Clearwater April 16 & 17 postgame: Cultwatch Anniversary

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    Note: cake place messed up day #, that isn't accurate. At least it isn't Operation Battlegoads this time.

    Saturday was the fifth anniversary of the start of Shawn Lonsdale's CultWatch, and I'd like to think we lived up to that example with this month's double protests. And two cakes. 'Cause that's just how we roll.

    The lulz started on the 16th. Those of you who follow our planning threads may have noticed we were expecting reinforcements this month. We did not, however, expect to arrive at the protest and discover those reinforcements doubled our normal numbers for summer raids. Even our reinforcements had reinforcements (HAI CHICAGO).

    I'm duty-bound to report Darth Xander broke AnonSparrow's Clearwater protest record...again. We're not sure he's human. Sorry, Sparrow. You should come back to Clearwater to reclaim your title. Our shiny new Mini-Bucket of Acid provided some serious tunes, video was had, walnut jokes were made, and SOME PEOPLE HAVE NO TASTE IN PIZZA, SRSLY.

    Wins of the day include receiving police confirmation that we don't have to keep moving as long as we're sure not to block the sidewalk, lots of attention from some sort of a deafness awareness festival that we weren't aware beforehand was also going on that day (they had a man on stilts playing the bongos, whee), magic teleporting cops (no, rly), and the return of Douchey "I Own The Sidewalk" Man who assaulted an anon on video a few months ago. He tried that line on the police sergeant this month, and the sgt gave him his best "do I look I have patience for your bullshit?" face.

    The reinforcements have crazy amounts of stamina, raiding in coldweather gear for a summer protest. You people are insane. Next time you do that, we'll throw icecubes at you until you cool down.

    Special win of the day happened when our handlers from the LRon Birthday Event came up to try to mess with us and were successfully chased off by the police. That's what they get for getting in between anons and their caek. >:3

    And then there was the 17th. Our initial plan was to head to into Tampa for the Vulture Ministers tent the Yborg was setting up at their new location. Wins and Fails were had. Rent-a-cop came up and started bitching about masks being against the law (they aren't) and the sidewalk being part of Scientology property (it isn't) until we got him to admit to not actually being a Tampa Police Department officer. When he finally called them and got the TPD out there (AGAIN, TAMPA POLICE =/= CLEARWATER POLICE AND WE HAVE A SEPARATE ARRANGEMENT WITH THEM), three cop cars plus a sergeant's car arrived -- we're that scary, apparently -- and after consulting a lieutenant it was agreed that we could wear masks in the block completely surrounding Scientology property (and that the sidewalk wasn't their property). During this conversation the rent-a-cop lurked around photographing us and being generally creepy. The fail was that while the VM tent was set up (inside Scientology's courtyard), and it was manned by VMs including Judy Fagerman of "I've touch assisted and I can't get up!" fame, there was absolutely NO TRAFFIC, no tent victims, no one, and eventually we were so bored we decided to go back to Clearwater and hang out with those Scientologists because we like them more than the Tampa ones.

    LULZ WERE HAD. We dared approach the Sandcastle retreat. Last time this particular combination of anons was there, our OSA handler tried to run us down with his car (the following month's protest was Operation: Frogger). Some of you will be pleased or disappointed to know no one died today. The anons were prone to spontaneous group dance sessions, though. Lots of time was spent at the Coachman Building (one of their "religious services" places), the Fort Harrison (WE FEAR NOTHING), and the Clearwater Bank Building, which is sort of the "home base" for the local sea orgers while they're at work, as well as being their Private-Fleet-Of-Flag-Buses Dropoff Location. The last one in particular has thick metal doors with no windows or cameras on them, which we exploited thoroughly. We'd wait outside for a Scientologist to decide we must have left, then LOLOLOL when they poked their head out, saw us, and bolted back inside.

    VIDEOS! and more postgame will be added as they're uploaded and I remember them.

    Our next protest will be May 14th, 10:30AM at City Hall, and all you guys better be there. Or I'm sending the Clearwater homeless population after you to bring you to the protest. I haven't quite figured out the logistics of that, but I'll make it happen.


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  2. anonymous612 Member

    As promised to a couple of the anons: the Frogger Cake. This is not from this month, it was mentioned and they had never seen it.

    Haha, the Scientologists are dollar signs with string tied around them because they're being "squeezed for cash." Lulz lulz lulz.


