Civil case: sparrow harrowing II

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2011.

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  1. RightOn Member

    well it's s damn good thing that COS isn't a litigious bunch
  2. WMAnon Member

    Does sparrow need care packages of kittens and sunshine?

    ...cause I can't mail those, but I could bake some cookies if there's a need.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    How much would I have to pay CoS to get a BT named Mortimus T. Shagnasty? Really, if you could get them and train them like a virtual pet then I would totally get one or 10. Maybe anons could start a whole "Adopt a homeless BT" charity for all of those poor blown BT's like Mortimus.

    "For only pennies a day you can help one of these poor displaced BT's."
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  4. Natter Bored Member

    British Body Thetan Society Homepage
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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anon1942 Member

    If Sparrow needs kittens Moxon will give him some of his after the trail.
  7. Herro Member

    He'd probably prefer booze. The DTs are probably setting in by now.
  8. WMAnon Member

    can you ship booze across state lines?
  9. xenubarb Member

    DTs = Drunk Thetans?
  10. Herro Member

    Delirium Tremens, Drunk Thetans, whatever. I'm sure you'd know all about both.
  11. Anonymous Member

    lol, you are such a shit.
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  12. AnonyVix Member

    hush now, don't give them ideas, they'll be selling BT's like people sell plots of land on the moon or starts... You too can own one for only $500 and we'll send you a Body Thetan pack so you can learn all about your adopted BT.
  13. Herro Member

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  14. anonsparrow Member

    Funny donation is funny. Also, thanks!!!

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  15. Herro Member

    I wonder how you spent my money.
  16. Anonymous Member

    If he has any sense, he used it to wipe his ass and flushed it down the toilet. Your ability to be witty, pithy, challenging, thoughtful or insightful is used up. You made an effort recently to change, and got positive feedback, but I see you are back to your old nonsense.

    Have any addictions, personal problems or private issues you'd like to not hear about constantly? Be sure to post them. Sick of your fucking bullshit. That you apparently made a gift does not entitle you to free reign to be a raging faggot.

    As you noted in another thread, you are willing to take shots at people here and the efforts they make, but by your own admission you are not willing to take action yourself. Your usefulness must extend beyond being a malignant court jester for you to have any value.

    Sorry for the derail. Keep on keeping on Sparrow.

    inb4 "why u mad bro?" or some other such typical response.

    To get this back somewhat on topic, as a result of Herro's fucking bullshit in this thread, I'm sending Sparrow another gift: $500 to use for whatever the fuck he wants. I'd be particularly pleased if he were to use it for any purpose OTHER than legal defense.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Prove you sent him any money or STFU.
  18. Mark Cabian Member

    You fucking rock.
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  19. RightOn Member

    hey! if I knew people would send in donations if I got them mad, I would have tried that angle long ago! LOL!!!
    I kid

    oh! love the cleverness of that donation with one of DC's favorite scilons.
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  20. TinyDancer Member

    I'd say when Sparrow received it, it was no longer your money.
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  21. LarryBren Member

    As Mortimus was my BT, I know for a fact that he (she/it) has been floating around Clearwater waiting to be adopted for many years. I'm still connected to it by a string, as Hubbard said, and cannot cut connection it to as I seem to have misplaced my thetan hand (see OT VII materials).

    I have TONS of ex BTs floating around the CW area as a result of my doing so much "upper level" auditing there at Flag on New OTs IV, V, VI and VII and I am sure many could use some help. Horace Bliffcliff (like he often said before he blew "two "els' and four "efs") was one of my personal favorites.

    In a thread a couple of years ago I suggested that "BT bumper stickers" would be awesome if you lived in the Clearwater or LA areas or around St Hill in East Grinstead (any place where there is a bigger presence of organized scientology). I see someone in a recent thread made up the artwork for one: "BTs on board". Other suggestions I had back then included "My BTs were honor students", "My BTs can beat up your BTs", "Save the BTs, collect the whole set", etc.

    And then again back on altreligionscientology I helped start the "anti BT Defamation League" calling on all who care to join together to fight for BT rights.

    I'm just saying that there are lots of potential BT causes. Perhaps half the proceeds from BT bumper sticker sales could go to helping homeless BTs and the other half go to Sparrow who likely has some of the best "protest BTs" in the land.

    This is why!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Money is fungible. Every dollar is like every other, they're indistinguishable once you own them. So if Sparrow spent $10 of your gift on a movie and $10 of his salary on a lawyer, this is no different than spending $10 of your gift on a lawyer and $10 of his salary on a movie. Even if it were possible to send a $10 coupon that's only good for the lawyer, that would still free up $10 of his salary for a movie that he would have had to spend on a lawyer otherwise.
  23. Interrobanger Member

    Please teach that lesson to politicians, lawyers, taxpayers, fundraisers, judges, employers, employees ... most of the world.
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  24. Interrobanger Member

  25. Interrobanger Member

    What happens in 10 days from May 4? It's been like 20 days.
  26. RightOn Member

    10 days later was for the court date on May 13th. I was off by a day. I should have said 9 days
  27. Interrobanger Member

    Nuts, I was hoping for some new anonsparrow1 vids.
  28. Random guy Member

    Damn: Noet to self, dont't drink coffe and read WWP, another dirty screen!
  29. Anonymous Member

    got this vision of a Body Thetan wearing a t-shirt that says "DON'T TAZE ME, BRO"
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  30. Anonymous Member

    So, has it been ten days yet?

    I want me some new sparrow vids!!!

    Vote for a new sparrow protest by using the word PROTEST in your post!
  31. Herro Member

    That's another $500 Sparrow has thanks to me. Sometimes I surprise even myself with how awesome I am.
  32. Diablo Member

    Herro, why don't you go to jail and we'll all send money to help you.........................................
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  33. subgenius Member

    As I always say, "He thinks he's a wit, but he's only half right."
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Even more surprising how your professed donations never make it to Sparrow. Hmmm...
  35. Anonymous Member

    Matching donations? We should follow your example.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Since Herro's donations are nothing more than humorless trolls, a matching donation would equal 0.
  37. Herro Member

    Hey bro, you read that guy's post. He clearly stated that he is donating $500 to sparrow because of me. Of course I'm sparrow will continue to be ungrateful for the assistance I have provided. It's ok though.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Garnering Donations because you are an annoying cunt is hardly something to gloat about.
  39. Anonymous Member

    So you are admitting you never sent a donation?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Well, I for one am grateful, Herro. You're like a Before Picture on my Fridge. A Friend's Reminder on my daily calendar to Do Not Indulge. My doctor's Rx for Chill Out 2x Daily.
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