Clearwater/Ybor City March 13th: Grand Opening of Tampa Org's New Location

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. anonymous612 Member


    For the previous postgames for this string of protests, see here.

    For the last time we were in Ybor City, see here.

    The Scientology event today was the opening of the new property CoS bought in Ybor City, the cigar factory district of Tampa. The property is partially leased by a restaurant and Creative Loafing, a local free newspaper. Scientology bought the location out from under them and their editorial about the purchase was less than pleased. Today's event involved the closure of two of the three sidewalks in front of the building and the fencing off of the back courtyard. For those of you who saw the Ruth Eckerd Hall postgame above^, they also trucked the bushes they used there over to Ybor to block the front entrance (which they barely used anyway, so what was the point?). The event started at 1pm, and we expected it to last into the evening, didn't.


    Most of our time was spent on the side road, on one side of which was the entrance they were using for the event and on the other side of which was the parking garage they rented out for the Scilons. Our handlers were there to meet us -- literally. Peter Mansell walked over to lean on our car before we had even stepped out of it (GTFO MY CAR PEETIE. ANTONIO DOESN'T LIKE SCILONS TOUCHING HIM.), so of course we just closed the door, popped the locks, and went back to our conversation. Gotta love sound-insulated vehicles.

    We had some complications with the police -- Tampa PD, not Clearwater PD -- but most of that was because they didn't have experience dealing with us. There was debate about mask laws; the way our state statutes are phrased is approximately "You can't wear masks here, here, here, here, or here, oh by the way that only applies if you're being a douchebag" but we did eventually negotiate the right to wear masks if we agreed we wouldn't disturb the speech with screaming. Of course...we made that agreement fifteen minutes into the speech and the speech lasted maybe a half hour instead of the hour minimum it was supposed to. And of course...I had kind of been bellowing like a human bullhorn that entire time. I don't know if Davey was still in town for it, but if he was...I want him to know I meant "David Miscavige beats his staff" literally AND metaphorically.

    Lots of Nation of Islam folks. Ben Shaw and Spencer again. Alfreddie Johnson in a baby shit green suit. No Kendrick Moxon (sorry SoCal, he's your problem now). Our normal OSAfag Peetie gave us a history lecture on Ybor's Cuban heritage for no apparent reason. We discovered anons should actually read the menu before ordering dinner. And when we got bored with the OSA handlers we decided to help out the scilon they had directing traffic. But that backfired...seems when a scientologist driver sees a bunch of masked anons telling them where to park they tend to go in the opposite direction, even when we're actually telling them the correct directions. :)

    My video below. Pix/video/etc from the others shortly. Apologies for the odd noise, this camera tends to pick up the cameranon's voice much louder than anything else in the recording.

    This handler is named Doyle Mills.

    This last video is with Vollie.
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  2. AnonLover Member

    ZOMG - heart attack! Clearwater fags got vids!!!

    WTG guise - your marathon of epic raids is impressive!!
  3. anonymous612 Member

    I explained Creative Loafing so I could explain this. As we're wrapping up, one of the Chicago anons comes over and tells us he just talked to a Creative Loafing employee and felt compelled to tell him how sorry he was for them, and the guy loled. Shortly after, a CL employee (I'm assuming the same one?) comes up and starts chatting with us. We commiserate with him and he tells us he wanted to go inside to get a camera from his office but didn't think the Scientologists would even let him in. He takes one of our fliers and interviews three of us about why we started protesting and what we thought of the event, let us pose for photos, and told us his editor, who had been really following the subject, wanted them to write something on it and we'd probably see it published online in the next few days. Wheeeee.
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  4. amaX Member

    Visiting Chicago Anons were awesome! We've really enjoyed having these guys down this way even though it's been a pretty grueling schedule. It's been good to raid three days in a row. Y'all gotta come back and see us again!

    Come on, Six, you know that the Scilons WERE thanking us and giving us thumb's up for directing them into the right direction. Their guy sucked. And the event was so damned short that people who were fashionably late were greeted by Scilons leaving. It was a MESS. You had to almost feel sorry for the Nation of Islam women in their full on white garb with huge turbans finally making it to the single-file entrance/exit only to be greeted by unhappy Scilons schlepping out. But just almost...

    I actually got to direct the Rev. Alfreddie Johnson and his NoI buddy in the right direction. Nice, flashy convertible Alfreddie, but your suit sucked. It was an eyesore.

    By the way, if you were a Scilon would you pay attention to a woman giving you directions that was holding a sign that said, "MISCAVIGE NEEDS MORE MONEY FOR SCOTCH AND TOYS FOR TOM CRUISE"? Well, it worked today.

    Six does not have vocal cords---she has a bullhorn. She totally messed up the very short speech!

    Seriously they did a lot of work decorating, hiding everything, cleaning, etc. and the damned service lasted like 30 minutes. Buses literally had just unloaded five minutes before people started filing out! And the one guy they had directing traffic just abandoned his post as soon as it was over while there were still Scientologists and NoI looking for directions on where to park for the damned event.

