Clearwater 3-22-14

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by fathertony, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. amaX Member

    Lest we forget the numbers of publics at recent Flag events. They didn't fill Ruth Eckerd Hall for Hubbard's 100th birthday celebration way back in 2011. Ruth Eckerd Hall holds 2,180. There were about 2,000 in attendance, but this number was bumped because of Sea Org and Nation of Islam attendance. The same 2,000 were schlepped in the next day for the grand opening of the Tampa BYorg where the event was so short that people were still trying to get in while others were scrambling to leave. The cult couldn't cough up 2,180 people for Hubbard's centennial birthday.

    We know the numbers were also abysmal for the Super Power grand opening. Even Rinderburn2 confirmed that. About 2,000 or so. And the crowd was littered with Sea Org.

    I spoke with a young Scandinavian public scilon who was at Flag while his rich mother took courses. I think this was about three years ago. He told me there were only a few hundred SO at that time. He said the numbers were very low compared to when he'd been here previously with his mother.

    Honestly, I lived here when there were multitudes of SO. It was particularly unsettling to see them swarm when they were wearing the khaki pants/pastel shirts and blouses uniforms. It was like watching evil Easter gush all over downtown. Seas of pinks and blues and greens and lavenders. Groups of a hundred moving one way. Another group of a hundred moving another way. Hundreds of them everywhere.

    That's why I can say that I know what it looks like when there are 2,000 Sea Org in Clearwater and I can tell you that there is no where near 2,000 SO downtown now. We protesters had guessed the 200-300 number before the Scandinavian public sci confirmed it so we're pretty good at guessing the numbers here.

    I will concede that there might be 300 SO now instead of 200 because I know that DM brings in his own people while he's here so that has to bump their numbers a bit, but it's NOT growth. It's just SO re-routed.

    How can anyone say it's growing when they look at the birthday numbers? Those numbers bring me GLEE.
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    I think you hit the nail amaX. The 2,000 flag sea ogres was an approximate number back in the 1990's. Those who have died or left were never replaced. And now a much higher percentage of crew are not native English speakers or even native speakers of western European languages.
  3. tinfoilhatter Member

    "I will concede that there might be 300 SO now instead of 200 because I know that DM brings in his own people while he's here so that has to bump their numbers a bit, but it's NOT growth. It's just SO re-routed."

    Where do his sea org come from? Is it plausible to organize protests so that when he moves them, that we can exploit their absence for both lulz and caek?

    To fight a hydra, one must become the hydra, or some other hubtardian bullshit.
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  4. amaX Member

    I take it that his permanent residence is still Cali so I'd say they come from L.A. or Hemet.
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  5. amaX Member

    Also I might make up a t-shirt saying "Immune from Hubtardian bullshit." brb...cafepress. ;)
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  6. Darth Xander Member

    So actually I think they are licensed. Here is the entry for one of the guards who always has a camera on me (not the super thin blonde headed kid; the other one). The associated address is the Coachman Building, which is undergoing a complete rehab at the moment.

    https://licensing.freshfromflorida....COUNTY=00&LICENSE=D 1125900&STATUS=IND_DETAIL
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  7. tinfoilhatter Member

    Do they all have licenses? If they do, then this really does add super effective lulz to us, especially if they cult is dumb enough to have the licenses lapse. This is great news, because we always have cameras on them, and the laws are getting strict in the state because of all the bad publicity.

    If we can identify who all the security guards are, and when their licenses expire, we can plan protests around that. It would be a fun, passive aggressive way to fuck with the cult.

    It also would be funny if those guards were to blow....
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  8. tinfoilhatter Member

    Does he have family outside the cult? If he is always there watching you guys, then this would be an excellent opportunity to give him messages from his disconnected family/friends.

    I am relatively new here, so i am not sure how messages from family/friends have worked at protests in the past...
  9. Darth Xander Member

    If one is licensed then they all must be right? But Chief Petty Officer Antonio Avila's name doesn't come up when I search for him.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    If they're in the US on a religious worker visa, then they shouldn't be able to get licensed.
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  11. tinfoilhatter Member

    and if he isn't licensed, then he should not be doing security.

    "Chief Petty Officer Antonio Avila"

    as a navy veteran, this is the most offensive thing i have seen.
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  12. Darth Xander Member

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  13. tinfoilhatter Member

  14. tinfoilhatter Member
    "The unauthoriized wearing a military uniform is a fed crime. You could get into trouble if you were to wear a proper uniform to a costume party. One of the Midshipmen at the California Maritime Academy ended up in trouble because he removed the state buttons from his uniform and put on Navy buttons, and he removed the CMA from his high pressure hat just leaving the anchor. He was lucky, the SP just brought him back to base suggested he change the uniform back or stay on base. They also informed the duty officer. The next week at 8 o'clock formation the academy had a lawyer there to explain what could have happened. And we got the explaination again in our Naval Science classes."

    What gives the retards the authorization to wear uniforms like this? The salvation army uniform is CLEARLY not a military uniform. civil air patrol is a PARAMILITARY organization designed to train future airforce recruits, and IS under the airforce.

    These guys just piss me off to no extent.
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  15. tinfoilhatter Member

    Except as otherwise provided by law, no person except a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps, as the case may be, may wear—
    (1) the uniform, or a distinctive part of the uniform, of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps; or
    (2) a uniform any part of which is similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.
    Their "medals", as well as the gold aggulets seem to be a violation of part 2.
    the only exceptions listed are for OTHER GOVERNMENT ENTITIES.
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  16. amaX Member

    You know I was arrested with a FELONY assault on a law enforcement officer charge because Avila and OSA reminded the Clearwater police that they were security officers so an assault on them is like an assault on LE. I was strip searched and had to go the whole bend over and cough thing. The guards at the jail don't bother to look into the particulars of exactly who it is that you're alleged to have assaulted so they only saw I was arrested for assaulting a LEO.

