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  1. Jugular Member


    Is it true that on the 12th of July, during an otherwise peaceful protest you approached part of Anonymous within what is considered by common law to be a personal saftey zone, physically threatened him with violence both at the time of the confrontation and in the future at his private place of residence?

    Is it true that in six months of peaceful operations this constitutes the first time threats of violence have been made by someone other than scientologists?

    Is it true that these threats of physical violence and psychological intimidation of expressing intimate knowledge of the Anon's place of residence were used to coerce him to comply with your wishes to resolve a civil matter?

    Is it true that this practice is commonly referred to as 'Fair Game' by Scientologists, Anonymous and the media?

    Is it true that had the situation escalated per your threats of physical violence into an assault local authorities who were either A.) most likely already present or B.) dispatched to respond by the Scientologist presence at the event would have intervened?.

    Is it true that this fiasco would have been newsworthy and spread like wildfire through the galaxy of newsoutlets who have us and our actions on their radar?

    Is it true that CoS is designed to capitalize off flaps precisely like this?

    Is it true that has this had happened, had this anon not have stepped down, had the situation escalated into a fist fight between you and Anonymous in front of the Lincoln Memorial Anonymous would most likely be suffering more bad press than any DDOS, any racial slur through a megaphone or in fact, any thing any one in Anonymous or Scientology has ever done, ever in the history of the movement?

    Anonymous, you tell me.

    EDIT: This post is composed of nothing but questions. I want answers to these questions. Please consider that before posting. And Gorman: when/if you respond please respond to my questions. I don't care about anything but the facts. Start another thread if you want to lecture.
  2. Kilia Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

  3. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Not lolwut. Tru fax. And questions that need answers.
  4. D... Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    You made it before me.

    This is absolute bullshit. I had a good deal of respect for you, your story was one of the first I read coming into Chanology. I still like you, but this needs to be addressed. Being popular doesn't give you a fucking free pass on doing whatever you want.

    You fucking threatened a member of Anonymous. Because they trolled in the thunderdome? Fuck off.

    And as a matter of fact, I don't absolve you either Tori. You accepted that apology. We flew you to London and DC and you complain!?

    Get over yourselves. The fucking lot of you. If you had a problem, then address it in person, don't get someone to physically threaten someone.

    This is the cancer that needs to be cured.

    I have a lot of respect for OG. You two especially, and I mean this in the best way, but I hope someone smacks you for this.
  5. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    gorman threathen some one?
  6. Re: CO: GORMAN

    yes. this will not be allowed.

    I love Tory, WBM, Arnie, and the OLD GUARD.

    BUT, this shit will not stand.

    Tory, grow some thick skin. At least as thick as when you participated in the ruination of other people's lives.

    TG: chill the fuck out. It's the dome. It's a troll. If you don't get it, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    I'm not scared of you tommy. I don't make threats. You shouldn't either.

    OG are great... until they tell Anonymous what to do... until they restrict free speech more than COS.

    Then you become an enemy.

  7. Re: CO: GORMAN

    sorry forgot about dome avatar. removed now for people that can't handle anime tits.
  8. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    dude he was born in to scientology this whole fucking life. he doesnt even have a high school education. all he has known in life is to box and scientology. Im not trying to make excuses for him but he dint understand what really does go on in the thunder dome i guess. He was in scientology his hole life. all he knows to do when some one attacks him is to fucking hit them first. I would say ur lucky u dint get hit. Hes a preety built guy. i know i would not want to fight him.

    Just rember his education. he really doesnt know how to react to attacks like that.

    i guess u guys can troll me now.
  9. captainslug Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I think you mean Tommy Gorman threatened to quickly use his Tommy Gorman fists to give a Tommy Gorman beating to an Anonymous over a not Tommy Gorman related incident that enraged Tommy Gorman so much even though Tommy Gorman didn't recognize the things Tommy Gorman saw as the trolling that it actually was when Tommy Gorman read it.
  10. Re: CO: GORMAN

  11. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    rofl my osa spelling got me owned.....
  12. CuntwArt Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    If this thread gets an OG to FINALLY understand LULZ I'll declare it a miracle
  13. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    have u ever talked to arnie? i havnt seen that man laugh at anything before.......
  14. Re: CO: GORMAN

    And education is an excuse for threats of violence? Threats of showing up at someone's door "because they know where you live."

    I'd just like to clarify one line of this I remember clearly:

    Do you understand how destructive a fist fight between Tommy and Anonymous in front of the Lincoln Memorial could have been to Chanology? And the DC raid that hundreds, if not thousands traveled to be at?

    Fuck marblecake, fuck scilons. We could have just ruined it all right there all on our lonesome.
  15. D... Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I don't give a fuck. I know his story. I know what he's done for the movement. And for that I give respect.

    But there is nothing that excuses this behavior. Fucking, nothing. If this was anybody else, we would have chewed said person up and spit him out to be left to the internet vultures to troll. It doesn't take a highschool education to know not to threaten somebody at a peaceful protest. Miscavage doesn't have a highschool education either, can we apologize for him too?

