Clearwater Fl anyone?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Darthanon727, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Darthanon727 Member

    Anyone desire to occupy the outter parameter of the headquarters building in downtown Cl?
  2. laughingsock Member

    There are no anons in clearwater,sheesh you must be new.
  3. Darthanon727 Member

    Actually there are. Your speaking with one so I guess the previous statement you made is false... So I would like others in the area join this thread for some planning. False statements will be ignored from this point on.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Hi, the above anon was being a trifle sarcastic :) theres a fair bit of that around here :) please feel free to take a look through Events, both planning and followup to locate activities and members geographically convenient to you. :)
  5. laughingsock Member

    Bro lighten up. I'm also a localfag there are legions of us here.
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  6. laughingsock Member

    Where'd you go bro? For real what's your plan.
  7. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ OSA trying to infiltrate before Fag Down 2014
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  8. Darthanon727 Member

    I'm still here. I don't have a full idea at the time that's why I wanted to test the waters to at what level and magnitude canwe rattle the cage. Sorry about before I do get easily annoyed not your fault.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Big weekend at Flag this weekend. I would suggest roaming around the area looking like a tourist and not in mask and being very very careful.
  10. Darthanon727 Member

    True take a few pictures make them feel uncomfortable.
  11. Darthanon727 Member

    I want to see if i can find a way to pick out the OSA and exploit theyre names the foot soldiers most importantly
  12. Anonymous Member

    Trust me, OSA will find you.
  13. Darthanon727 Member

    That would be a bad day for them.
  14. laughingsock Member

    Why does your sunglasses shoot deathrays at organized crime disguised religion? Where can i get some of those?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Every day is a bad day for them and btw, fucking with them is a bad idea and yields us zero useful information.
    Stay away, keep your distance, they bite. Really they do. And having another anon outted and sent to court does not help us. Having someone who can watch them unnoticed is far more valuable and actually helps us gather intel.
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  16. Darthanon727 Member

    Alright sounds good. Ill be gather intel this weekend as well as later today... Tourist style.
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  17. Darthanon727 Member

    Also... Being a Former Marine give me an edge on recon procedures
  18. laughingsock Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Or a young anon who is still eager and too excited to do his homework. Encourage and teach the n00bs guys, the rest will sort itself out.
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  20. Darthanon727 Member

    Please dont plant aimed at my general direction. Dont know why basic recon without interaction is bad pkus i would consider that homework...
  21. laughingsock Member

    Have a look kid
  22. Darthanon727 Member

    Kid? This all is nothing new to me ive been on going since 2008 and darkened during my service time. Please show me a little more respect than kid...
  23. Anonymous Member

    You are a new member of the site, which makes you a "kid". You'll have to accept some trolling here, it comes with the territory.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Stop acting like a spoilt brat and know it all to boot, you're boooooorrrrrring
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  25. laughingsock Member

    And another one.
    Look bro don't take me the wrong way. I didn't come to wwp to fight the co$, I'm here for other reasons. But the moar i learn/lurk the moar i understand why there is such an effort to expose this evil cult. I usually stay out of chanology threads,but your bravdo is concerning. If you are what you say you are take a deep breath think and be careful
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  26. Anonymous Member

    You stop acting like an arrogant ass.
  27. Darthanon727 Member

    Just trying to do some good didnt know i was being a spoiled brat. Sorry
  28. Anonymous Member

    Ignore the troll.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar, then lurk some moa.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Keep it up. I'm watching.

  31. Anonymous Member

    Don't know why you deserve any respect. So far, 1) it's all about you, 2) you're trolling other Anons, 3) you're shit-stirring in general, 4) you come out of the blue and want to interract with other Anons to protest the belly of the beast in Clearwater.

    Sorry, you don't sound like someone someone who's been around since 2008. You actually sound more like a newb or, dare I say, an OSA troll. IMHO.
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  32. Darthanon727 Member

    Watching what?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Or is this the pot calling the kettle black?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Mod watching the trolls.
  35. Darthanon727 Member

    Didn't mean to get you going an all. Your ability to control your words is pretty distasteful.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Play nice or sit on the naughty step.
  37. Oh crap, you caught me. I give up. *facepalm*
  38. Anonymous Member

    Everyone here has the ability to post as "anonymous" In this case a few different users posting under the anonymous moniker in this thread. One of them is a mod warning the others to stop trolling the noob.
    Yes, please play nicely or you will be put in time out.
  39. Darthanon727 Member

    I feel so much better...
  40. Darthanon727 Member

    Started feeling like middle school again.

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