    I have no idea what can be done to figure out if the dickless cowards who work as OSA security are supposed to be licensed and if they are all licensed, but I'd sure like it if someone could point me in the direction of how I can find that information. That would be super.

    Antonio, if it's still your job to monitor everything I post here on why we protest then I hope your tiny balls just retreated all the way up to your throat.
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  17. tinfoilhatter Member>2013->Chapter 493

    I hope this helps.

    I am going to look into any immigrant watchdog groups to notify about the scilons hiring practices, like trade unions and political groups. Its fun watching two big political organization get into a pissing contest.
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  18. tinfoilhatter Member

    Oh, and the best part of it all, is that if THEY are licensed, then a lot of the OSA stuff they do becomes illegal.
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  19. amaX Member

    Thank you so much.
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  20. snippy Member

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  21. DeathHamster Member

    There's no Avila, Antonio listed. There is an AVILA, ANTHONY, 7941 NW 3RD ST PLANTATION FL 33324. Wrong end of Florida, so I doubt that's him.

    Shit Creek, no paddle?
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  22. Darth Xander Member

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  23. DeathHamster Member


    Physical Address
    17947 35TH PLACE N

    I doubt it.
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  24. Darth Xander Member

    Heraldo Avila.
  25. DeathHamster Member

    Okay, got him, I think.

    D 2324447 12/01/2015 LICENSE ISSUED

    Physical Address

    Note also:
    AVILA, HERALDO A. G 2304268 Statewide Firearms License
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  26. Darth Xander Member

    That address is for Hacienda Gardens. That's him.
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  27. DeathHamster Member

    Is this guy a citizen, landed immigrant or some other kind of resident status? I don't see how anyone could get a license on a visa.
  28. Darth Xander Member

  29. DeathHamster Member

    Good enough then.
    (f) Be a citizen or permanent legal resident alien of the United States or have appropriate authorization issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States Department of Homeland Security.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    Was that ever run past a Florida lawyer?

    It seems dubious to me, but your laws are so different, it's like it was a different country or something. :rolleyes:
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    I think they must have been playing fast and loose with the police.
    Parsing through all that pile...
    Whenever any person is charged with knowingly committing an assault or battery upon a [..] security officer is engaged in the lawful performance of his or her duties, the offense for which the person is charged shall be reclassified as follows:
    (a) In the case of assault, from a misdemeanor of the second degree to a misdemeanor of the first degree.
    (b) In the case of battery, from a misdemeanor of the first degree to a felony of the third degree.

    I'd bet that "lawful performance of his duties" doesn't easily extend to the public sidewalk, but that's just me. Ask someone who knows.
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    Sorry forgot this bit:
    19) “Security officer” means any individual who, for consideration, advertises as providing or performs bodyguard services or otherwise guards persons or property; attempts to prevent theft or unlawful taking of goods, wares, and merchandise; or attempts to prevent the misappropriation or concealment of goods, wares or merchandise, money, bonds, stocks, choses in action, notes, or other documents, papers, and articles of value or procurement of the return thereof. The term also includes armored car personnel and those personnel engaged in the transportation of prisoners.

    He's not a bodyguard, so he's guarding property. i.e. not the sidewalk.
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  33. whitesand Member

    There's also an Alger R. Avila with the same licenses, security officer and statewide firearms license.

    His address is listed as 503 Cleveland St., Clearwater, which is the Coachman Building. Relative, maybe?
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  34. tinfoilhatter Member

    Hmmmmm, Is he on a visa? is that the name listed on the visa? Because he is NOT wearing his legal name on a name tag. the name tag is different then the license. This can cause a serious headache. Also, is this acceptable work for his visa? Remember this is the post 9/11 world, and visas are a huge headache now.

    Florida has some lenient gun laws, but they also have some strict immigrant laws too. So its interesting to see where this goes. furthermore, they claim he was an LEO, now this enters the wonderful world of vague laws, because he also claims to be a CPO. If they mentioned "he assaulted a chief petty officer" it becomes impersonating a non-com. A serious deport-able offense.
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    There isn't anything about a name tag. (Possibly elsewhere.)

    a person licensed as a security officer as defined in s. 493.6101 and wearing a uniform that bears at least one patch or emblem that is visible at all times that clearly identifies the employing agency and that clearly identifies the person as a licensed security officer, or a security officer employed by the board of trustees of a community college
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  36. Darth Xander Member

    I'm going to file a complaint against CPO Avila for continually impeding my progress and obstructing my view on a public sidewalk. I'll let everyone know what I hear.
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  37. tinfoilhatter Member

    post 92. it lists his name as antonio avila. It also lists him as being security.

    Now, we are having a hard time determining if he is properly licensed, because the name is different on the tag. Is this on purpose? Perhaps cos knows they are violating visa laws? What did his visa say when he came into the country? What are they allowed to do on a religious visa?

    It strikes me as rather ominous that the names would be different. Either he is unlicensed and we have confused him with someone else, or there is something shady and illegal going on.
  38. whitesand Member

    Poking those black umbrellas into you and Father Tony's faces didn't look legal.
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  39. DeathHamster Member

    Woah, slow down.

    He can't be on a visa and be licensed. See #109. Xandar says that he's a legal alien (lol) and that's good enough.
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  40. Sci-Tech is so awesome!

    I wonder if they know how idiotic they look?

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