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  1. Anon23517 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Threatening violence in RL is fucking unnecessary. Where's the great and wonderful communication skills that are so vaunted by Scientology? Bah.
  2. everanonymous Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN


    i think the idea is that considering how long ago the TM catalyst was, when this actually took place, and the fact it's still not resolved, is that perhaps putting this in the public eye will encourage this shit to end promptly rather than boil on its own until, well, something like this happens that's even worse. Hopefully Tommy will read this and realize the wrong that he's done and make things right cause evidently one on one arguments between him and MPB didn't seem to go anywhere but further south.

    but ultimately i agree that the final resolution will and should happen between them privately.
  3. AnonMSW Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    /me suddenly feels embarrassed at her own lack of direct experience as a cultist


    Give me a fucking break.
  4. everanonymous Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    enjoy your b&
  5. themadhair Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Not sure the latter quote logically follows from the former.
    Possibly. Possibly not. It seems to me that this thread has shown more consensus than most threads on enturb - a pretty good sign that the opinion it is expressing is worth paying attention to.

    I remember some of the vids Tommy posted where he would almost be "using tech" against scifags. It wasn't cool and, IIRC, there was some strong opinions posted lambasting such behaviour. IF the incident in the OP is as described, and so far nobody is contradicting or discrediting it, then it raises questions about Tommy being a potential liability.

    Making this thread and calling him a fucktard for being such is better than letting his behaviour escalate into a major footbullet. If you are reading this Tommy - you were a fucktard who acted like a complete and utter retard. I don't care what your problem was, you were out of line. You now have to man-up, take a long hard look at how you conduct yourself in the public and learn the lessons from it. This situation doesn't require an apology from yourself - but it does require you to wise up and think before you act in future.
  6. genoramix Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ^^^good post.

    imh retarded opinion, let's chill and smoke a phatty.

    Somehow, we need the OG.
    Signing autographs is seriously retarded(not from the people who signs them, but from the people who ask for them...why not collect scilons autographs so when they'll be out BECAUSE OF ANONYMOUS, some tards will have a nice collection of OG's signatures???)

    imho, the only one who deserves to sign autographs is Bob Minton. This man has serious balls, and is not an ex-scitard.

    now...who wants a puff?
  7. Re: CO: GORMAN

    way head of you.
  8. Spathi Member

  9. Robert S Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    If this really happened it would be disappointing. In any case the OG needs to step away from the mic and go for the ride a little bit. Always bothered me they had so many little divisions amongst themselves. But autographs. Are you kidding me?
  10. anmoyunos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I've been working all night, i'm half asleep and only have the energy to read up to page three, so excuse both my brevity and repetition of anything.

    This happened during the beginning of the July protest and probably lasted an hour to an hour and a half. A good portion of which I was present for.


    I respect all of OG, but when a massive fucking dickbag troll has better self-control than you, maybe you should sit back and think about why that might be? Trolling is not at all threatening. It does not hurt anyone (bawww, qq elsewhere if your feelings are hurt by anyone you don't know and care about. ever). If you can't take it, don't walk into it. It can be ignored and avoided. Get over yourselves.
  11. Anon23517 Member

  12. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    just kill it with fire!

    someone tell tommy he was overacting like a douche when he should have lurked moar.
    tell tory to STFU and take a yoke
    and close this thread please!
  13. anmoyunos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Fuck you?

    There was plenty of telling Tommy "lurk moar" "look up internet toughguy" and explaining the difference between troll and a threat. His response was nothing more than more actual threats of violence.

    Why the fuck should this thread be closed?
  14. eclipsael Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    dude, i think it's been made quite clear by now that this did happen.

    tommygormantommygorman needs to be strung up by his balls for this; there is no excuse whatsoever for irl threatening.
  15. GrogStat Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Don't blame them for that. Anon were asking for them. They wouldn't be doing it otherwise.

    Remember, this movement is made up of all sorts of people. And if it motivates people to hit the streets, I don't blame any OG one bit for being polite & complying with the request to keep their motors running.

    I'd rather talk business, but that's just me.
  16. GrogStat Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    OK. So what have we learned from this

    1. Don't go in the Thunderdome.
    2. Don't go in the Thunderdome.
    3. If you can't handle the Thunderdome, for Xenu's sake don't visit the chans.

