or my local affiliate, I feel like I might be opening myself up to giving my info up to people I don't want to.

    Afraid anon is afraid.
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  29. Yes, but then Al Gore wired a light bulb above his head to his tongue and stuck a fork in an electric socket.......
  30. Anonymous Member

    are these the same ads popping up on youtube?

    if so, I'm considering making a response pointing out how blatantly it lies.

    should I do it?
  31. Herro Member

    Kill yourself.

    Yeah there's a relationship. Scientology purchased ad space, NBC aired the commercials, you fucking idiot. Oh, and kill yourself.
  32. Sneak Moderator

    Unfortunately, if Scientology legally purchased ad space, then there's not much that can be done about it. What one person calls a lie, another could call a fact. Take a look at political party advertisements in the run up to election day.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Project much?
  34. Anonymous Member

    And what kind of company accepts money from Scientology? One that, for one reason or another, I don't want to give my name to.

    What I'm saying is Scientology shouldn't be allowed to purchase ad time, and companies that broadcast commercials should be dealt with, but I don't know how and I can't do it by myself. That's where the thread comes in.
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  35. PresidentShaw Member

    Why do you hate free speech?
  36. Gottabrain Member

    I can help you out here.

    When the ad is running, it is during a show of some sort or other. There are sponsors for the TV show or movie that airs at that time. The names of the sponsors of the show (normally big companies) are aired on television - before and after the show, sometimes during it. You've probably missed them, but you can still contact the network to find out who they are.

    During the screening of the sponsored show, any ads of any kind must be agreeable to the sponsor. The sponsors are paying the megabig bucks for it, after all. Commercial space is always in demand; no television network actually has to "sell" commercial time - really, it's only about taking orders and payment for them and scheduling them in.

    Complaining to both the network as well as the sponsors (whose show was demeaned by the displaying of these objectionable commercials) will result in action, believe me.

    They don't need the business. Scn and Dn can try to buy commercial time elsewhere and pointing this out to the fool that sold the commercial time would be very worthwhile.
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