CNN Presents: Anonymous

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by James Spader, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. LarryBren Member

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  2. Rockyj Member

    No they will be known as dudes (or Anon Dudes) who talk to corporate media must wear sunglasses BUT especially @ night! Sorry just like this 80's song!
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Kizaki Member

    So "Troy" is keeping order for the protests?

    Using security guard instead of keeping order sounded odd.
  5. Rockyj Member

    Watching ;-) & Interesting...
  6. Rickglass Member

    no that was my fat ass :p
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  7. Rickglass Member

    anyone got a link up yet?
  8. Rickglass Member

    btw, yes, I'm back, at least in electronic form
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Does your electronic form have a fat ass?.
    Nice to have you back.
  10. Rickglass Member's ginormous
  11. 3rdMan Member

    Yeah, on page one.
  12. Rickglass Member

    no, of the full report, that was a preview
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Rickglass Member

  15. telomere Member

    I believe this is the full report:
    (or at least the essentials)
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  16. Anonymous Member

    You're also the piece of shit that brought a combat knife to a raid.
  17. barbiluv Member

    CNN: spaghetti, how does it work ?

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  18. none given Member

    We can talk about Dick in another thread.
    I still haven't seen the full story.
    Links plox.
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  19. WhiteNight Member

    The videos in this thread are the full thing methinks.
  20. Orson Member

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  21. Random guy Member

    They say that as if it was a bad thing?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    No scientology
    OWS got all the glory
  23. Really? Not one rep wanted to step up for fear of being doxed?
    To Protect and Serve seems substantially less meaningful when they can't even manage to stand up for themselves. Fun video though.
  24. Random guy Member

    I suppose it's because despite it's abuse, the cult is relatively speaking a small and insignificant problem in today's world.
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  25. MochaKush Member

    At least they understand where the protests were spawned from. Countless people have mislead ideas of what and where Occupy came from. :confused:
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  26. Random guy Member

    Besides, anarchic, faceless, uncontrollable is actually a technically correct description. No formal leadership, no spokespersons and a strict NYPA-policy fairly much amounts to that.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Boris Korczak Member

    One thing is for sure - Anonymous was NOTICED by CNN though it was standing like an elephant right in front of them. Of course there was not a word about Scientology.
    So what is Anonymous CNN; is it a group of hackers, bad guys or a moder form of chivalry, honesty and nobility?
    Is exposing filth, greed and police brutality such a bad thing? Shouldn' government do it?
    Should the filth be swept under the carpet to preserve a stus quo?
    Anonymous is the future, it is a grass roots movement all around the world for justice.
    LULZ? What is wrong with it.
    Stay safe Anymous.

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  29. Tangerine Member

    Love you, Boris.
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  30. none given Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    We were noticed by CNN before, and again. News just keeps retelling the story and changing shit cause they still don't get Anonymous.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I've been anon longer than 4chan.
    I'm pretty sure I don't get Anonymous.
    In the "big-picture/what's it all means" kind of way.
    Really, the development of two-way electronic communication is more significant to human society that the invention of the printing press.
    What's it all means? IDK. LOL.
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  33. Rockyj Member
  34. Anonymous Member

    You can't hold it in your hand.
  35. Rickglass Member

    No I had one taped to my bathroom wall you faggot. I never carry anything bigger than a pocketknife due to the usual gigs that pay my way.
  36. lillylou Member

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