Clearwater Megaraid

Discussion in 'Protest Planning' started by anonymous612, Jul 30, 2012.


Would you plan to attend a megaraid in Clearwater?

Yes 10 vote(s) 40.0%
No 7 vote(s) 28.0%
Maybe 8 vote(s) 32.0%
  1. anonymous612 Member

    Once again the idea of holding a megaraid in downtown Clearwater has been suggested. However, because of certain realities of local law, we would need a very specific estimate of attendees so we know what we're dealing with here.

    Initially the plan was to hold the raid to celebrate the grand opening of the Super Power building, but seeing as how it's starting to look like that will never happen, we might just go ahead and have one at a date of our own choosing. If we do decide to give up on timing it for the grand opening, the protest will most likely wind up sometime in we don't all die horribly from Florida summers.

    It would almost certainly wind up being a multiple day event, anywhere from 2-5 days, and would involve both daytime and night-time protesting. One of the discussed possibilities was to set up our own Super Power Rundown, complete with oiliness table, etc. I'm sure we'd manage to find some excuse to get out to the beach, too.

    There are also several distinct places in the area for us to protest, including:
    • The Fort Harrison Hotel
    • The Coachman Building where most of the courses are offered
    • The Sandcastle Religious Resort
    • The Tampa Ideal "Yborg"
    • The Clearwater Cadet Org (which totally still exists)
    • The infamous "Sea Org Alley" where Darth Xander films his videos
    • and of course, the Super Power Building

    Please only vote affirmatively if you are interested in attending. If it's something you'd like to do but aren't sure you can, go with maybe. As I said before, we need a fairly accurate estimate.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    If I had the chance to go to protest the night they opened the SuperPower building to the world's media, I'd take it.
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  3. anonymous612 Member

    If we can, we will. The problem is 1) that means we're waiting around for them to actually open it, which might never happen and 2) that will be very short notice.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Will be there. Will raid hard during raid/s. Will bring omnoms and whatever else makes sense. In between raids, will slip away quietly and assume standard tourist persona. Don't need housing, extracurricular omnoms or transportation. Just a cult in need of some enturbulation. Not coming to socialize personally, but serious respect for those who wish to. You'll have fun. At some point, Anon may even wish to board the Super Queen and catch itself some fishies. Even if Anon doesn't catch any fishies, the squid sushi isn't too bad. Only a suggestion, for the lulz.

    Then again, if Anons wants to get crazy, renting out the Capitol for a showing of the Master would be something I'd definately hang around for. Hell, I'd let myself get namefagged just to see that.

    Will post my affirmative in poll some time later. Need to choose a proper sock first.

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  5. anonymous612 Member

    You just reminded me that Clearwater does have a pirate ship...
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. amaX Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Honigdachs Member

    When do you plan to do it?
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  11. tigeratbay Member

    I would like to be there. Know downtown, live 5 min away. Some know me there, but OK. I could assist others.
    Am new, but not want to miss out helping.
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  12. amaX Member

    we are working on that right now.

    that would be great. if we get a bigger crowd we are going to need people who know the downtown area and can make sure people aren't wandering off onto cult property.

    we're pretty good at planning, but if we need anything can we pm you here on wwp? also, we'll need help setting up for the main day of protest and it would be great if you could join us early? we can discuss it more as we get closer.

    welcome to the fight.
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  13. tigeratbay Member

    yes, very familiar with. and yes day of planning. I guess can't give my em here but can you find it on profile? I am not in hiding since they know me. I know why the need to keep others safe.
    It would be great for an anniversary present to them this year, as I was on the other side protesting many years ago, but undercover, stupid and brain washed. Karma's a bitch! Plus they know who I am or at least an enemy, I'm sure. Knocked me off an important blog today from commenting, guess I pissed them off, I've just begun. Hopefully that will be found and handled soon.
    Thanks and hope to work out logistics.
  14. amaX Member

    yes. we can pm here on wwp. just keep watch of this thread and when we decide on a date you can pm me if you want.
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  15. tigeratbay Member

    Not sure , does pm mean a post here like this? Still learnin'. I meant email, but see the security of that for others.
  16. tigeratbay Member

  17. amaX Member

    i pm'd you. tah-dah. lol
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. anonymous612 Member

    This is the least enthusiastic response ever.

    So basically WWP went "PLAN A FUCKING MEGARAID."
    And we went "But we don't want to, it's impractical and it won't work."
    And WWP went "DO IT ANYWAY."
    And we went "Fine. If we do, will you attend?"
    And WWP went "...uh, no, not really."