    The Thunderdome is where we send Scilon Trolls & lame posts. Walking in there is like sticking a fork in your eye. Just don't do it.
  17. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Because we are all saying the same shit over and over and over...
    nothing new has been brought to the table...

    do you need moar information on why?
  18. Spathi Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I disagree. Gorman's response above proves that this wasn't just an isolated incident, but that he really is just an unmitigated asshole. This is useful information.
  19. anmoyunos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Previously stated I've worked all night and haven't the time or energy to read the entire thread, and I'm pretty sure my first-hand experience with the threats hadn't been know, seeing as I hadn't said anything yet and all..

    Regardless of what the previous 9 pages contained, I'd say that's something new to the table, so blow me.

    Also, on that note, I'm going to bed so I can get up in an hour. Wee!
  20. eclipsael Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    um, tommygormanxemu is a troll that reg'd today. the real tommygormantommygormantommygorman has yet to respond to anything.
  21. Robert S Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Not his account.
  22. themadhair Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Wut? Learn to spot a troll.
  23. anonymusicz Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This is an OG who understands Chanology.
  24. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    the point alot of people are missing:

    1. Tory RL bawwwed to ALOT of people Anons, and OG


    3. The OG "handled" him in true FAIR GAME FASHION, with threats, covert planning , and forcing him to publicly recant his statement, this is the EXTRA SHITTY PART
    it was MORE THAN JUST TOMMY GORMAN'S THREATS it was other OG and their toady ANONYMOUS FRIENDS that made a CONCERTED and planned effort to SILENCE A CRITIC

    4. Tory,MG,WBM travelled the planet on MONEY RAISED BY ANONs and are acting like ROCKSTARS and LEADERFAGGING, the same thing Marblecake was raided for
  25. Spathi Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    lol. Cocks, etc.
  26. CantPickaName Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN gots some splaining to do...i like ya dude but do the right thing

    And people understand...its hard to not act special when youre treated special ie: the celebrity og...MANY anons treat them that way

    The OG...I have respect for...BUT I also have respect for ANYANON that has and does alot for this movement

    Also we have a generation gap here...we just "dont get each other"

    Ok ill stfu now
  27. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    generation has nothing to do with it

    there are 70+ year old anons

  28. GrogStat Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    After the whole Tuesday/megaphone thing, I have to ask. Is this a troll too?
  29. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Re: the OG worship and autograph issue.

    My friend and I visited London (we're from Amsterdam) for the July protest, because we thought it'd be great to hang out with the Londonfags and also maybe talk to Magoo and WBM for a bit. A bunch of Amsterdamfags wrote a "thank you <3" card for the two OG with some nice messages on it (think a lot of "/r/ cocks" and "cloganons say hi").

    We went over to Magoo after about three hours and had a very nice conversation about things for a while. Because we wanted to give the card to both of them together we asked Magoo if she could come along with us to where WBM was standing (at the other side of the protest at the time) for a couple of minutes.

    As soon as Magoo walked over to WBM all fucking hell broke loose. Every fucking anon present wanted to have his picture taken with the two OG. Everyone wanted to have his fucking mask signed or beg for hugs or talk disjointedly about pies to them. The fucking police had to break up the group because there were too many fantards crowding around the two. And even then this shit continued on for for the next few hours.

    I saw Magoo sitting in the pub afterwards, having a drink and chatting with anon, and being asked to sign newspapers. What the FUCK anon.

    An OG here once told me this shit could kill Anonymous if we continue to kiss the leaking anuses of every ex-scilon or pre-2008 YouTube blogger we encounter. If they show up, get them a drink and have a chat and leave them the fuck alone again. If they fuck up like Tommy did here, call them out on it and tell them to GTFO.

    And yes, some OG are heroes who deserve respect and love. No, most OG won't understand the Thunderdome and it's perfectly understandable if they freak out. But threatening physical violence =/= "freaking out". And we shouldn't just dismiss this sort of behaviour with "oh, he's an OG, he's been through so much". Fuck that. He's still a guy who just told you he knows where you live and will beat you up.

    tl;dr the OG are not sacred, and fuck them if they can't take a joke.

