Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

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    Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

    Someone else posted this. I didn't know she had been "exiled" by DM:

    Been There // January 28, 2010

    Bennetta Slaughter, now there’s a blast from the past. I thought Benetta was the ED of Applied Scholastics Spanish Lake in Missouri. Where, incidentally, she was exiled after not one but two huge PR flaps in Clearwater.

    The first was the infamous Lisa McPherson fiasco. Although I have no proof of this, I always believed that Bennetta used her clout to have Lisa kept at the Fort Harrison after Lisa’s psychotic break. The last place on earth to house a Type III is Flag. Numerous Type III Flag public were always housed off-base and usually in a secluded area.

    Why Lisa was at the Fort Harrison and who in God’s name would have approved such a thing is the central mystery of that whole debacle. But Bennetta was so intimately connected to Lisa and so entwined in Flag politics I have to think she had a hand in persuading Alain Kartuzinski (the CS) and the Captain FSO to keep Lisa in the FH.

    The second Bennetta Slaughter PR fiasco occurred after Reed Slatkin hit the fan. So many high profile Flag public were either net creditors (meaning they had lost everything when Reed’s Ponzi scheme collapsed) or net debtors (meaning they made money and had to pay it back by court-order of the Trustee) that Flag was in the cross-hairs of the Feds big-time (and ultimately had to pay the Trustee millions of dollars or face severe public and government scrutiny).

    Bennetta was running damage control for Flag and tried to bully the net creditors into “taking responsibility” and not joining in any class action suits in an attempt to recover a portion of their losses.

    Her face ended up on the SlatkinFraud website along with other publicity about her shady dealings and the next thing you know. . . poof! Bennetta leaves her five million dollar home, her husband and business in Clearwater and resurfaces in Spanish Lakes.

    She disappeared from the Clearwater scene so fast I had to think someone wanted to get her out of town before anymore harm was done to the C of S by her blunders.

    Now she’s starting a business in South FL with Debbie Cook? What a small and weird world.
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    Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

    If Debbie Cook is in cahoots with Bennetta Slaughter then Debbie Cook is not out of the cult.

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    Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

    Sure looks like it. According to her Wiki, she is the CEO of 24Seven Media and living in Memphis, TN, though the company is not registered in Tennessee. But here's her Facebook, blog and company site.

    Her blog says she's moving to Texas.

    "My new company is 24Seven Media, established Oct 2009 and we are in ramp up right now. Once again, the business model is new, and unique. Our new home will be Austin, TX. And starting in 2010 I will have a new challenge. This website will tell the new story."

    Bennetta Slaughter's Blog

    24Seven Media Group - Putting you in front of your customers no matter where they are looking.

    Bennetta Slaughter | Facebook

    Bennetta Slaughter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What's interesting is that even though her company is not registered with state of Texas, Bennetta is marketing her company at various exhibitions throughout Texas:
  4. Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook


    "...and the monster is non-other than: OLD MAN MISCAVAGE! 'I would have gotten away with it too, if it wern't for those meddling FZers and their stupid dog!'"

    Another case closed.
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    Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

    Bennetta fits the definition of a sociopath. Lisa McPherson referred to her as her "best friend" in addition to being her employer. When Lisa was imprisoned in the Fort Harrison, Bennetta simply turned her head and acted like everything was normal.

    She threw Lisa under the bus and cared less that she died.
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    Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

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    Re: Clearwater's new "Why" (SP) is Debbie Cook

    Benetta Slaughter (aptly named?). What you wrote is sad but true, in my opinion and knowing the circumstances.

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