    Way to go, guys. The next time you try to talk us into a megaraid (since someone inevitably suggests it annually), remember this, k?
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  20. skeptic2girl Member

    imo, if you want to do it - and yeah, it is kind of a pain - you just set a date and people will start planning to come.
    But yeah, if people are just saying, "You guys should do a megaraid!" and aren't planning to come irl, well, armchair people say a lot of stuff.
    Unfortunately, with Clearwater, the city itself is not a draw - unlike Chicago, New York, Montreal, or (ahem) San Francisco.
    Almost no one posted on the SF Megaraid planning thread, but we had pretty good attendance, and it was way fun. :)
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  21. tigeratbay Member

    skeptic2girl : Hey, Isaac the hurricane is coming and it will be more fun, tho Isaac will probably poop out, but we won't. :cool:
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  22. anonymous612 Member

    It's not that easy to megaraid in CW, so we really *can't* just pick a date and do it. We need a commitment from WWP users, and we need headcounts. And I'm not going to the city and telling them "well, we think anywhere from eight to a hundred people might show up."

    I'm hoping it hits the RNC.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    An epic Clearwater raid is always possible. Maybe it's best not to overthink things. 200 Anons would be lulzy but 20 - 50 would be pretty exceptional, even with 50 being well on the outside of most reasonable estimates. Think Nashville Idle Org. Some BBQ, some extra water and it's a raid.
    Clearwater is a great draw really. No it's not a large city, though Tampa has a fair amount going for it. Great white sand beaches, warm Gulf water, good weather most of the time, decent bars, scantilly clad femmes umbrella drinks and a pirate ship. And it's one of the few places left on earth with a noticeable clam infestation. What's not to liek?

    Namefagged Anons and there are plenty among us, have little to worry about when it comes to OSA OSA OSA shenanigans and can be a big help towards keeping those shenanigans at bay for those who haven't been namefagged and wish to keep it that way.

    So yeah, just pick a date and see who turns up. Screw the fucking porta potties.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    In defense of 612 I think that she is well aware of local issues and has shown her true colors and Honor. I further believe any request she might make is Valid.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Absolutely, it's just that it's been a long time since we've seen more than 20 or so Anons turn up in the same place IRL. If a Clearwater raid were to begin shaping up into something well beyond that, we'd know in time to take any additional steps that may ne needed or even to put the kabash on things if resources couldn't support it.
  26. anonymous612 Member

    Are you from Clearwater? Have you protested recently? You're asking three people who do have other shit to do with their time to singlehandedly (okay, sixhandedly) throw an event that all of eight people could be bothered to rsvp for.

    I don't know how many times I have to explain this. We do not need a permit to protest normally. We do need a permit for a megaraid.* We cannot get that permit unless we agree to do a whole bunch of other shit. We cannot afford to do that whole bunch of other shit. The money does not fucking exist, it's not a matter of us thinking it is or is not worthwhile, we just cannot fucking do it. And we certainly can't do it if you guys are going to pussy out of actually coming.

    EDIT: *I should clarify. Protest numbers are NOT the only reason we need a permit.

    You wanted this, remember. You're the ones that try to get us to do it every goddamn year, and you're the ones that decide not to show up. We actually DID hold a Nashville-style regional one year. Two cities showed up. Nice going, guys.

    I live here, you don't have to sell me on it. Sell THEM on it.

    Where do you plan to shit? Serious question. There are no publicly accessible bathrooms in downtown Clearwater that would not instantly get non-namefagged anons facefagged.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    There's probably no real reason to expect a whole lot more. Yet clearly there are a number of Anons that haven't ever seen the total bizarro world that is Flag and would be interested in doing so. It really is worth having a look at while it's still there. Setting a date where more than one or two at a time might want to come down as a group and make a party out of it seems reasonably lulzy.

    As for bowel movements and the like, at this point, there sure are a hell of a lot of facefagged anons, whether namefagged or not. Let's say there are oh, 4 or 5 non-facefagged Anons that want to come down and also relieve themselves somewhere, surely it's not an insurmountable problem. There've been a lot of raids over the years, in Clearwater and everywhere else. One way or another, shit gets done. Even if it does come down to a porta potty, that's what, $150.00 for a day?

    If on the outside chance, it does look like it's going to become a larger issue, then worry about the logistics and whether or not it's all worthwhile, maybe it won't be. If not, we can just wait until the cult and Flag actually does implode at which point, we and everyone else will be there to party hard. No time for bathroom breaks.
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  28. anonymous612 Member

    Maybe you didn't hear me. There is NOWHERE in downtown Clearwater that has a public toilet where 1) you don't have to unmask. There is ONE place that will let you use the toilet if you do COMPLETELY unmask, and the Scientologists know about it, and will be watching it. Maybe, maybe if there's like one guy that's not namefagged we can go drive until we find a bathroom, but we can't shuttle ten people to bathrooms miles away.

    Please, please stop assuming we're wrong or we don't know what we're talking about in a city we've lived, worked, and protested in for years. I don't tell you how things work in (insert city here) because I realize that your local anons are probably the experts. Please respect that we're the experts on Clearwater.

    Are you volunteering to pay for it?