    ETA: Also: OT8Michael, you're doing it right. Thank you.
  30. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    it wasn't just the threat of violence

    These OG and some Anon toadies FAIR GAMED an Anon

  31. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ya..... fair gameing a another anon that dint go rouge is wrong.
  32. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Is there any reason whatsoever for enturb to still have a thunderdome or anything not completely related to battling the scis?

    I'm not saying it excuses anything that happened, but the dome has done far more harm than good as has the never-ending clash of personalities that goes on here. Lots and LOTS of anons (including most of the local group I roll with and a nonaffiliated board that has a sizable chanology group) avoid enturb because every time we come here, more shit like this is going down.

    do whatever you have to do to resolve this issue but if you want to prevent it in the future, put some thought into
    1) killing the dome -- it's a drama magnet and we can already vent anywhere else on the net
    2)forcing anonymous posting -- that way good ideas can rise to the top on their own merit and we don't get any more dumb fucking "I AM A RESPECTED MEMBER OF ANONYMOUS" nonsense
  33. indeedindeed Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ok, don't know anything but what's in this thread, only got these things to say, ignore or embrace at your own peril - i know this has the form of "moral ordering", but you can ignore, mkay- :

    Don't treat Tommy Gorman different from anyone else.
    Threats of violence are not/never acceptable. At the very least there's a need for an apology when you threaten someone with violence.

    Don't blame people for giving autographs when being asked for them. What should they do- say "no"? If you want to blame people, blame those that ask- they turn people to "rockstars".
    I don't think magoo and WBM behave like rock stars, at least not from what i can see online.

    Keep trolling in the Thunderdome, who goes there does so in own responsibility and deserves his/her fate.

    There's no such thing as "the Old Guard", there's a lot of people with names and experiences and retarded and/or clever actions.
  34. Anonymous123 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    guys.... calm down. No Anon got fair gamed. Fear Game is more than just a few words. Just a meeting of 2 angry people. This is fucking ridiculous.

    If some OG or whoever does wrong at a protest, talk to him later. Peacefully. Opening a flame thread will annoy him and other people which are then possibly lost for Chanology.
  35. CantPickaName Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    If ex-scilons are still acting like a scilon then they need to deal with that shit somehow

    With so many people blowing maybe they better start their own support group like AA or sumtin

    if youre free then ACT free!!!
  36. captainslug Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    It was pathetic, but in order to prevent that you would have to control the behavior of all of the people that went apeshit over them being there. Good luck with accomplishing that.
    You can deride it all you want, but it wasn't instigated by Mark or Tory.
  37. cubby Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    true that.

    also that.
    i saw Magoo get trolled and she had it coming.
    she hung in the dome, that's cool.
    then she started spinning the yarn that if you had any negative opinion of her, it was because OSA was whispering in your ear and you didn't even know it.
    if you can't take a little friendly teasing or a little brutal honesty, stay away from the dome. she was told. she wasn't excluded -- she just has a sensitive butt.

    the point.

    you missed it.

    also, no. suck a cock. :)

    there is no excuse for threatening anyone else with violence -- especially not your fellow protestor. there is no excuse for personal armying your OG friend to bully your little internet enemy into forced apologies. Tommy and Tory should be ashamed of themselves for being such sick sad bags of fail. seriously.... fuck you guys in the neck.

    i hope all you who were shitting yourself over ten seconds of niggerniggernigger realize how much worse something like this is for "THE IMAGE OF THE MOVEMENT."
  38. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    edited for brevity

  39. Re: CO: GORMAN

    So no I got the point plenty well. But without a dome and without people puffing up their own personalities, this wouldn't happen. Without names applied to posters, Tommy wouldn't even know who the hell he's mad at. Raged anons wouldn't know who the hell they're trying to dox.

    I'm not too invested in how this particular situation works out because I wasn't involved. But there's a very strong case that anonymity and no dome would stop it from happening again.

    (For the record, I loved the blackfaxes and don't care what the press or OSA thinks of us. I do care about keeping this movement viable long enough to do irreversible damage to the CoS.)

    rage more dramafag
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