Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Jugular, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Please don't. :(
  2. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    sammy boy... why dont you start from page 1... then READ... till this page... ... it covers the basics... hence this thread just now has gone into...
    FUCK YOU OG! mode
  3. Re: CO: GORMAN

    She was late because of us but I will second this. I heard this too.
  4. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    your avatar... i cant stop looking at it...
    its like ...
    i wanna nerd rage... but the pic is preventing me...
  5. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    yeah sorry


    where are our moralfags?

    I guess threatening violence and stalking is OK if your an OG huh?
  6. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    heh he Did you forget its not TD as well?
  7. SamJac55 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I read from start.
    I get that TG threatened someone for something in TD or from peeps kicking TM out of TD.
    Why prevent TM from going into TD and saying she is not welcome and "evicted without prejudice"? What does that mean? To be banned? Whats the point?
    Is this all that took place to provoke TG into threatening or was there an escalation of events? Way too many questions to be asked before going on a witch hunt. IMO this shit should have been ironed out in the background as much as possible but I guess here is as good as any.

    <3 Daywatch ----- so saucy
  8. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    yes thats all it took to get bulldog gorman on a hunting spree.

    and as for TM in TD...
    she couldnt cut it.
  9. Jugular Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I suggest you ask Gorman yourself if you have questions.

    That is what I am doing.
  10. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ok the story

    Magoo goes in the Dome

    gets RAEPED like everyone in the Dome gets RAEPED

    TORY BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSSS to Anons, marblecakers, and OGS IRL and on the boards

    Tommy Gorman threatens physical violence and stalk him cause he knows where he lives unless MPB kisses Tory's ass other OGs "handle" MPB , MPB to keep the peace swallows his pride and makes nice with Vagoo
    Tory then gloats about it

    I go mental
  11. Re: CO: GORMAN

    IMO, this should focus on Tommy and not so much Magoo. Regardless of whether she was or wasn't the catalyst, she had her friction. It's about him now.
  12. Jugular Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    What the conflict was about is irrelevant.

    If this event occurred as i described it, what do you think the results would be?
  13. D... Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I'm right here, nerdraging.

    To the people who are complaining about drama. No shit. Of course this is going to cause drama, it's drama worthy.

    I though LE was ridiculous, MC was melodramatic, and the crusade against OG was eyeroll worthy. But this is a step beyond all of this faggotry, of there is anything that deserves to be addressed.


    We can start with public condemning of such an act, an apology, and go from there.
  14. SamJac55 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Warned about what? Cut it? Is TD somehow an exclusionary club or something?
  15. captainslug Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Thunderdome = Selleck worshiping club
    Only the super serious adherents need apply

    inb4 LRN TO READ
  16. Re: CO: GORMAN

    :rofl: I think I shall keep this avatar from now on!

    But back to being on topic... I do remember hearing this from Tommy and from MPB. It's a shame. I like both guys a lot and I both respect the shit they've been doing for Chanology but this is not cool.

    OG need to know that trolling in the dome is trolling in the dome. Take it out of the dome and into regular parts of the forums becomes internet tough guy-ing. Taking it out to IRL, then that's a different story altogether.
  17. Re: CO: GORMAN

    This isn't about who was fucking trolled in the motherfucking goddamn fucking Thunderdome. This is about an Anon being threatened to have the shit kicked out of him by an OG. Nothing more, nothing less.
  18. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Seriously you need STFU. The dome rules are easy you go there you will be trolled. Usually it's just love taps, if you persist you will be trolled and hard. Welcome to Anonymous, people were nice and warned her it would happen, it is the last bastion of free for all left on enturb.

    Nothing that ever happens in TD leaves TD. If you went in and called in a raving douchebag (which I am) I wouldn't seek all your threads and troll them. It's an unspoken agreement that is enforced by individuals. It is there for absolute fuckall and a bit of fun from time to time. If you don't get it, it's fine it was and is never meant to be be srs bsns. Just were threads went to die.

    To escalate a pure troll regardless of how effective(and magoo got bitch slapped hard) into coming to where some one lives and threatening to beat the shit out of them? Well yeah you got my attention.

    Here is what I have personally learned after 6 months OSA loves to fucking harass people in the dark (meaning alone, no support) seems ex-OSA like to do that too. MPB decided to keep this to himself and finally let it out. This shit is not cool in any form regardless of who.

    Don't care if you don't know the backstory. You have it now, feel free to lurk moar. This issue will get resolved and I have a proposal to end it. Tommy can come here apologize to MPB publically and then send him some flowers at the next raid? Sound fair.
  19. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    if this is fact then i dont know...... i dont want tommy gorman turning in to our version of tom cruise
  20. Re: CO: GORMAN

    This is what "Taking it out to IRL, then that's a different story altogether." means.

