Claire Headley and Tony Ortega: Up the Bridge to Total Freedom

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    Here's what Tony Ortega posted on Facebook this morning:

    Ready to go up the Bridge to Total Freedom? We thought it was about to time to describe each step of the way a Scientologist takes as they empty out their wallets. So with the help of Claire Headley, we're taking the first step this week. Get ready for your personality test! (And we have a double header of SMERSH Madness!)

    Today You Begin Your Training As A Scientologist | The Underground Bunker

    We’re starting a new feature today, and we’re really excited that Claire Headley has agreed to help us out! Claire is well known among Scientology watchers for the way that she and her husband Marc escaped from the International Base after many years as “Sea Org” workers. She spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. And now she’s going to help us as we take a trip up L. Ron Hubbard’s famous “Bridge to Total Freedom.” That’s right — we’re all going to train to be Scientologists, and tally up the costs along the way!

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    SMERSH Madness continues. Today is David Love vs Katie Holmes. Gotta go with Love.
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    Spot on! :D :D
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    On Facebook today, Tony posted:

    Claire Headley helps us come to grips with the idea that Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom" -- essentially the secret processes to unlock the cosmos -- starts out as staring contests. You know, like the ones you used to have as a kid. And it gets weirder from there.

    Scientology Starts Out as Staring Contests | The Underground Bunker

    Last week, Claire Headley started us out on our journey to train as Scientologists. In 2005, Claire and her husband Marc escaped from Scientology’s International Base after many years as “Sea Org” workers. She spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. This week, she helps us learn how to stare for a really long time.
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    This morning, Tony posted this on Facebook:

    Ten years old and turning in names! That's what Claire Headley went through as she began her training in Scientology years ago in the UK. She tells us about her gradual indoctrination as we continue our series on what it's like to become a Scientologist, step by step. Prepare to turn over your friends and family!

    Early On, Scientology Turns You Into a Snitch | The Underground Bunker


    I first learned about “Disconnection” at age 7. My best friend Susie was the daughter of Morag Bellmaine, one of the infamous missionaires who showed up in Europe in 1983 pretending to be with RTC and, under that guise, obtained copies of the OT levels for the independent movement of that time (Jon Atack writes about this in A Piece of Blue Sky). I very well remember how upset Susie was that she had to disconnect from her own mother. It was extremely shocking to me at that age. I can remember having the idea that Morag, who I’d only thought well of up to that time, had turned into some kind of witch. It was obviously not the case, but that’s how my 7-year-old mind processed the information.
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    Here's Tony Facebook post today:

    In Scientology, you're taught that bad things happening in your life result from really only one thing: hiding your secrets from the church. Claire Headley explains what it was like to learn that bit of conditioning at only 10 years old in our continuing series on training to be a Scientologist, step by step.

    Scientology's Family Values: The Group is Everything | The Underground Bunker
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  13. Turns Out We’re Just a Psych Front
    Karen de la Carriere, J. Swift, and the Angry Gay Pope reveal the true financial backers of the Underground Bunker in their latest video…
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    I just can't with this woman's videos... it's like watching animated congealed oatmeal when she talks... it makes my face hurt. Any positive influence these videos may have in breaking down ScilonReich is lost in the distraction ... just can't watch them....
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    Claire Headley Helps Us Get Back in the Good Graces of Scientology

    We were all set to jump into the sauna this week, but Claire Headley had even more to say about the crucial Scientology course we’ve been considering for several weeks now, Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Person, or PTS/SP.

    Before we move on, Claire wanted to tackle even more about the notion of being “declared an SP,” Scientology’s version of excommunication, particularly with the notion that an SP might get back in the good graces of the church through certain steps.
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    Nice, dying cult is dying. All going according to plan.
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    Claire Headley Wonders, Was Kirstie Alley Doing Scientology’s “Doubt Formula?”

    Claire, with your help we’ve learned something about the courses that Scientologists go through on their journey up the Bridge to Total Freedom. We’ve learned about staring contests and study technology and shattering suppression and the Purification Rundown, to name a few. What’s next?

    CLAIRE: Next up is the Scientology Ethics Specialist course. While not officially a step on the Bridge, it’s a step that every Scientologist does. Also, it has some connection to what we’ve been hearing this week about Leah Remini and Kirstie Alley.