    Now, I need to be serious. OSA handler DOYLE MILLS decided to tell me that he thought Ida Camburn was LYING about her disconnection from her son due to the cult's horrible policy. DOYLE MILLS believes that the disconnection policy is the most awesome policy that the cult has. So, I disconnected from DOYLE MILLS because he is a suppressive person. DOYLE didn't understand that I had disconnected from him and he continued to talk to me throughout the rest of the afternoon which is crazy because he loves that policy so much.

    A small pizza is not the size of a slice.
    A small pizza is not the size of a slice.
    A small pizza is not the size of a slice.

    Creative Loafing encounter was very cool.

    Peter Mansell looks beat down and he's off his game, man. Six didn't bother to tell you that when he leaned on Antonio I pulled the car door out from under his arm while we were both yelling at him to NOT touch the damned car. He looked confused and stood toward the back of the car for a while and then wandered toward the street. He was upset with me at Ruth Eckerd because I hadn't said hello to him even though he tried to make it easy by staring at me while hiding in the dark behind me. And we're pretty sure that Peetie's handbag contained audio equipment so all of his failures will be recorded for posterity. He also has a new Sarah 2.0 assistant. She's another semi-attractive young woman. I wonder what Peetie's wife Lisa thinks of his sweet young thing assistants? He actually let Six, Paladin, and Xander pretty much lead him around by the nose and when I handed him a receipt dropped on the sidewalk from someone who'd purchased a $20 book from the org? He took it and was quite cordial when he thanked me. Better watch it, Peetie. You're taking on human characteristics.

    One of my main handlers from Saturday is OT VII Michael who is originally from Ireland. Michael was actually very civil on Saturday and for his civility he was rewarded with not being allowed to come and speak to me on Sunday. On Saturday at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Michael was told to block me with one of their larger signs. The cops had already told them not to do that and they had stopped for a while. I guess Michael was the one they forced to come back out and go against the cops orders. I asked him to please not do that. It was the end of the night and could he just not do that because I didn't want to go get the cop and get him in trouble. He looked over his shoulder at me and said, "I"m sorry, XXXXXXX. I have a job to do." On Sunday I saw him a block away looking at me and I waved. He waved back. At the very end of the day he walked up and sneaked in a hello and asked if I'd seen him wave at me. He said nothing when I asked him if he'd gotten in trouble for talking with me on Saturday. Michael still believes in God and says that there has to be a higher power.

    Gah. So much happened and I'm so tired. This report is going to have to come in bits and pieces over the next few days.
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  5. anonymous612 Member

    By the way. Anyone know a Suzanne Prieur? Plz tell her she misplaced her Tampa Org Grand Opening Sign-In Card. Which asks for more dox than applying for a job with the government. "When was the last service you were on?" Oh, Suzanne....
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  6. BLiP Member

    Excellent. Thanks Clearwater.
  7. Paladin Member

    One Scilon told me "to get a life". Another Scilon said "Don't you have anything better to do?". The Scilons have no idea how much fun they are to watch. Forget about watching TV or movies. Protesting in Clearwater and Ybor this weekend has been a highly entertaining experience.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    She's an oldfag scilon from Quebec, Canada. Was in the Guardian Office back in the 1970's.
  9. Excellent job, there's been a lot to digest from your weekend of win. I'm proud of you guys and of my homeslices from Chi-town. Off to watch the videos now!
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Well, she needs to pay better attention to where she drops off her sign in sheets. Unless she intended it to wind up on my coffeetable.

    We will fight you to the death for them.
  11. Darth Xander Member

    *blush* Thanks! We love you guys too!
  12. Sponge Member

  13. Darth Xander Member

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  14. Optimisticate Member

    Wait wait wait... where are the THOUSANDS of people that came to watch Lil Dave cut the ribbon on Ybor Square?

    I am not seeing them.
  15. Darth Xander Member

    There were a lot of people actually. It was heartbreaking. But I think it was all holdover traffic from the b-day event.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Point of clarification on the Creative Loafing article. Mansell didn't threaten me on Sunday, he threatened to show up at my door back when I first started protesting -- in fact it was why I KEPT protesting.
  17. amaX Member

    There probably were 2,000 people who tried to attend the ribbon cutting event on Sunday. What happened was they started the event and within 30-45 minutes it was DONE. There were lots and lots of people who were parking and getting out of their vehicles to get inside AFTER hundreds of people had already started leaving. There was no being fashionably late for this one.

    They more than filled the little courtyard so Miscavige started and ended the whole shebang and that was that. BEING LATE IS OUT ETHICS. Those people should have gotten there on time.
  18. amaX Member

    I've planned huge events. And especially for events where you're not asking for tickets at the door/entrance you have to learn how to guesstimate how many people are entering so you're not overcrowding the place and the fire marshal comes knocking or you have overworked wait staff/servers/bartenders/security/etc. That's why I feel confident in saying this: Sunday was what about 2000 people looks like going into an event. Sure, it looked like a lot to us because we're used to them having 50-200-800 people show up for major events.

