ComiCon: XB and Churchlady

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by xenubarb, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    I admit it, I'm jaded. Jaded by goofballs dressed as movie guys, jaded by zombie walks. Eye on Sci used to come down for it, and we'd spend the whole damned day at the foot of 5th Avenue.

    I've been doing flier dumps at CC for years. We used to go in on passes when it wasn't so huge, and have been followed by Edwin Richardson and this OSA guy. I think the first year, instead of Galaxy Press, it was Bridge Pubs in a triplewide booth along the wall, flogging Battlefield Earth.

    Churchlady said she could dedicate a couple of hours on Saturday, so I came down with signs and stuff. She brought some lovely cookies with fat chocolate chips on them. They were quickly consumed by zombies, and Finn the human. Jake the dog didn't get any because he wasn't there.
    I find it strange that people would take cookies from someone who looks like one of those people who come in after an Ebola outbreak to clean up, but there you are.


    As a nod to GalUxy Press and Hubbard, CL brought an award, the coveted Pomme de Terre, to make up for his lack of Nebulae and Hugo Awards in his life as a writer.

    This thing is coveted. COVETED, I TELL YOU! However, Hubbard didn't show so we gave it to some guys bumming beer money from the crowd.


    CL had some bookmarks to hand out, and I had some old cards from last year. We quickly disposed of those. Suddenly, a wild anon appears out of nowhere, swooping in to drop some lovely cards advertising Janet Reitman's book! So we were set for the rest of the afternoon!
    Thanks, anon!

    We were somewhat plagued by a guy who was kind of using the sidewalk as a party. He had apparently lost $500, his passport and other docs when somebody lifted his bag at the ball park. Cops wouldn't take a report, but he seemed a cheery fellow despite that, glomming on to people and talking to them. He had bought a number of Padres shirts, and people kept thinking they were freebies. We gave him the bag the cards came in to stuff all his belongings in, and then he put it into our care!

    Church Lady got into a dialogue with a girl who had an exceedingly sophomoric view of religion, but then she wasn't very sophisticated. Church Lady, well...they don't call her Church Lady for nothing. This stupid girl threw out every stupid argument we've ever heard about religion. It was going nowhere, so I leaned over and said to CL, "You're being Dev-T'd." Wide-eyed girlie was wide eyed, but left soon after. If you're wasting time talking to an idiot, you're not handing out cards or talking to people who, yanno, might actually be interested.

    Lots of people took our picture. My Anonymous Volunteer Protester shirt is so sharp!

    I want an Adventure Time hat.

    We stayed until 6:30, then went to get something at Cafe Diem. Great guacamole, but I wasn't feeling great. Something I ate earlier did not agree with me.

    I left little stacks of cards along my way home. And that was Comicon 2011.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I do hope that it wasn't a cookie.

  3. xenubarb Member

    Nah. It wasn't a zombie burrito either.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Good yorb guise! Too bad I was at a booth working!
  5. subgenius Member

  6. AnonLover Member

    well done! got pics of Janet Reitman advertising cards?
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  7. Kilia Member

    Excellent done! EXCELLENT!!!
  8. churchlady Member

    Well, I'm finally back to the mother ship. What a long weekend! Thanks so much Xenubarb for hanging out with me Sat. It was great fun. I had no idea how frightening I looked. I got dressed in an undisclosed bathroom stall and couldn't really see out of my eyewear. The cookies were fit to eat. I certainly ate enough of them myself with no ill effects.

    I was personally offended that LRH himself did not come to accept his coveted Pomme de Terre award. The award design team spent days, no hours, no minutes on that award.

    On Sunday (today) I finally got to go inside and put piles of the beautiful. professionally done business cards for Janet Reitman's book all over Comic-Con. I spent quite a lot of time around the target booth, so much so that one scilon said, "Haven't you been here before?" I was pure friendliness and interest and hopefully they didn't see what I was doing to their creepy books!

    Although my outfit Saturday makes me look about 7 months pregnant in the pictures, I can assure you I am not pregnant except with a food baby.
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  9. churchlady Member

    I hope the Xenubarb's tummy is better. She didn't eat any cookies, by the way, so don't blame me!
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

  11. TinyDancer Member

    I've missed you, churchlady. <3
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  12. Golgo Member

    sorry i didnt attend, right after work i went to hot topic to look for a guy fawk mask, and they didnt have one, luckly the one i did ordered from ebay got home tonight, so, whens the next party guys =3?
  13. RightOn Member

    very nice indeed
    love the spud!
    sounds like a very interesting and succesful enturby day
  14. xenubarb Member

    Hard to say. You missed Gay Pride and Comicon. Those are the two big events here in SD that nobody came to. Except me and Churchlady. Astonishing. We do thank our support from the anon who dropped cards on us. The rest of you missed an opportunity to experience unparalleled weirdness in the street, while contributing to it as a photo op for other tourons.

    Best way to find out, sdanon dot net. I keep it all swept free of spammers in case of company, so come on by.
  15. Golgo Member

    ohh i was looking for that site, im a member from like 5 months ago
  16. Golgo Member

    i re registered, Golgo, Activate me please =3
  17. Anonymous Member

    You sounds like me three users ago!
  18. Anonymous Member

    Golgo+2+*fail= more fail
  19. xenubarb Member

  20. Man, I feel bad now D: I wasn't able to get a badge for Comic Con this year so I could've gone, but I assumed you guys would've been indoors.

    I wish I could promise you my 'poons for next year... but my friends got me badges for next year >.> So I'll be doing the YFTC drops instead. And boy, will there be a LOT.
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  21. xenubarb Member

    Good to see you back, TGP. We missed you.
  22. Anonymous Member

    yeah their dancing went to shit
  23. xenubarb Member

    Our dancing always was shit. Whachoo talkin bout?
  24. Golgo Member

    we got to play rappers delight and dance to the beat

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