    THE BUNKER: Do tell!

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    Claire Headley: Scientology’s Own Rules Prove That it Uses “Disconnection” To Split Up Families

    By Tony Ortega

    Claire, you wanted to interrupt our journey up the Bridge this week?

    CLAIRE: That’s right. Once again, Scientology has managed to create public uproar with its bald-faced lies, denying that it engages in the forced disconnection of families.

    THE BUNKER: Yes, the church seems to have stepped in it again. Following Leah Remini’s defection, news emerged that her Scientology friends were being forced to “disconnect” from her, but the church denied that forced disconnection exists. We asked our readers to respond, and we were quickly sent many personal stories of families being ripped apart.

    CLAIRE: Disconnection has done more harm for Scientology, I think, than any other practice or person. That’s just my opinion. But it’s one of those things that no one in the real world can understand. It’s hard to imagine a “religion” that breaks up families left, right, and center. Yes, there are similarities in one or two other groups, but Scientology specializes in ruthless and outright leverage of its members, with disconnection as their heavy-handed weapon of choice. And there are thousands of destroyed families as a result. I’d guess there are more distraught family members who have suffered disconnection than there are Sea Org members at this point.

    THE BUNKER: A strong statement, to be sure. We’d estimate Sea Org membership at about 3 to 4 thousand.

    CLAIRE: If you don’t mind, I thought it might be interesting to do a review of some policies on disconnection from the Scientology ethics book. And I think readers will see for themselves just exactly how manipulative Scientology “PR” is.

    Scientologists love to quote Hubbard policy. I know from personal experience. I’ve walked in those shoes.

    So here we go. Please keep in mind this is by no means a complete study of the subject. I just happen to have the ethics book in front of me.

    Continued with open comments at
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    Scientology’s Needle Exchange: When David Miscavige Got Technical

    By Tony Ortega

    Claire, after last week’s interruption for a discussion of “disconnection,” we’re getting back to our progression in Scientology this week.

    CLAIRE: Yes, let’s get back on track! After Pro TRs and Upper Indoc TRs, our next step is the Professional Metering Course.

    First, I’d like to point out that this course was not on the Bridge when I started my auditor training. But it is now.

    THE BUNKER: That seems unusual. Since founder L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986, technical matters in Scientology tend to be set in stone. What happened?

    CLAIRE: This is a course that David Miscavige directed after two things had happened in the mid-1990s.
    The first was that he found out pretty much all auditors were “falsely calling F/Ns.”

    An F/N is a floating needle, a needle movement on the e-meter that is supposed to indicate some sort of release of charge.

    My memory is that it is defined as “the rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow even pace of the needle, back and forth, back and forth.”

    In Scientology auditing, you run a process, a series of commands or steps. These are often repetitive processes (where the same question or series of questions are asked over and over again) until the “EP” or end phenomena is achieved.

    The end phenomena of a particular process is generally comprised of 4 things:

    1. VGIs — very good indicators.
    2. F/N — a floating needle
    3. Cognition — a realization about life
    4. Release — a release of charge and, basically, an improved outlook on life.

    But after Miscavige changed things, suddenly the only thing that became really important was #2, the floating needle.

    THE BUNKER: So let us get this straight. Around 1995 or so — about nine years after the death of L. Ron Hubbard and Miscavige’s takeover — Miscavige suddenly changed the focus of how auditing was judged. During auditing, a subject is asked a question or a series of questions, often with what to an outsider seems a maddening level of repetition. This is supposed to bring about a “release of charge,” and a result that is a benefit to the subject. But rather than a well-rounded approach on the person and how they were doing, suddenly Miscavige wanted people to pay almost all of their attention on something technical — how a needle on the e-meter reacted.

    CLAIRE: Yes, that’s exactly right. All of a sudden, there became an extreme focus on mechanics, not people.

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    Prepare to Be Audited: Claire Headley Takes Us Through Scientology’s “ARC Straightwire”

    By Tony Ortega

    We’re excited about this next step on the bridge, Claire. It’s time for some auditing.

    CLAIRE: The next stop on the processing side of the Bridge is the first of the “expanded grades” and is called
    “ARC Straightwire.”

    “ARC” because it deals with the subjects of affinity, reality, and communication — Scientology’s notion of understanding.

