Comic Con 2011 San Diego - Needs you!!!1!!11eleventy!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Galaxy Press will be at the Comic Con booth 1222 this year.

    The legion needs you to be there and inform > 9,000 Comic Con attendees per day. Bring cards- hundreds of them per day will be needed. Xenubarb has graet signz.

    Comic Con this year is July 21-24. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday- lots of great timez to choose from!

    At the 2009 raid the director of V for Vendetta stopped by and personally told us he was proud that we used the Guy Fawkes mask for Chanology.

    Anons and old guard have not missed a Comic Con raid for the last 10+ years.

    L A and O C anons are seriously needed here.

  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Further bump! Needs event planning page.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Calling socal anons to the white courtesy phone...

    You have just over a week to enturbulate on a massive scale...
  6. Anonymous Member

    Is Xenubarb going to feed us?
  7. churchlady Member

    Hi. Details plox? You can pm me. I will be there one day, but I'm not gonna say which day.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Jesus told me you're going to be there on Saturday.
  9. churchlady Member

    That silly Jesus. What does he know? He's a really good gardener though.
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  10. failboat Member

    badges sold out, it seems. would <3 Love <3 to go....

    i just might have to see what strings i can pull.
  11. xenubarb Member

    To what?
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  12. xenubarb Member

    Okay, here's the deal. For the past 10 years, Eye and I have worked Comicon. Ten years ago, it was more interesting, as we could go inside; lots of scilons cruising about, Edwin Richardson came down once when we were on the grassy area just north of the convention center. That area is now closed to protesters, so we relocated to the bottom of 5th Ave. near the crossing to the convention center. Eye moved out of Cali, but left all the signs and stuff with me.

    Interest is kind of down this year. I am not gonna stand in a sea of nerds all by myself, even if my GF mask helps me blend in.
  13. churchlady Member

    Sea of nerds? You're talking about my friends and relatives! Anyway, we still have a week to get this together. Do we have flyers or some kind of hand out in stock? If not, I can help with that. Do we ever infiltrate their booth? Put You Found The Cards in their books, etc?
    As someone mentioned, if you don't have a badge by now, you're not going to get one. They sold out within hours of going up for sale. There is much complaining about how mainstream Comic-Com has become. But, from reading your reports of previous years, hanging around outside is free, and actually pretty entertaining. We will have a presence at Comic-Con however covert.
  14. churchlady Member

    As always, Please put me on the list for providing delicious baked goods.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I'll be working the convention so no anon activities for me. But I can drop off 2000 flyers for lulz. Xenubarb, expect a PM.
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  16. churchlady Member

    2000 flyers is good. I am working on how to cosplay and be anon. Hmmmm big cardboard box?
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  17. xenubarb Member

    Guys, c'mon now. I said my friend moved out of state. I said I'm not going to do this alone. So why do I need 2000 fliers? I hope to hand out about a million leftover fliers from SF Pride events this Saturday. Hopefully some people will join me.

    I have not heard from anyone local about ComiCon, so meh. (Since I'm not the leader of anonymous, if anyone else wants to do this, feel free.)
  18. churchlady Member

    I have some sneaky ideas. I will unveil them in a few days. I WILL BE THERE AND IF YOU WILL BE THERE, PM ME. Leave Xenubarb alone!
  19. Crucif1x Member

    New to the Comic Con protest, I am willing to drive from the 562 to comic con for 1 or 2 days to protest. Where do we meet and what are the "rules"?
  20. the anti Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    I have 5000 printed, ready to go.
    Obligations mean I can't hand them out, but if I see anons there, I will get the box to them.
    If not, I'll just take them back to the home city.
  22. xenubarb Member

    No, don't leave me alone. I just said I am not gonna do this alone. Nobody here wants to play. Granted, even being surrounded by billions of costumed nerds can get boring.
  23. xenubarb Member

    Anon presence confirmed for Saturday. Fliers and cards anon, PM me and we will arrange a drop.

    Comicon 2011 is go. Repeat, it is go.
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  24. xenubarb Member

    Rules = don't be a derp.
    We are on for Saturday. Trolley stops right by the convention center. You don't want to try and find parking unless u liek hikes.
    PM me for details.
  25. churchlady Member

    Go!Go!Go! Looking forward to finally meeting the fabled Xenubarb.
  26. churchlady Member

    Preheating the oven in 1......2.......3.......
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  27. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Any word if the Phelps Klan and the Westboro Troll Church making another protest attempt? Or did they get enough of a spanking from last year's try that they actually learned a lesson?
  28. xenubarb Member

    LOL...hard to say. We had some thumpers on the corner for a while. They insisted they weren't with WBC, but we used them as if they w3re. Who the hell brings a god to a comic convention anyways?
  29. xenubarb Member

    I'm actually quite real. Looking fwd to meeting you!
  30. Anonymous Member

    i feel like cinderella without a ticket to the ball :(

    does anyone know a sneaky way to get me a badge?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Fabled... as in very old??
  32. Anonymous Member

    Mug someone with a badge?
  33. churchlady Member

    Fabled, infamous, illustrious, come on you guys! I picked a superlative out of my hat.

    Badge: No, you will not be able to get a badge. They sold out 15 minutes after they went on sale. Come on down Sat. anyway. From what I hear, it's almost as entertaining outside with all the cosplayers and other interesting people to look at.
  34. xenubarb Member

    We're always offered badges by people who are done. I never take them because we have too much stuff to drag around.
  35. Golgo Member

    Hi im new here, i work next to comic con and i have some connections there, i would gladly help but no tickets, its not a money thing i just didnt get them in time
  36. Anonymous Member

    The Scilons didn't finish setup even after preview night ended. They had nothing but LRH pulp audiobooks and such on display. Boxes still on the floor being opened. Disorganized clams are disorganized.
  37. Anonymous Member

    LastOneStanding's vagoo?
  38. wolfyrik Member

    What the hell are are a cult doing at a comic convention anyways? Isn't that like a WBC attending an LGBT fundraiser?

    oh of course, just worked it out.

    UFOs right?

    "Hey you like comics, anime, space and stuff? Well we're infested by dead aliens! Cool, huh?"
  39. xenubarb Member

    LOL...I don't have tickets. That's why we stand outside. So, Golgo, the current plan is to meet on 5th Ave by the Gaslamp Quarter sign, on the south corner of the intersection between 5 and 7 pm on Saturday. Do stop by and say hi...we'll be the ones in GF maskies.
  40. xenubarb Member

    If any of you faggots want to drop fliers on people at a different time, PM me.

    Also, gai who said he had 5000 cards, PM me if you want us go hand them out.

    Also, cocks.

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