Clearwater 3-22-14

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by fathertony, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. tinfoilhatter Member


    Would that be Scientology, hiring illegal immigrants to do an Americans job, in Florida? for dirt cheap? The lulz for reporting that to immigration and then having lots of sea org visas revoked would be too much for WWP to handle, we would implode.

    This needs to be investigated.
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    I could make some props. Or maybe just go for a steam punk security guard look, with a running Stirling engine hat.
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  3. Darth Xander and Father Tony, you guys freaking rock! Sticking Jenna Miscavige's book in their faces is brilliant. Hopefully that causes a few to think outside the bubble - seeing that a close relative of their "dear leader" is speaking out against this evil cult. Their lame umbrella "block the entheta" tech can't stop that powerful message.

    On another note I wish I had enough cred on this board (still too new I guess) to upvote tinfoilhatter's idea to work with local rock stations to fight the cult. Oh man lots of fun could be had with that.
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  4. Kilia Member

    Great going all! :)
  5. BLiP Member

    Respect!! Seriously - respect and thanks.

    (Hint from keyboard warrior, for what its worth - maybe learn a few sentences in Russian??)

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  6. fathertony Member

    Here is a link to the Radio station Facebook page send them some love :)
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  7. fathertony Member

    I mentioned to X that I should put him on my Shoulders to see how they would react!!
  8. RightOn Member

    Need signs in Russian!!!
    broken record

    better yet, if you can get someone who speaks Russian to translate, I betcha they would scurry them back into the building. but least they would get an earful first.
  9. Darth Xander Member

    The flavor of the month at the downtown Clearwater Starbucks. Coincidence? I think not!

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  10. RightOn Member

    LOL! ^ I guess not as obvious as Upstat Mocca or Thetan Latte
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  11. fathertony Member

    That would explain why when I went in there to use the bathroom with my flag down shirt on no one even said boo to me!!
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  12. RightOn Member

    Scientology Disconnects Families Саентология отключает семей
    You Have Been Fooled Вы были обмануты
    Your Family Misses You
    Ваша семья скучает по тебе

    You can leave! there are people who can help
    Вы можете оставить! Есть люди которые могут помочь
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  13. amaX Member

    RO, I know you want to help, but as soon as someone posts that we should make a sign in this language or that language then those people are no longer on the sidewalks. I tried it with Spanish signs years ago and suddenly there were no Hispanic looking people out and about. :(
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  14. RightOn Member

    that is what I said, " I betcha they would scurry them back into the building. but least they would get an earful first."
    Or maybe at least they will question why they can't go on the sidewalks or streets any more? Maybe that would make them want to leave more?
    I don't know, if they can't understand what you are saying it is easier for them to ignore

    edited: also, it was tried once, but does that mean it should never be tried again?
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  15. LMFAO!!
  16. DeathHamster Member

    I love the smell of H-bombs in the morning.
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  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I was just pondering more things to bellow out/signage stuff and it occurred to me that the practice of cult shipping people in on 'religious visas' and then taking their visas and passports, is likely still going on. This, if I am not mistaken, is illegal, and a huge rock that gets held over some parishioners heads I think, might be worth some investigation?
    Laughing in mah coffee @ Starbuck's sign :p
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    Scientology will not let their security guards get licensed, so I don't think that law would apply. If they did, then those guards would be bound by state law and the licensing board which is composed of "abberated WOGS". They would have to submit to "mere WOG law".
    In reality, scientology security guards are brainwashed thugs with zero legal authority.
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    If they don't get them licensed as security guards, that might open them up to monstrous liability. Other than that, I have no idea what a security guard is/isn't allowed to do compared to a private citizen, especially in Florida.
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  20. tinfoilhatter Member
    "Must be a United States citizen or legal alien"

    Apparently, there are a lot of regulations about this, especially after the whole zimmerman incident. At the least the cult would be fined and have to get outsiders to do security.