    I just want to say for the record, though, that if out of towners want to come down for whatever days suit their particular anons' schedules, we are more than capable of handling anons in the single digits. And you only need to ask Darth Xander to see that it IS a completely and utterly different place to raid. So if you want to come down without a megaraid, we'll make sure there's protests waiting for you.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I think some out-of-towners can't really appreciate the climate, and unique laws on the books, of occupied Clearwater. Occupied by Scientology, that is. There have been many huge pushes, rallies, demonstrations, even a trust formed, over the past 37 years trying to tame the beast, with no lasting success. The police at this point are tired of it all and just want everyone to get along, and the climate is more in favor of the Scientologists, IMO.

    So when those on the front lines say you have to tread lightly, it's best to follow their advice.
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  30. skeptic2girl Member

    I get you. It's just that waiting for a solid commitment from a bunch of Anons is... well, let's just say that the Super Power Building will probably open before that happens.

    I've never been to Clearwater, but the videos you guys make reflect the intensity. Remembering that, I can see how the whole "just set a date and see who shows up" isn't something you can do.

    I admire you guys for protesting out there -- the non-existent OSA in SF makes me forget how hard it can be to raid safely and at the same time try to have a little fun.

    ps: It's annoying to have people who don't know what things are actually like try to tell you what to do.
    That's my self-appointed cue to shut up. ;)
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Lol, not to worry, nobody's questioning your authoritay. Only that expectations of a crowd any larger than the typical 08/09 Clearwater raid seem fairly unlikely and if it ever does appear that things could grow beyond something manageable, then that would be the time to determine whether or not to go forward. No way to tell without developing some kind of a timeline.

    Happily, if need be, as long as some namefagged Anon wants to sign for it. Afterall, it's Clearwater, shouldn't be a problem finding one or two.

    ^^^ Yes. Maybe even schedule an Anon Breakfast with Peetie at the CW Beach Waffle House. FTW!
  32. anonymous612 Member

    What do you mean? You mean raids in 2008? If we hit those numbers, we will absolutely need a permit. Those were TWICE what we'd need a permit for.

    If we publicly pick a date, we'd need to get a permit VERY soon afterwards. I don't want to go into more detail here to avoid making the situation worse, but if you still want to know, if you could PM me, I'll elaborate.

    Again. Numbers are not the only reason we really ought to have a permit. High numbers would FORCE us to, but low numbers would still really need one too.

    Peetie's not allowed to deal with us directly anymore. Too much public embarrassment, and too prone to losing his temper and getting physical with us on camera.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    And yet, no permits were had. ;) < Just taking the piss, no worry, I get that things have changed since then.

    No, it would take some major cult footbulleting for something like those first few raids to come around again at this point. But things quieted down quite a bit a few raids later afterwhich a dozen or two Anons was a fairly large but completely manageable number for quite some time to come in most any cell, including Clearwater. This far down the road, even a "megaraid" would likely be within the size of a typical monthly, not long back. That's not to say that Anon's no longer around, just the whole yelling at buildings in large numbers thing isn't the norm that it once was.

    Will PM later on. Permits are great. They cover everyones ass. Hopefully if we can determine the number of Anons likely to show up actually is within reason, extraneous costs could be kept in check. I'd love a large gigantos party, renting out Coachman Park, a stage with PA, maybe even Tuesday jumping up and down, screaming into the microphone and pissing everybody off big time. But then I'm a dreamer. Simple is good.


    Awwwwwwwww. He was such a lulzcow.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    We've gone through so many handlers...Peetie's gone, Vollie's barely around, Sarah's too busy flirting with Xander, Doyle's sulking because we learned his wife left him and Scientology to be a lesbian (you should have seen the look on his face), Antonio's afraid to go near AMA, Barney's been told to shut the fuck up so many times he barely bothers, Doc FlagOT's barely on duty anymore, Maureen's bawwwing because we namefagged her...

    It's, like, Irish left. And he sucks. You can literally make him speechless or tonguetied with no effort just by asking a question he hasn't thought of (which is ALL the questions).
  35. amaX Member

    yeah, irish mike was too nice to be a handler. remember when he got in trouble for talking to me about ireland instead of telling me what a piece of shit i am for being a cult critic? we went to the yborg mission grand opening the next day and he was across the street a block away and he forlornly waved at me. after the event he came up to our group and i asked why he wasn't handling me and he said he wasn't allowed. he got in trouble. lolflaghandlers.
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  36. anonymous612 Member

    Seriously, I can't think of anyone we have left. Romeo? He's never around anymore. Maybe the blonde flagsec whose name I can't remember. Not the scrawny guy, the one whose face looks like a cinderblock brick.

    Oh, and I guess Pinkie counts. Maybe. And the dude with no front teeth.
  37. amaX Member

    our one-eyed pirate handler. scott, scott, um, what? just scott. the asshole who was with irish mike at the last REH event when irish mike wanted to buy my license plate? do we have a name for that guy?
  38. tigeratbay Member

    I'll sign for it.:cool:
  39. anonymous612 Member

    Pirate. Besides, he hasn't been back since.
  40. amaX Member

    oh, no you don't! if anyone is signing for a shitter? IT'S ME. ;)
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