    No really. IRL physical threats are not cool. Never. Ever. This needs a resolution.
  21. Re: CO: GORMAN

    :slow nod:
  22. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    its where people go to insult each other LURK MOAR NEWFAG
  23. Snake Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Oh boy Tory....I told her to stay outta TD, and that she wouldn't get it.
  24. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This isn't about Tory. Tory learned her lesson. This is about Tommy. Tommy will also learn his lesson.
  25. SamJac55 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    This is what I needed to see.
    OG and Anon are like oil and water. They aren't going to mix well. (unless you make a stable emulsion (which won't happen)). I agree that you need to understand the minds of the people you are dealing with. Physical threats are wrong. I am sure many people think what is said about them in the TD is also wrong. I guess some people didn't get the memo that shit said in the TD somehow does not make you accountable for saying them. (I think you are lame and said it in TD so you can't hold it against me). I might be wrong about TD but thats the impression I get. I don't go there... too much hair.
    Your way to rectify this situation is through other OG so don't lump them all in together. I think most are very aware that Anon is not OG army. At least in vids they are always very carefull to say so (on the surface at least)

    anyways i will GTFO now.
  26. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I disagree Tory was the catalyst and instigator and then gloated about it
    Tory baaawwwed here and RL to Anons and OGs..
  27. Asian-anon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN



    This will end well.
  28. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN


    Sounds like Tommy got pissed when he shouldn't have because he's ignorant of internetz. He handled it the wrong way. I see no moar reason to rage until he speaks up one way or the other.

    Chanology is not your fathers Anonymous project. It requires different tools for success. Tommy and OG are such tools. We need to educate them about internetz better so they can be moar productive and not get violently butthurt when TD attacks. We also need to stop hero worshiping them so much. They are just people.

    The internet hate machine does NOT look up to ANYBODY. But it also doesn't fail. And this is the path to fail imo.
  29. QAnon Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Skeptic, you told me to GTFO from you-know-where and bring this to light. I've edited it down because of tl;dr and inflammatories that don't belong outside of the Dome.


    90% of the OG and OCMB need to word-clear "Chaotic Neutral". They also need to understand the phrase "allies of convenience". That's what the OG are to Anon. We can abandon them and their methods at any time.

    What I'm really pissed off about is that people are out there defending Gorman. He threatened an Anon. It doesn't matter who he is, what he's been through, or whatever. He. Threatened. An. Anon. With. Bodily. Harm. Period. There is no justification or excuse for that.

    If an Anon physically threatened a Scifag in front of other Anon, we'd be on him like white on rice. Same applies here. We're holding Gorman to the same standards we hold everyone else to.

    You know what? I'll conveniently forget to pop my pills between now and Saturday, go to the Regional here in Chicago, and turn our Scilon handler's face into ground chuck. Then people can go BAWWWWWW about that and we can say, "Well, QAnon's bipolar. He can't help himself when he gets in that kind of mood." If it's good enough for Gorman, it's good enough for me, right?
  30. AnonMSW Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    To whoever said they didn't want Gorman to be &quot;our Tom Cruise.&quot; Which &quot;us&quot; were you referring to? Gorman is only a liability to those who idolize him or try to elevate him for reasons I do not comprehend. This phenomena occurs with many OG, some of whom are Freezoners (personally DO NOT WANT); this pseudo-celebrity. It's bullshit and makes me wonder when it is that people are going to remember that they all were $cientologists for MANY YEARS and in this case it's all he knows.

    This is what you want to idolize or stand next to at a peaceful protest?

  31. Re: CO: GORMAN

    I know, but this still isn't specifically about Tory. It's about what Tommy did to MPB, not what Tory said that may or may not have started it.
  32. Daywatch Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I think we divorce our selves from the OGs entirely
    we pounced on Marblecake for leaderfagging and acting like rock stars

    Tory WMB and TG were flown AROUND the planet on ANONYMOUS' dime while we have good Anons ( not gregg fuck gregg) with mounting court costs that have gotten dick

    THEN the OG act like fucking Rockstars at DC rally SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS???? those ineffective fossils should be asking ANON's for autographs

    it wasn't just the threat it was the whole way the OG "handled" MPB

    MPB says something they dont like
    they threaten and "handle" him til he cow tows


    this was the last straw for ME and I speak only for ME the OG ( no not ALL of them ) are now personas non Grata
  33. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    you know what im saying......... i dont icon him or nething. its just that the scilons will use it to lable all of us like this, thats wut im trying to say. like to lable all scilons as bat shit as tom, atlest i do
  34. Re: CO: GORMAN

  35. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    i really have to stop hanging out with osa. my grammer keeps getting worse
  36. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    OSA is fapping to this til it bleeds
  37. AnonMSW Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Why? Because we reject their "apostates" acting as Ex-$cientology American Idols?
  38. D... Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I'm going to step back and say, I disagree. This is a fight for another day, and one I won't participate in. This is not OG, it's a few people. If some individuals like WBM and Tori enough, let them. This is about Gorman and to the lesser extent, Tory, who can't take the internet. Internet is internet- don't cry about td to cause massive drama, and don't take what somebody says there on the streets.

    I'm not an original Anonymous, and I'm aware this makes me cancer. But I don't care. I'm interested in winning a war, not an image. This includes having allies like OG, who have the stories and the years of info to back us up.

    It also includes making sure this fail doesn't fly. Having this shit within our ranks is dangerous.

    But I digress. That is another fight for another day. I want to proceed. But we cannot proceed without resolution.
  39. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Let them. If they don't realize that Anonymous purges what makes us weak by burning it out with fire then they'll never understand us. Tommy Gorman, welcome to your flame.
  40. Re: CO: GORMAN

    They can fap to this all they want but this is how Anonymous resolves all issues: air it out, get all perspectives, disseminate truth, pick the best idea, implement, collect wins, lather, rinse, repeat.

    They see it as drama. It's just process for us. Our process is out-tech to them so tough shit OSA.
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