    “Straightwire” because it mainly consists of simple recall processes.

    I thought it might be interesting to give an insider’s view of what one would expect when sitting down to an auditing session. (And this is the first auditing that involves the use of the E-meter.)

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    In Scientology, When the Prices Kick Up, What Do You Get for the Money?

    By Tony Ortega

    Claire, we’re starting to get into some serious money this week as things suddenly kick up. And that’s exciting. Up to now, we’ve noticed that our trip up Scientology’s Bridget to Total Freedom has contained a lot of repetition and rather simple concepts about communication, learning, and control. So far, there’s been no space opera and even less excitement in our Scientology training. But with the price increasing, can we expect some thrills?

    CLAIRE: Well, Expanded Grade 0 is our next step, and it’s the level in Scientology that deals with communication on all “flows.” The ability gained for this level is: Ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject.

    THE BUNKER: How…thrilling.

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    Scientology Makes the Grade: Touching Walls to Total Freedom

    By Tony Ortega

    We’re continuing to learn what Scientologists actually do as they pay hundreds of dollars an hour to move up the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” This week, Claire tells us about Expanded Grade 1. What’s this level all about, Claire?

    CLAIRE: We’ve covered “objective processes” before and how they are targeted to deal with “Control, Communication, and Havingness” (CCH). This level specifically deals with addressing the issues most people have with help, control, and problems.

    THE BUNKER: Sounds practical.

    CLAIRE: The ability gained for this level is listed on the Grade Chart as “Ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish.”

    Continued with open comments at
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    The Dreaded “Joburg Sec Check”: Scientology Interrogations, Explained!

    By Tony Ortega

    Claire, you’ve been helping us see how much of Scientology is all about indoctrination and control as church members move up the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” We’ve now reached something called “Expanded Grade 2,” and there’s more repetition — once again we’ll be drilled on “overts and withholds” (moral transgressions, and making them worse by trying to keep them hidden). But for many folks, this is also when they first encounter the dreaded “security check” or “sec check.” In other words, Scientology’s interrogation culture now kicks into high gear.

    CLAIRE: That’s right, and it includes (but isn’t limited to) what is known as the “toughest” sec check in Scientology, the “Joburg.” It was developed in Johannesburg for the most hardened of criminals.

    The ability gained here on Grade 2 is “Relief from the hostilities and sufferings of life.” And some of the subjects covered in this level are missed withhold manifestations, the murder routine, animal reactions, and dirty needles.

    Continued with open comments at
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Making the Grade: Scientology Prepares Us for the Future

    By Tony Ortega

    Last week, Claire, you introduced us to Scientology’s “security checks” — tough interrogations that all Scientologists eventually experience on their way up the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” Next on our way up the Bridge is Expanded Grade 3, which seems less menacing, but still carries some pretty steep prices.

    CLAIRE: Well, after this and Grade 4 we’re on to Dianetics and the state of Clear…

    THE BUNKER: In that case, where’s our checkbook!

    CLAIRE: And this is what you get for your money: “Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future.”

    THE BUNKER: What a bargain.

    Continued with open comments at
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  32. RightOn Member

    "Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future"

    ability to face the future? Bwa ha ha
    tell that to Scis going in and out o the orgs, most can't/won't talk to people
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Slackers: How to Audit Away Your Passive-Aggressive, Dominating Deviancy!

    By Tony Ortega

    This week, Claire Headley takes us through Expanded Grade 4 on our trip up the Bridge to Total Freedom, in which we learn how to handle the ways we trick ourselves into thinking we're better than everyone else. Scientology knows how to beat us into proper submission, and at hundreds of dollars an hour!
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  34. anonamus Member

    "Service facsimiles" : One of many of Hubbards tricks to brainwash you into accepting only his 'truth'.
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s “Bridge:” Claire Headley Gets Us to CLEAR!

    By TonyOrtega94

    Claire, it seems like we’ve come a long way now. Where do we go next after finishing the Expanded Grades?

    CLAIRE: Next will be NED — New Era Dianetics. The premise and theory of this level is covered in L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. It used to be that Dianetics auditing was first on the grade chart. That was before my time. Then later on, the grades were added as prerequisites to NED. The idea behind it was that the grades would address a person’s particular life problems, so by the time they get to Dianetics they’re in better shape and will keep their gains on this level. But really, to sum it up, this is where you will run out all your engrams and go Clear.