    Sunday was a testament to how many Sci's in Tampa Bay are disgusted with Flag. Come on, there's no reason for them to have that shop over there in Ybor. They're never going to get new meat there. It's just a cool place for the locals to go buy their Sci stuff in a less stressful setting. It's just like the Belleair Scientology Shop. That's within walking distance of Flag! The reason they set up shop in Belleair is so Miscavige's sister Denise Gentile didn't have to be in Clearwater.
  19. Sponge Member

  20. anonymous612 Member

    Ahh, Denise, the woman Anonymous once described as "David Miscavige in a wig".
  21. AnonLover Member

    Oh snap - we haz PROOF that the guardian office staff are back on COURSE!

    six-twelve, plox scan that shi- and share the lovely sign in sheet with all of us!!!
  22. Anonymous Member

    Was in Los Angeles for many years. Moved to Tampa in 2004. Became a realtor. Let her license lapse.
  23. anonymous612 Member

    I did not seriously expect anyone to know her. Faaascinating. Anon delivers.
  24. Darth Xander Member

    Here's my video of the Ybor City opening. Some of my first raid video. Please be patient with me.

    Flag Service Organization Spokesman Peter Manzell gives some Anons a brief history lesson related to the Scientologists' new Ybor City facility. Picked up some good Six audio.

    And here is some video of the Ybor City raid. With regard to my comments about attendance, please keep in mind I'm use to being at the Chicago Org. The most I've ever seen inside the Org at any one time is eight people (and that's a liberal guess). Had only 80 people attended the opening I would have said that was a lot of people too because, compared to what I'm use to seeing, it is.

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  25. lambear Member

    am i the only one who doesn't see the video??
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  26. Clearwater Member

    I like this^. I was a little hesitant, and still am, about maybe joining in a protest. I feel bad that there was only 4 people out there, but the creative loafing piece is very cool. Lots of people read that, I see them reading it while they wait for food at local restaurants and read it myself. You guys have good tactics, and are very polite to people. I see others, screaming mean and rude things to current scientologists while theyre on course or around the org, but ive read in several people stories, after they left, when they saw the protestors, they were scared, and I didnt like that.
  27. anonymous612 Member

  28. Clearwater Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    < ahem >

    Lisa Mansell/OSA
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Running joke is that the particularly foul Scientologist in the first video is from New Zealand.

    What does dear Mrs Trophy Wife have to do with Suzanne Prieur?
  31. Cheappassion Member

    It would be funny if people simply "liked" your quiry. No responce, ever.
    I mean, you would lost thinking, man, are they having trouble with the video too? Or, does every hate me and enjoy the fact it won't work for me.
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  32. amaX Member

    It only takes one of us to make them scramble in downtown Clearwater. So even though we'd love to have more people out there with us please don't feel bad for us.

    Of course some of the stories you've read from ex's who've blown will say they were afraid of us: they're told we're out to do them harm and that the police won't do anything to stop us. This insures that the Sea Org will be afraid of us and of the police. But for every story you read that they were afraid of us, you'll find another story where they're thanking us for doing what we do.

    I do hope you'll decide to come and join us for the April protest.
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  33. amaX Member

    Good job on the videos!

    You deserve COOOOOOKIES!
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  34. xenubarb Member

    Scared? Little wonder they're scared. They are told that we're worse than Dexter, that we will murder them if we catch 'em alone in an alley. A recent ex-member told us that, and it does explain why they're escorted to their cars when they leave by staff members. It's not because we're dangerous. It's so they can continue the fantasy of clamicidal anons in GF maskies.
  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This article has a glitch with the names of the Chicago protesters, unless both of them actually did say they were "Pelladin".
  36. anonymous612 Member

    No, there WERE two chicago anons but I suspect the guy didn't actually proofread very well and mentioned the same person twice.

    The anon's nick isn't even Pelladin...
  37. Paladin Member

    You are correct. They spelled my Anon name wrong and mixed-up my quotes with my friend from Chicago. I made a comment in the article about that as Paladin. But it's all good. I agree with what Xander said and I am sure he agrees with what I said.
  38. anonymous612 Member

    For the record, Barb, I laughed my ass off when I finally noticed "clamicidal."
  39. Paladin Member

    Here is my comment to the article.

    I was one of the protesters. The article spelled my Anonymous name wrong and mixed-up my quotes with that of my friend from Chicago. I was not "lonely" because I had the opportunity to speak to a few Scientologists while protesting. I'm glad they came over and took the time to listen to me and answer a few questions. I was a Scientology staff member in 1978. I remember poor living conditions and long working hours without a day-off during that 3 month period. I am sure Scientology has been helpful to some people, but it has been harmful to many others as well. I don't see why it is wrong for a "handful of protesters" to ask people to examine the testimony of those who have left Scientology.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    You are correct. The Flag event attendees were goaded into attending the Tampa event. It is not coincidence that the events were scheduled on consecutive days.

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