Civil obedience

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Iranactivist, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I'm not sure how relevant it is to the current situation in Iran, but an idea with application to a lot of different circumstances is civil obedience.

    Civil obedience is not quite the opposite of civil disobedience. Instead of disobeying the law in a particular situation, one actively seeks to obey it, EVEN THE BITS THAT NORMAL PEOPLE DISOBEY.

    This might sound strange, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Oftentimes roads demand unrealistically low speed limits. By obeying these limits, you can hold up traffic. Other times workplaces will have very strict safety rules that no one ever really follows because it would make the place much too slow. With a bit of imagination, there's quite a lot you can do with the concept of civil obedience.

    Civil obedience is easier to cover up than many other tactics. It can also make for great stories, and it really makes you look like the good folk. Obviously it is limited in what it can do, you need protests, strikes and other things as well, but as one idea among many it can help communicate your message and make the system work less effectively in a way that can be very hard to object to.

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