    He threatened Anonymous, he threatened the protest, he threatened the whole fucking Chanology. He needs a CO.
  16. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Angry people are angry. i know it doesnt give him the right. im just saying that he does not know any better thats all....
  17. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    a) video or it didn't happen

    b) if it's true, why is this being discussed in public where the bawwing can damage our image (our image being important in preventing failure in this project)

    c) tommy gives out his phone number like candy at a rave. if someone has beef, call him

    d) OG DOES need to learn internetz and grow thicker skin

    e) wtf is this faggotry?

    f) Arnie chuckled when we called him names for not taking HO's fliers

    g) I fucking love itemized lists
  18. captainslug Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    We've gotten him to laugh at meetings. Maybe you're just not funny.
  19. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ya but arnie dint rofl........ i want a rofl out of him.
  20. D... Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Of course I'm angry.

    He threatened to go to an Anons house and beat him. At the peaceful protest
    And Tory accepted such an apology.

    He's not a child and he's not stupid. Pretending he is, is insulting to both parties. I know a lot of people who would be willing to jump in a fight at a moments notice for a lot less that trolling, but does that make it right?
  21. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    go fuck yourself on this image shit.

    I have heard more threats of violence just today on this board to members of Anonymous then anything else.
  22. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ill stop after this. but levels of education does have a factor...... lets just see what happened. i want to hear his side also.
  23. Re: CO: GORMAN

  24. Re: CO: GORMAN

    it did happen. In front of about 30 - 40 protesters. No one was taping..and if they did, we erased it for the betterment of everything. How about you have a man 2 inches from your face asking if you're a child molester, if you're into child porn and threatening to show up at your house. I'd assume you'd change your tune... especially when you know he's showed up at other peoples house before... for your local org.
  25. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    So because his parents were stupid enough to get duped into a cult he should be given a free pass to threaten someone for something that had nothing to do with him? Because he was a Scientologist we should step back and allow him to use Scientology training on one of our own? Because he never finished high school he's allowed to threaten some one physically because he's somehow not to be held accountable for his actions?

  26. D... Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    A number of anons witnessed it. But I guess they didn't think that OG would try to threaten them

    The same reason Marblecake, LE's ramen eating, Tuesday megaphone "speech", Toronto's criticism, and TD posts are public.

    It's a call out. It deserves to be put into light

    Yes. Let us confront the guy who said he knows where he lives and he will beat him, over the phone. Because, you know, that will end well.
    Me too.
  27. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Tuesday, were you there for this? I was to busy watching Tommy get in a masked mans face.
  28. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    i was with him when we picketed the org in dc thats about it
  29. Re: CO: GORMAN

    This didn't occur in DC... because Anonymous didn't what to SHIT UP DC. This happened in San Francisco on the 12th. at about 11am.
  30. Tuesday Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    I came late (thanks to my ride) so I did not witness the Tommy Gorman Scientology intimidation. But I heard about it pretty immediately from 5 Anonymous when I showed up, warning me to stay away from Tommy Gorman because Tommy Gorman was raging re: Magoo call out.
  31. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Maybe Tommy should answer this thread, but for himself not for OG.

    Pity Moonface's Battletoads got pulled otherwise it could have been shouted out in a chat stream/Skype brawl without leaking into the river of lulz and news here.

    Just FYI the OG has no leaders either. Just because a few get on YT does not make them leaders or celebs. Some of the quieter OG have done a boatload of anti Scilon stuff that does not get on YT but has been epic in its effects.

    Personally (not speaking for OG) I am happy when we all get along and don't take things personally. I have been part of several online "communities" so I got a thicker skin than most OG by now, and I sure hope others get one too if they want to hang around the forums.

    Sorry if anyone got butthurt or whatever, but I am sure you will survive to eat more cake (if it isn't a total lie) and to lulz yourselves into side-splitting oblivion. Love U guise.
  32. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    ooooooo ok im sorry. i was so confused
  33. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    If your version of trolling is to threaten to beat the shit out of Anons, I have to tell you Michael that shit is fucked up.
  34. Re: CO: GORMAN

    Yeah, it's pretty "lulz'y" when someone threatens to show up at your house to have a man to man talk (= Beat down) if you don't apologize for treating someone from the OG the same way anyone would be treated.
  35. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    From what is being reported it does sound like it was wayyyy out of line...

    Needs to be resolved IMHO.
  36. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    any responce from the anon in question who had his ass chewed out?
    and tommy seems to be a no show... okay...
  37. anonymizzz Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Yeah as someone who participates in San Francisco, i have to say that this is pure bullshit.
  38. highoverlord Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    this thread should be locked till its 100% comfirmed......
  39. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    Well, that is certainly not my style.
    I agree with you on the above.
    I can't answer for other OG and what they do, however.
    Not gonna make any excuses for them, either.
    I am sorry such a thing ever happened, frankly.
  40. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: CO: GORMAN

    back story big time... anyone please.
    1) what got tommy to bark
    2) how come this wasnt addressed sooner.
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