    But wait there is more, it looks like if a protestor gets touched by an unlicensed security guard, then the people who hired them now have a nasty legal liability and can be sued. this is if i understand the below links properly. one means that recent narconon grads can not be security)

    This also carries over into California too, looks like it might apply to gold base
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  21. DeathHamster Member

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  22. amaX Member

    do you know how many useless signs i have stored here at my house because of previous suggestions? i'm the one who has paid for and made almost all of our current signs because one of the former organizers carted off with all the signs and i had to remake the damned things. it would be a brilliant idea if it had worked the numerous times we've tried it before, but it hasn't and i'm frankly not going to waste my money or time making more of them.

    i'm not doing it again. if someone else wants to make them they can have at it. it won't be me.

    yes. i understand that this means i am doing it all wrong. again. i don't care.
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  23. Thanks for the infoz
  24. RightOn Member

    NO, how would I?
    lol I never said that. nor did I know you tried it NUMEROUS times. How would I know that? No vids or mention of it that I can remember.
    I wasn't asking you to make new signs.
  25. Darth Xander Member

    I'd just like to point out, its actually raining in Clearwater today.
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  26. amaX Member

    fathertony, you've met me in real life and you know who i am and how i am. you have not spoken out of turn. in fact, i thank you.
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  27. fathertony Member

    :D You are welcome! Thank you for your help and advice!!
  28. anonsparrow Member

    Hi Father Tony! Great work down there this past weekend. Looks like you have a real knack for protesting the cult!

    Nothing like the belly of the beast, huh?! :)
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  29. fathertony Member

    Thanks I have been down there a couple of times before but this time was different the dwarf was in town. I lost it on the PI's
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  30. Exactly ....
  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh ffs lighten up up thar ^^^ I am pretty sure it is hard enough to keep things together and safe when protesting downtown CW, and Amax,6, fathertony etc., and people have done a fantastic jorb of keeping the clams on their toes (or what-ever the fuck clams run around on). What I find interesting is that so many of the ClearWater locals seem unwilling or too afraid to join in the fray and speak their minds. I'd love to see something like a small questionnaire added to a flyer, or maybe run one in one of the local rags, it could easily be designed to filter out the wheat from the chaff. Keep in mind that, (I get this impression from the few locals who do speak up), the aura of fear and intimidation created in the local populace by having such an amok/monied/ bat-shit-bonkerz cult trying to take over the city center, cannot be fathomed unless you have been there.

    From dis introduction here~

    Fuck you dead Lron, fuck you stupid DM cult leader, and a big Fuck You to Osa and yer PI shills and yer ridiculous fear-mongering horse-shit (who are wayy too stupid or washed-up to choose their battles imho), GAH!

    *I go nao...*

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  32. fathertony Member

    We do get a lot of thumbs up while we are out there. On Sunday I had a talk with a local that was stopped in front of Ft Homicide. He said they are fucking crazy!! I said hell ya they had some PI's Follow me the other day. Then I mentioned
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  33. Django Member

    That was great, like some of the real confrontational vids from the OG and the early Anon days. An adrenaline rush. Haven't seen anything like that for a while.

    Gotta say, they're real well trained in not taking bullbait. Doesn't man you shouldn't try, though. Remember, the smart, together, in-control people are leaving in droves, leaving mostly stupid fucks to deal with the protesters. This guy is a case-in-point: he's actually engaging with FT, keeping it together but obviously right on the edge.

    Rock on, Anons....
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  34. fathertony Member

    I went off because I was pissed they were following me. there is a point where i cant keep the camera from shaking the adrenalin was running through me.
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  35. Darth Xander Member

    From tent to smoke break space.

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  36. whitesand Member

    Jillian Schlesinger is the sea orger who blew recently and gave the estimates of $1.5 million weekly from Flag and 2,000 S.O. in Clearwater.

    In her interview, Jillian said she was put on construction worker duty making $8 a week. At such a low rank, she could not have been privy first hand to upper level population statistics and reports about Flag gross income. While appearing to be an honest person, she seems to be relating some of these numbers second hand.
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  37. tinfoilhatter Member

    Second hand? Would that mean its safe to assume the numbers are lower?
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  38. whitesand Member

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  39. fathertony Member

    Ya it's seconded hand it came from the dwarf!! He said that to them to try to get them to be more productive!
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  40. Quentinanon Member

    Flag recruits slaves from remote areas like Russia, Latin America, Taiwan, so local protests will have no effect on recruitment. It can have an effect on how many victims leave. Remember, Flag is the major scientology cash cow, so David Miscavige will hurl resources at it to keep that racket running to make a profit.
    And hey, let's tone down on the ad hominem attacks, you faggots!
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