Cnet "Buzz Report" supports anonymous

Discussion in 'Media' started by Oinkertron9000, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Cnet "Buzz Report" supports anonymous ... cnetfd.vid - Near the end, yay! Even talks about the tenth

    Vid description
  2. tigger Member

  3. Re: Cnet "Buzz Report" supports anonymous

    I like that newscast. Like, a lot.
  4. AnonMomAnon Member

    funny as hell.

    "not really...go, Anonymous!"
  5. badwolf Member

    Loved it. Go Anonymous!
  6. sudopod Member

    Re: Cnet "Buzz Report" supports anonymous

  7. Whitehat Member


    War of the Media...

    Old Media: Slight win.
    TV News Media: Slight wins
    Internet Media: EPIC WIN
    Blogs: HUGE SUCESS
  8. Old Media?
    As in print magazines?

    I'd say The Economist is just slightly sub epic. If Time were to join in, that would be equivalent to Exterminatus.

    vvvv I believe the stuff in Le Monde and Die Welt were either neutral or even a bit pro-anon
  9. For old media we have the Economist and the Guardian. I think the old media dam will break on or after the 10th.
  10. savemexenu Member

  11. Heyanonnyno Member

    Time did an article about Scientology in the early 1990s that was a huge blow for them. There's the potential for them to report, however small or big that is (I don't know).
  12. Daywatch Member


    "not really...go, Anonymous!"
  13. L.the.Anon Member

    You gotta love the media sometimes. :D
  14. The end made me laugh a bit.
  15. Ash Member

    Genius. The woman deserves major praise.

    I, for one, will be watching future reports - I like the general attitude of the show.
  16. ihasapancake Member


    Go Anonymous!
  17. Ash Member

    I love how she shakes her head while saying "Anonymous: I am NOT a Scientologist" but nods her head with big wide eyes while saying "Scientologists: I am NOT an SP". Brilliant.
  18. WinstonSmith Member

    It's really great PR for us that people in nearly every report make a point to appear to be afraid to make any kind of opinionated statement. It really drives home the point that people know that the Co$ are scary and underhanded. Even in this case where it's a joke, the message is still clear.
  19. sudopod Member


    It's like Colbert's long lost sister has come in on the side of epic win.
  20. any idea if the Colbert Report is preparing coverage for 10 Feb ?
  21. AnonyTsunami Member

    I sent him an email, along with an email to John Stewart: Niether have replied.

    They probably won't risk running the story untill they see some other major sources pick it up first.
  22. pi Member

    Right the economist isn't a major source
  23. "not reply" doesn't mean anything one way or the other.
    Writers may be on strike, but research staff?
    How would we (tinw) go about sending them lots of helpful research links to help them out? Maybe an anoymous "tip" that Gorloc, the alien financial advisor referred to Stephen Colbert by Tom Cruise will be at the NY Org on 10 Feb....
  24. AB Member

    I just thought of something awesome, what if we are giving legal cover to all the old media that has been wanting to write about the CoS forever, but were to afraid of the legal consequences.

    think about it, instead of writing "the curch of scientology has...", they now can say "this group of "hackers" claims the church of scientology has...". they aren't claiming this themselves, they are just passing on what we claim, so they aren't liable for it.

    think about it. we might be giveing the media a backbone, now they will be part of anonymous, useing the same anonymity that we use for the same defence.
  25. UTANON Member

    That was brilliant.

    Go Anonymous indeed.
  26. L.the.Anon Member

    AB: Very insightful, and it is probably true as well. You just won yourself 2 Internet! I'm feeling generous. ;)
  27. Voice Member

    I approve. I like her style.
  28. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    No doubt about it, they definitely have more of that freedom. In fact, I'm downright disappointed more haven't taken that opportunity.
  29. BioAnon Member

    I think a lot may be waiting until after the raids. After all, we can talk all we want, but that doesn't necessarily mean its true. But when 50-100 people (avg each) show up at Orgs all over the world on 2/10, then they can all wake up at once, blink, and say "whoa, what a development!" Only when they see the true breadth of Anonymous stepping onto the streets will it really start to click, I think.
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