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  1. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Should we wait until he forces more members of Anonymous to apologize for imagined slights? Should we wait until he actually does show up at some one's door? Should we wait until he makes it physical? No, no and no. It doesn't matter what his excuse is. It doesn't matter how he justifies it. It doesn't matter what he thought he was doing. What matters is that he did it. That is all.
  2. Internaut Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Oh goodie, let's all tell our stories about how and when we [strike]lost our virginity[/strike] got the first time trolled. Mine must have been over a decade ago. Seriously....

    Tommy is a idiot and needs to give some proper answers, and get a good anger managment course. NOW PLEASE! Fucktwat!
  3. GreyFox Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I was pretty angry at the time and I've let myself cool down with some sleep. Anonymous and the OG don't exactly NEED eachother, but it's nice to co-exist sometimes. I'm waiting for the explanation. It's morning. Going to step up to the plate Tommy?

  4. Re: CO: GORMAN

    I'm contributing nothing new to this thread, other than to add yet another voice to:


    bad behaviour is bad...and furthermore, TD drama is not relevant to issue at hand

    (and if ever there was a good reason to continue the anon v sci battle this is it. The longer the cult exists, the more new sciguys, therefore the more new exsciguys, therefore the more recovering exsciguys, therefore the more putting up with BS behaviour due to lack of complete cult recoveryness on the part of the recovering exsciguys)
  5. momISanon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Let's not forget the target. That bit of my shitty, motherly advice goes to Tommy, OG, and Anonymous. Tommy, hun, you need to explain to Anon why you got so angry. We're here to help the cause....and something like this just sets us back in time.

    Step up to the plate and be a man. Then we will know how to handle such things if they do arise in the future. (Which I bloody well hope not!)

  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Me too. The Pride Parade was ever so much fun! One of the best times I've ever had clothed and sober...
  7. Re: CO: GORMAN

    my $0.02:

    OG are fucked up, need to do a little reassesment of their own situation

    Daywatch is for once, right. We need to remind them that we do not need them at all, and that they should STFU if they want to keep us as friends

    To everyone going "OSA are fapping" - I would like to echo the sentiments of whoever pointed out (Daywatch?) that no, they really shouldnt be. Most dramatic case scenario (note my avoidance of the word "worst"), there is a schism and OG and moralfags are hung up to dry. Anonymous reverts to being nasty as fuck. Scientology gets an actual raping
  8. rawrz Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    [unzipps pants]
  9. Asian-anon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

  10. Ironhead Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    also agreed, and I think he should address the issue.

    in a perfect world this stuff wouldn't happen, but it does. it happens in bars, schools, train stations, and yes even peaceful protests (I seem to recall threads where we're entertaining the thoughts that it's a good thing to be assaulted by scilons).

    I think we're being a little mellowdramatic over a squabble between specific OG and specific Anon.

    I'm not even sure which Anon it was, that got threatened...MPB?
  11. momISanon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I think, maybe, the OG just doesn't understand that TD and trolling is 'for shits and giggles' and is to NEVER be taken seriously. JMO.
  12. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    To be quite frank it doesn't matter who specifically was threatened. It matters that Anonymous was threatened. The end.
  13. xenubarb Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Well, we don't seem to have rigid definitions of what defines OG, but honestly, I'd consider TG more of an ex-member. Most OG were never in, they are geeks who came in through the side door labeled "Down with Censorship on teh Internets."

    See, what brought anonymous in was the same thing that brought in a lot of netizens earlier. Scientology was trying to crush free speech online. It's in part what pulled me into the fray.
    That, and the fact that Scientologists were so spectacularly stupid while strutting around with their sense of superiority hanging out.

    Some former Scientologists are a subset of OG. Others never really pulled their heads out of Hubbard's ass, and deserve their own category. That's my two cents. Spend it wisely.
  14. Ironhead Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Ok fair enough,

    an anon was threatened. and that wasn't very nice, was it? what are we proposing to do about it exactly?

    all we can do really is wait to hear from TG about it.

    IMHO, TG probably isn't all that proud about the whole thing. if it doesn't matter who got threatened, than it's comforting to see there would be a shitstorm if anyone of us was threatened.
  15. Bulle Member

  16. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    You got trolled son.
  17. momISanon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Bulle, honey, look and see. It was just a troll. :)
  18. Anon123456 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    cant say i didnt see an incident with tommy coming.

    tommy you were man enough to threaten someone, now be man enough to come collect your pounding. you fucked up. answer our questions and start kissing some major anon ass. None of us are as cruel as all of us and you really dont want to deal with all of us.

    anonymous does not forgive
    anonymous does not forget
  19. Anonymeep Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I was there and it was FUCKING EMBARRASSING. Srsly. I think I yelled out "Quick, somebody swoon!"

    Most OG are cool. They have information that can help Anon be effective. OGs are not 'heroes' or anything like that. They're just people that went through some shit that gives them a bit of insight in how to battle Scientology. Stop putting them on that high pedestal, you'll only be disappointed when they turn out to be human after all.

