CofS Exit Survey is now Live!

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    After 26 months of polling, 451 survey takers and whole helluva lot of drum beating - this project has finally come to a close. A big round of thanks to all those who participated! (/bows)

    The final results are in and compiled, despite this being a huge amount of work to get done during the week. The following highlights are taken from the related blog post.

    Polling concluded on January 31, 2012 due to the SurveyPirate service being decommissioned. The following results are based on 451 total respondents, with a +/- 9 margin of error. For more information see the Church of Scientology Exit Survey Reporting Index or check out the related dox collection on scribd.

    Church of Scientology Exit Survey Final Results - Basic Reports

    Church of Scientology Exit Survey Final Results - Advanced Crosstab Reports

    Church of Scientology Exit Survey Final Results - Analytical Crosstab Reports

    Church of Scientology Exit Survey Final Results - Summary Charts

    Church of Scientology Exit Survey Final Results - Download Bundle

    Jan 2012 Exit Survey Results - Infographics Album (Slideshow)

    A sample of some of the more interesting highlights from the published reports is featured below.






    Cheers to the dozen or so people who helped me put this project together! We had originally intended to keep polling open until we hit 500 respondents, but after > 2yrs of data collection 451 survey takers isn't too shabby.

    It will be interesting to see if the James R. Lewis survey that has been running in parallel with our project will produce a comparable number of participants. And/or if anything further is ever heard on that front.

    FWIW Lewis' online survey seemed to rely heavily on textbook examples of classic marketing demographics, whereas this one focused on levels of involvement, progress up "The Bridge" and time spent.

    So although they were run in parallel, the focus was different and we tried to design our survey questionnaire to actually produce useful information for people evaluating their involvement with the official Church. After all, Hubbard said: if it isn't written, it isn't true. So here's hoping these published reports help to shine a light into the darkness that surrounds organized Scientology in this day and age.
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