Clearwater Hearings 82, Lori Taverna

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    Clearwater Hearings 82, Lori Taverna

    The Clearwater Hearings were an investigation held by Clearwater City Council on Scientology in may 1982. They are an important document, which everyone should be familiar with imo. This includes people who are only able to speak german or wouldn't otherwise get to know what happened there.

    This is just the first part of Lori Taverna's statement. After this there's another part in which she goes into more detail with regards to Clearwater and there are also some questions. This may be translated later.

    original here:


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    Re: Clearwater Hearings 82, Lori Taverna

    aaaaaa! wall of german text!!!
  3. Re: Clearwater Hearings 82, Lori Taverna

    It's a berlin wall of text! ;)

    Sorry, had to.
  4. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Clearwater Hearings 82, Lori Taverna

    Alright, this is the second part, containing Lori Taverna going through the notes and mentioning some things that weren't mentioned before. Relevant with regards to the RPF, medical conditions and children's conditions in Scientology and some other topics. There's also another part of her testimony, which is about the council asking her questions, which may be translated later. See OP for source.

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