    THE BUNKER: Wait a minute. You mean, we’re going CLEAR this week?

    CLAIRE: You got it! You mean you’re not feeling the whole unraveling of the secrets of the universe?

    THE BUNKER: Well, we’re just amazed that we’re here. And also surprised that the last step before Clear is where everything started, with Hubbard’s 1950 book, Dianetics.

    Continued with open comments at
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Catechism: Claire Headley Puts Our State of Clear to the Test!

    By Tony Ortega

    Claire, last week on our trip up the Bridge to Total Freedom we completed New Era Dianetics and went Clear. That was a big moment. But you were telling us that in recent decades, there’s been an additional step at this point to make certain that we’ve actually gone Clear. Do we have that right?

    CLAIRE: Yes, the Clear Certainty Rundown, or CCRD, is a set of steps to confirm the state of Clear, once the person has voiced the Clear cognition.


    COST THIS WEEK: $10,000

    COST SO FAR: $193,197
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Blood Relation, Blood Ritual: A Hubbard Family Occult Mystery

    By Tony Ortega

    Jon, for a few weeks now we’ve been bugging you about L. Ron Hubbard’s interest in Sex Magick and Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), which predated his work on Dianetics and Scientology. We know you covered it in depth in A Piece of Blue Sky, as have other writers, such as Lawrence Wright in Going Clear. But we have a reason for bringing it up, and we thought you might ease us into the subject again.

    JON: When I first went to Saint Hill in the mid-70s, I was befriended by a Crowleyite named Carlos. He told me that Hubbard had set up Scientology as a beacon for the “mages” — of whom, he assured me, I was one. The vast majority of recruits would simply be drones, who would do our bidding at some future date. I believe he went back to heroin addiction, in preference to the state of OT. We only met twice, but it made me watchful. I had no interest in magic (or heroin, for that matter, contrary to OSA rumors).

    When I left, I met Steve Bisbey, who ran the Advanced Ability Centre, East Grinstead, and Ralph Hilton, who set up his own independent auditing practice. Both had come to Scientology from Crowley, as many did, after the Sunday Times exposed Hubbard’s involvement with Sex Magick. I liked Steve, but he had never abandoned his fondness for Crowley, and, indeed, the last time we met, he told me that he still “loved” Crowley’s work. Steve was a standard techie. Ralph Hilton mixed Crowleyite ideas into his practice. He did not necessarily inform his preclears of this.

    I very soon found myself poring over Crowley texts to try and understand Hubbard. I was surprised to find that Hubbard had taken more ideas from Crowley and the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) than from any other place — including the trauma of birth, the use of “past lives” rather than “reincarnation,” and the “creative processing” which is the revelation of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and allowed Hubbard to do something after he’d given Dianetics away.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Interesting article but once again he states the fallacy that Crowley (other than being head of the OTO at the time) was somehow involved in the Babalon working. No, Crowley was all bent and butthurt about it because he had already 'summoned the new Aeon' and here were these two guys trying to topple his 'Aeon' which was supposed to last for centuries to bring in a new one.

    Also many of the things they claim Hubbard took from Crowley originated with Blavatsky and Eliphas Levi, although, I gran, were appropriated by Crowley himself.

    I hate half-baked occult history.
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  40. The Wrong Guy Member

    Claire Headley Gets Us Prepped for Scientology’s OT Levels!

    By Tony Ortega

    We’re really getting excited now on our journey up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Claire has led us through the grades and New Era Dianetics so that we’ve gone clear and had that certified with the Clear Certainty Rundown. Now, we can’t wait to get to the vaunted Operating Thetan (OT) levels! But first, we have some preparations to do, and possibly some travel, isn’t that right, Claire?

    CLAIRE: Yes, you can’t start the OT levels until you’ve done OT Preps. This is where you’ll be programmed for any number of things to prepare you for the OT levels.

    It’s also where a thorough review will be done of your ethics files for any areas you need to be sec-checked on.

    And yes, depending on where you live, you may need to go a considerable distance, because OT Preps happens only at an “Advanced Organization.”


    COST THIS WEEK: $50,000

    COST SO FAR: $243,197
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