Civil case: sparrow harrowing II

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2011.

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  1. subgenius Member

    different thread re a howard stern interview with a pi who used to work for the cult
    he mentioned "the recession" as a reason he wasn't hired by them recently
    code for "money's too tight to mention"
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  2. Zak McKracken Member


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  3. Anonymous Member

    This is a fake argument. It's just another unwarranted shot at some of the users here that you don't like for some reason or another. By highlighting words like "immaturity" and "childish" you are in effect cherry-picking portions of the comment out of context to make your point that the shoop threads and those who participate in them do so "to compensate for their lack of having anything convincing to say/do."

    Of course, the comment you harvested to illustrate your point was actually in reference to scientology's legal tactics and its members personal behavior in public when someone actually confronts them for their bullshit. The shoop threads, though not enjoyed by some, are standard fare for any protest movement: mock the enemy.
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  4. LarryBren Member

    If someone wants to coordinate this, I pledge $100 towards the $2,000 transcript fee if it is put on the internet for free access to all.

    If there is another auction for Sparrow I'll throw in two of my "Volunteer SP/Anonymous" T-shirts to go with whatever the main prize is.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    If it doesn't affect the legal case or allow Moxon to declare BTs or whatever planet nutjob Xenu's cowards are on... yeah I'll be game for a hundred bucks towards the cost.
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  6. subgenius Member

    but btw if the other party orders first copies are cheaper
    not that i can wait for this delicious cake
  7. Loki's spawn Member

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  8. Interrobanger Member

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  9. Interrobanger Member

    Like it once with each sock.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    So, I'm guessing you kind of skipped over the part where that was already mentioned. Good comprehensive reading skills.
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  11. Zak McKracken Member

    Which enemy is being mocked here?

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Sign is merely commenting on our prodigious testicular prowess. It is not mocking anyone.
  13. Interrobanger Member

    Not knowing someone commented on a subsequent page that I hadn't yet read would be a lack of clairvoyance not reading comprehension. If you use facts instead of guesses you'll be wrong less often.
  14. Anonymous Member

    And if you'd read the entire thread before posting, you'd be redundant less often.
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  15. Orson Member

    Me as the "Moxon" of WWP? Nah.

    <looks suspiciously at hushpuppy>
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  16. Interrobanger Member

    If you're interested in micro-managing my internet browsing habits you are welcome to send me a pm instead of shitting up this thread.
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. FreakE420 Member

    The ACLU stare

    After Sparrow
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  19. BigBeard Member

    So, regarding the Emergency TRO request Moxin filed right after Sparrow was Acquitted/Not Guiltied on the criminal complaints, was it:

    A. Granted (Possibly pending the outcome of the civl case)?

    B. Scheduled for a hearing before the civil case begins?

    C. Returned to Moxin with a request he FOAD pending the outcome of the civil case?

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  20. Anonymous Member

    On the COS data base, it says he took one course.
    The PTS SP course
    guess that is where the staring skilz came from? lol
  21. BLiP Member

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  22. Bipolart Member

  23. subgenius Member

    I guess by the second pic he grew his eyebrows back.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    And healed the signs of a beating from Miscavige.
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  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    How many fingers is their ass's hand holding up?
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  26. TinyDancer Member

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  27. FreakE420 Member

    After the beating.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Well, snap. There's no evidence she's not an alien hybrid, either.
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  29. FreakE420 Member

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  30. Smurf Member

    It was filed on Friday but has not been scheduled for hearing yet. Sparrow's defense attorney has the right to file an objection to the motion before a judge hears it... usually 1-2 business days.
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  31. slobeck Member

    AnonSparrow the smorgasbord of awesome
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  32. AnonyVix Member

    One wall of text I was not only happy to read but enjoyed so much a read it again. Oh great happiness.
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  33. subgenius Member

    True, but when coupled with the fact that most people with family and friends, having been married to the leader of the world's most sinister scam, are seen and heard from occassionally, and she has not, the lack of evidence has some value.
    Since there is no evidence of there being such things as alien hybrids, the lack of evidence that she is one lacks much significance.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Sez U. mmmmmmmmkay?
  35. Anonymous Member

    FFS! Start a separate thread already! This thread is about Sparrow's Civil case not fucking Shelly Miscavige!
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Here, a straw man award for you. Good for one year.
    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxIkT69ca-wq8i626jofsOmgFRdj1KR
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  38. subgenius Member

    Has anyone posted the complaint filed so we can have a good laugh?
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  39. grebe Member

    This rocks.

    I want to have that ACLU guy's babies right nao.
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  40. RightOn Member

    protip: you can always snip! Don't have to quote the entire quote
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