    That said, Tommy, I hope you're at home staring into a mirror and realising that you are a long, long way from being an EX scientologist. Therapy. Look into it. I for one am downright embarrassed for you. Shit, what a way to show yourself and the rest of the world that you're still no different from the people you're fighting.
  20. Quaoar Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    So, there is no one who actually *witnessed* TG's threats? This is all based on rumor and innuendo?

    So, Anons are all butthurt and blathering, and now are responding to this rumor and innuendo by making not very covert threats of dealing physical violence on TG?

    What part of this picture is not making any sense at all to me?
  21. Anonymeep Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN


    4 people have posted saying they were direct eye witnesses
  22. King Nerd Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Round and round we go...

    Still no fucking answers from Tommy. This will not end well.
  23. Asian-anon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    No, there are witnesses. Lurk MOAR
  24. Anon123456 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    1.) who threatened TG with violence?

    2.)its pretty much been confirmed to have happened

    IMO tommy should have had his ass handed to him much sooner for some of the other aggresive bullshit he has been witnessed doing.
  25. Drums of War Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    The only OG I ever gave a rat's ass about was and still is WBM. I listened to him when he first addressed us and I still do.

    I've never understood the whole Magoo/Tommy worship along with the other OG and I find it repulsing. You people donated money so they could all go on a nice holiday together, and what for? To get their fucking autographs? I've said way back that the money is much better spent for any legal issues, but whatever.

    As for the Tommy incident, he's a moron and always has been. I can't stand to read his posts as it gives me an extremely bad headache. And I LOVED Magoo being trolled in the TD, best read I ever fucking had.

    tl&dr: Ignore Tommy, we don't need him, we never did. Just sage every post he makes even if it's an apology. The Scientologists stole him from a family of chimps and raised him to become a brawler; how is he of use to us?
  26. Peter Schilte Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    That is a stupid thing to say. On person does an inexcusable thing, and now the group is fucked up?
    Exactly what OSA would like to see.
    You forget Anonymous didn't know anything about the CULT. All you know about the CULT was collected by the people you say you don't need. Your generalities stink.
    Nastiness never helped anyone. Not even Tommy Gorman, as this thread shows.
  27. Drums of War Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    They did their part, sure. Nothing more they can give us really, so he's right about us not needing them anymore when we have the desired information. It's the second time Tommy is being confronted with his behaviour now; someone just feed the guy a banana and kick him up a tree.

    Tommy: Tommy Gorman 12th July Tommy Gorman in LA Tommy Gorman Scientology Tommy Gorman

  28. Bulle Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Yes, I know. That's why I replaced my five paragraph flame with "COCKS".
  29. anmoyunos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Because you're a fucking tard.
  30. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This OSA line is tired. Time to find a new behavior modification method.
  31. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Every word in use of the English language was compiled into a book by Noah Webster in 1806. Do we still need him to learn the language? No. We need only what he produced.
  32. King Nerd Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I'm certain plenty of Anons knew just how fucked up the cult is without OG involvement. Anonymous has collected much on its own as well. Anonymous is able to do just fine without OG people that would make threats of violence.
  33. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Apparently all of it. Reread the thread.
  34. Pacifist Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    If you're going to be pissed off, and rightfully so, focus your rage onto the people who actually did this shit, and not the entire Old Guard. We've got an OG here who has been nothing but awesome since Chanology began, and I see no reason to lump people like him in with rageaholics like Gorman.

    Target: stay on it.
  35. indeedindeed Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

  36. Shellback Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Right-right and right...

    I might politely tell you to GTFO. He might threten to pound your face in. We both might be (I don't know for sure,) saying the same thing. I submit that we behave in the way our environment demands, I can't change my behavior on a dime when I enter a different environment and I suspect TG can't either. (Ever been to Japan?)

    Not apologizing for it, (not my job!) I'm trying to understand it. When in Rome, shoot Roman candles n' all that.
  37. Unlisted Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    why are you turning this into an OSA thing Peter?
    IIRC the person who crossed the line was Tommy Gorman, and he did that on his own.

    The issue at hand is what need to be dealt with not, potential OSA ghosts in the closet.

    A direct concern has been asked to be addressed, please do not derail this into "omg what is OSA going to do".
  38. Shellback Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Oh, my $2.00s worth... in case no one else said it.

    Getting OG and Anons fighting would put some OSA clown's stats up this week.

    Just saying!
  39. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    tl;dr who cares what OSA thinks? Let them have their field day with this. They're opening bottles of champagne and we're going to talk it over and bring in the mudkips and lulz five pages from now.

    OSA can think whatever it damn well wants, they'll be epically wrong no matter how they try to get a grip on all this.
  40. Anon123456 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    fuck OSA, if they think this is a win for them they are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    we are sharpening our teeth OSA, so take this little breather to fortify your failing religion.

    for when we are done dealing with tommy, our next bite will be you.

    i have no problem with the OG as a whole, they have been very helpful and for the most part pleasent to work with, however i believe that no anon should be threatened without repercussion. I have your back MPB.
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