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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    Uh, what makes you think members of other religious orders don't get paid?
  2. Anonymous Member

    What makes you think they do?

    For starters, try "Vow of Poverty".
  3. anonymous612 Member

    For starters, try "differences between modern day pastors and medieval monks."
    Let me Google that for you.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    A gentle reminder, Org staff and Sea Org staff do not take a "Vow of Poverty". There is no such thing as a "Vow of Poverty" in Scientology.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    No, I am not going to LMGTFY. If you found a REAL source of how much monk and nuns and the like are "paid" (they are actually "paid" nothing but may receive a stipend) in today's world then post it here (as I do below).

    I wish you guys would do a modicum of research on the actual subject at hand ...

    We are not talking about pastors in a Church. That would be equivalent to staff at an Org, not Sea Org. The Sea Org is a religious order and, in the Western world, members of religious orders are not paid. That, IMO, would be a degradation of their service and commitment.

    There is a lot I disagree with in the SO and I would not miss it if it were to disappear but the lack of "pay" is not one of those.

    Education: How Much Is a Nun Paid? TIME Magazine

    "Going heavily for him are two assets: he can get nun teachers at a board, room and stipend cost of only $650-$1,250 a year, and he can often tap diocesan funds for loans for building."

    INB4thatis1961. Yes but do a bit of real research and Google - do catholic monks get paid.
  7. anonymous612 Member

    You are aware Catholics are not the only non-Scientologist religious group on the planet, right?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Not an answer to the question. Just more banter and misdirection.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Sea Org '"legally binding employment contract"

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Quick, name any Religious Order that forces its members to sign legally binding employment contracts?



    (bzzzzzzzzzzt; sorry, Sea Org doesn't count)
  11. Anonymous Member

    They all do. Prove me wrong.

    Wow, it sure is easy to make argument when you do not have to back it up with anything solid. So this is how the game is played :)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Prove it. Post one of these legally binding employment contracts.
  13. RightOn Member

    I am still waiting for my questions to be answerd many posts ago. :(
  14. Anonymous Member

    Who are you talking to? I am just another random anonymous poster :)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Just one?
  16. Anonymous Member

    None of the monks in my temple do. Prove me wrong.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Whatever you want. 1, 10, whatever you feel like.

    Personally, I would be very interested in reading a legally binding employment contract from, say Catholics, since the Sea Org has tried before to compare themselves to Catholic religious orders.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Oh wait, I meant to say 77.8% of monastic orders require some sort of contract be signed prior to entry into monastic service. Now prove me wrong.

    You see, this is the lazy man's way to debate. I prove nothing myself but challenge you to prove your every statement.

    Remember please, that the discussion here is about whether the religious orders (by which I mean monastic and the like, i.e. those that provide room and board and represent a total commitment) "pay' their members. I say "no" though a stipend for incidentals may be offered. So far no-one has provided any evidence to dispute that.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Just like you've failed to prove the opposite.
  20. RightOn Member

    I am talking to Somewhat, I have been away for a couple of days, did she leave all together?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Have you not yet been introduced to the Anonymous mantra of DOX OR STFU? No, I'm not yelling or being impolite, this is typically the response from anons for anyone trying to foist opinions off as facts.

    Personally, I am not disputing that many legitimate religious orders provide room and board and a small stipend to their members. That part is true.

    However, these religious orders typically require a "Vow of Poverty". Sea Org members do not take a vow of poverty. Instead, according to Scientology, Sea Org members sign the opposite of a "Vow of Poverty", Sea Org members sign a "legally binding employment contract" (Scientology's words, not mine).

    I have to sign off for a while. No, I'm not running away, have IRL stuff, I'll be back.

    Meantime, perhaps you would be so kind as to address RightOn's concerns.
  22. anonymous612 Member

    EDIT: If you aren't actually Somewhat...well, the post is still relevant.

    No. Let's be realistic. The discussion here is about the anons laughing at the wee little Scientologist trying to talk out his ass. You were given the opportunity for an open discussion. You resorted to PR doublespeak and refused to consider any viewpoint but your own. You then lost the chance for open discussion, and right now we're basically just toying with you.

    If you dislike how the Sea Org is run, you're welcome to attend our next protest. Because, you see, a religion would let its members do that. But hey, if you think protesting with us might get you in trouble with Scientology...maybe that's something you should think about for a bit.

    As is, you're all talk and no action. That doesn't surprise me, every Scientologist I've met so far wound up being cowards. I expect to meet many more Scientologist cowards in the future.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Oh, now you are just being a big meanie. You so scary and win name-calling contest. BRB, I am going to go hug my e-meter for a bit now.
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Don't hug it, those things are expensive, you might damage the delicate thetan-sensing dials.
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  25. My head hurts after all that. Somewhat is a somewhat effective troll. A little too opened minded for mine to be a legitimate cultie.
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  26. RightOn Member

    not quite sure what is going on with this thread or who I am talking to or not talking to
    so.. meh I give up
  27. Well-played, Somewhat Herro, cept that you are severely out-ethics to even suggest that your OT friend's not turn in HRR's (Hubbard Rat Reports), imean mandated Knowledge Reports (KR's) about your bad thoughts on COB.

    Failure to turn in a KR about a members Entheta renders that Scientologist just as guilty of the offense and subject the perpetrators who do not file these reports to harsh penalties.

    Bad Thoughts about Hubbard or COB = High Crime in Scientology........

    If you are a Scientologist, it's time you learn from DM for yourself what those inward spikes are all about.......

    The abusive, controlling, lying, plagiarizing, racist, drug and alcohol abusing, convicted total Fraud, fugitive and bigamist, L. Ron Hubbard's enormous scam has been fully exposed.

    This conman had none of the amazing credentials he claimed for himself with no (ZERO) scientific confirmation of his bogus "research"

    Google: Scientology / Abuse

    1,530,000 entries: Please do some more of your prolific reading and read them all.

    Pay close attention to Hubbard's batshit insane, "Introspection Rundown" that led directly to the death of Lisa Mcpherson which higher-ups David Miscavige and Mary Rathbun oversaw and covered up.

  28. Anonymous Member

    Samefag here. Dammit, I was hoping Somewhat would play some more, but looks like she is gone. Oh well. That's OK. This thread will come up in session and she will get in Ethics trouble for it, and maybe get bullied out of Scientology for asking questions about management. So its all good.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Either Somewhat chooses not to respond, or she gave up. Either way, the entheta was too much, and they left.
  30. RightOn Member

    hopefully Somewhat (if there really was a Somewhat) will look further into why people fight COS and she just may leave COS some day.
    I hope she opens her eyes a little wider and does some serious data checking. I hope she visits some dead orgs on her own to see for herself.
    Hope she reads the ex COS list (although currently it is down for repairs)
    Looks into any doubts, and decides she won't support the abuse of the Sea Org any longer by giving COS any more of her money.
    Good luck "Somewhat" hope you make it out soon.

    and if it was a troll, you have wasted some of my time.
    meh... such is life,
  31. lambear Member

    Perhaps somewhat would like to see whether or not other religious orders turn their member into slaves and whether or not they are held captive when they want to leave?????
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  32. Anonymous Member

    well done 612

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