    Pix from here.
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  3. COREarg Member

    Anxiety will kill me,but I think I can handle it until I see the first videos
  4. Anonymous Member

    Awesome caek!!!!
    What is this protest record u speak uv?
  5. anonymous612 Member

    Last month he protested more days in a row than Sparrow. This month he beat him by protesting two months in a row.
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  6. Lancaster Member

    Theatens give me my stamina! Definitely made my weekend. Hope to come out next time
  7. Darth Xander Member

    Putting the rest of the videos together now.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    D: My sunburn hurts worse just looking at it.
  9. Anonymous Member

    So what's the current record for days in a row?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Very well done guise.
    Hope your sunburn heal's up quickly 612.
  11. anonymous612 Member

  12. yellowtoes Member

    I'll be there on the 14th!
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  13. Lancaster Member

    Good to see you got home good Yellow
  14. Anonymous Member

    Ahhhh eye see. These are Clearwater records, I thought u were referring to the global days in a row record. Hence my confusion. tkx
  15. anonymous612 Member

    :p CW anons almost certainly hold the days in a row global record. That...uh, record was for out of towners. We are prone to flashraids and soloraids, I'm sure we've probably done it five days in a row before. I know I've done at least four. EDIT: What we were specifically referring to was out of towners coming down and raiding with us, because they tend to raid 24/7 to get as much bang for their buck as possible.

    ITT: Clearwater and Chicago anons are awesome.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Well ima still savin my change to raid Supa Powa.
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  17. anonymous612 Member

    DO IT.

    Speaking of, I have video of it to update you all on its status. I should probably get around to uploading my videos.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    With all this planning, anons might outnumber clams at this event. Win!
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  19. amaX Member

    I bled in the name of the cause once again. I fell down went boom HARD. I need medic alert necklace. Somebody please start a donation fund for me. I've been here long enough for you people to fork over money to me. Hurry. I'm old.

    Ugly damned picture of busted knee and concrete rash:


    The funniest thing happened after I fell. We marched for a little while longer and then went back to City Hall for a break. Handler Irish Michael came up and called me by name and asked, "Did you fall down?" He saw it. I'm sure the security tape they have of my fall will probably be very popular in the coming days.


    Xander needs to be microchipped and wear a shock collar...


    Sunday: We made friends with Tampa Police. "Here talk to this guy." as the sergeant hands phone to Six. I got sergeant's card along with an invite for us to call him or email him any time. Still, Tampa is boring as all hell. The Ideal Yborg may be in a historic building in Ybor, but it's not close enough to 7th Ave. to pull people in. The cult wants Tampa to be the first Ideal Civilization. They're off to a very slow start.

    Home was calling us and we headed back to Clearwater. Love you, Gulf Breezes! Love you, Horn Love!

    Oh! I am hoping one of the camerafags puts up a picture of my signage for this month. I broke one of the sign rules this month when I made mine tl;dr, but I was giving OT VIII Part Two away for free in honor of Shawn Lonsdale and Easter. The general public doesn't like to hear that L. Ron Hubbard wrote that Jesus was a pedophile and a homosexual and needed anger management classes. Scientologists have to pay $150,000.00 to learn that. I gave it to them FREE this weekend! You'd think they'd be more grateful...

    Rest in peace, Shawn Lonsdale. Wish you were here.
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  20. anonymous612 Member

    No photo but it's in my video long enough to read.
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  21. amaX Member

    I'm shocked and surprised you don't remember! We did five days in a row for a Shawn Lonsdale Week; took a day off; and then had our monthly protest on Saturday. Remember the American flag falling over on it's own and bashing into the Bucket of Acid to stop the Hubbard crappola? Wasn't it OT III or something like that?
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  22. amaX Member

    I still have all those icing covered figures. All in good shape except the damned car being driven by Mansell. My cats attacked it and I found one of them sitting on it on the floor! It's smashed flat.
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  23. Lancaster Member

    I love my Fuzzy lined Jacket!

    It gives that image of the sun can't beat me. Now they just need to add sprinklers that I can stand in.
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  24. amaX Member

  25. anonymous612 Member


    Forgot that was five. Plus one. Five and a half.

    And yes it was OTIII. The Bucket of Acid was never the same after that.
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. anonymous612 Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Freakin' Awesome Reports (and Caek), Anons! Bravo!
  29. Darth Xander Member

    Ok, here you go. Think I did a lot better than last month, but still have a ways to go.

    Clearwater Anons are the best. Thanks again for putting up with me. Lots of fun.

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Moar BRAVO!!!
  31. Woohoo! Good job you guys!
  32. anonymous612 Member

    Video 1 of 2. The more significant one, for the 17th, is uploading.
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  33. Lancaster Member

    Xander you made that protest worth going in a whole.
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  34. Smurf Member

    Lovely. Next, she'll be soliciting funds for..... <g>

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  35. anonymous612 Member

  36. amaX Member

    Yay! The Kid's Anti-Sci Christmas music! <3
  37. amaX Member

    I've got a good three years before I need these!
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  38. Xenu Is Lord Member

    What has need got to do with it? I wear them for fun!
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  39. Smurf Member

    Pics or it doesn't happen :)
  40. Smurf Member

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