Civil case: sparrow harrowing II

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Miranda Member

    Wonderful news! Can't wait to see you out there again.
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  2. RightOn Member

    thanks Sparrow!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333
    oh and hai Scientology!
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  3. the dome being back , sparrow allowed to protest again!!!!!
    omg whats next complete dissolution of the church and world peace!?!?!

    way to go!
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  4. BigBeard Member

    I don't care what the TRO actually says, or what Kim agreed to in court. Based on past experience with Cof$ and TRO's going back to the 90's, they WILL try to set up bogus encounters between Kim and Sparrow. And they WILL say, and try to convince the police, the TRO applies to all protesters, not just Sparrow. That's the way it's written in El Ron's play book, and that's the way they do it every time.

    So I hope all you DC Anons, and visitors, have contingency plans in place to deal with either situation. Just a thought, but something in the TRO about 'contempt of court' if Kim does what she told the judge she wouldn't might be in order.

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  5. AnonLover Member

    so ok, good deal - sparrow does need


    EDIT: and a really big afro wig to sees him behind big sign
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  6. RightOn Member

    yeah that says
    Dauntless Defiant and Resolute
    would be even better if he dressed like a knight and was on a horse lol
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  7. RightOn Member

    how about a camera on his hat?

    heeeeerrres how (pretty lame vid)
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  8. AnonyVix Member

    Is there any worth to pre-emptively making the police aware of the content of the TRO and maybe giving copies (copyright?) of said TRO just in case police communications break down?

    All good news Anonsparrow. Thanks for the update.
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  9. Anonymous Member


  10. Anonymous Member

    Sparrow I am curious. What post of yours did they bring to court and try to use?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    good point, but personally, maybe have the El Lawyer do this, because that would be very effective, as well as informative, no?
  12. Anonymous Member

    How about the OSA piles of shit? Yes Vici and Sylvia that is you. You clearly are conspiring and lying to stop a protester who you know did not do what he has been accused of. Think about that for a moment. You are the bad guys, yep you. Thats right, you are the ones in the movies that conspire to lie and manipulate the justice system and you know that is exactly what you are doing. You smirk on camera and think it is cute that you are playing this game, in my book that makes you psychotic.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Sparrow needs to just have a copy of it on him and his lawyers card on him. He is not required to answer questions and should not as anything he says to the police could be twisted. Also if the cult starts making false calls that is an indicator to the judge that they are playing games on this issue.
  14. your posts need more "Where's Shelly Miscavige?" "Google Lisa McPherson" "Who is Xenu?" in them. i'd love to see Moxon present your post if it has the Xenu story in it. Mass Sparrow Entheta spamming?

    That way if they edit them you can present that they are misquoting you.
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  15. AnonyVix Member

    Answer a question with a question, come on... IANAL but that's kinda irrelevant, it was a thought I had which I wanted feed back on - we know how the cult works and we know that sometimes otherwise ridiculous precautions are necessary to head off scilon tactics.

    I'm in the UK so unless someone wants to fund my visit I won't be protesting there (if anyone wants to make a donation please PM me for details of how that donation can be made ;) ) but if I was I'd likely carry some dox to counter any claim so I could continue what I was doing uninterrupted but then that's just me and my experience - not just with cult claims but with over zealous police interpreting laws badly or making them up as they go along.

    EDIT - it's late here and I may have read the comment as being more derogatory as it was intended - if so, my bad.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Yep, it's late. I meant a lawyer informing and/or asking questions in advance would be better than if Sparrow did this. that's all. I'm thinking with the ACLU just , um, "observing", sci's gonna be more reactive, just like you and many of us are thinking. We're thinking that because despite common sense that they do just the opposite, they won't because they can't. They can't be rational. If they were rational, they would have dropped the civil immediately after the results of the criminal case, and with the ACLU watching and oh yeah, a whole lot of other eyes on them. nighty night
  17. Anonymous Member

    You supply the wig

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  18. Anonymous Member

    If people are lurking here, reading about the lies, deception and fraud that seems to be built into the foundation of Scientology, consider a couple of quotes from L. Ron Hubbard:

    "I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form even if all the books are destroyed. That goal is the real goal as far as I am concerned. Things which stand too consistently in my way make me nervous. It's a pretty big job. In a hundred years Roosevelt will have been forgotten - which gives some idea of the magnitude of my attempt. And all this boils and froths inside my head...

    "Psychiatrists, reaching the high of the dusty desk, tell us that Alexander, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon were madman. I know they're maligning some very intelligent gentlemen ... "

    "I can make Napoleon look like a punk."

    Wrote L. Ron Hubbard in a letter to his first wife in August 1938, where he discussed his new unpublished manuscript 'Excalibur'.

    "I am not interested in wog* (ed: non-scientologist*) morality... I can make Captain Bligh look like a Sunday School teacher."

    Wrote L. Ron Hubbard in 1969, in 'Discipline - SPs and Admin'.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I don't care :) but I agree that lulzy translations by ANON would be far more entertaining. It all depends on the law in DC..and it seems Smurf has pretty much said it's OK to post the transcripts from there!
  20. Mark Cabian Member

    Alright! Anyone in DC have a panel truck?
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  21. AnonyVix Member

    Thanks for clarification - if there is one thing we can count on it's diddy David Miscavige, his scilon minions and Moxon providing us with more entertainment at their expense. :)

    P.S. To the OSAbots reading this - Russian Roulette is also a game, think about that when you're told it's all part of the game. ;)
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  22. Bonebreaker Member

    Nice Friday the 13th gift for Midgetscavige.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    There are such creatures as retractable banner stands too. I'd imagine parking on the street would be a hit and miss kind of thing, so it's all about being mobile and retractable, as well as large. well, that's what my ex told me anyway
  24. Anonymous Member

    Great news, Sparrow! Anonymous receives epic schadenfreude ... thanks, Moxon. You idiots are just amazing to watch! You know, now we'll be expecting more laughs, rite? I know you won't let me down.
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  25. Mark Cabian Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    every other post should be a picture of stacy moxon
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Mark Cabian Member

    It seems you have to request a quote - I guess every order is custom. If that is the case, "what's your smallest, fewest colored cheapo?" - Is where I'd start ... if anyone was interested, I mean.
  30. Anonymous Member

    OK, AL. I have shortlist of skills and software, but I try for the cause. With Wig

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Couldn't find one but here is a photo of Ken's dog. Note the Squirrel just left of the dog. Man Squirrels are taking down his own family.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Couldn't find one but here is a photo of Ken's dog. Note the Squirrel just left of the dog. Man Squirrels are taking down his own family.
  33. LocalSP Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Tommy Davis chilling out and listening to the radio.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Moxon gets his.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Robocat Member

    This means we party from today until January, rite? Then regroup to party again?
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  39. Bipolart Member

    Sparrow-on-a-Stick for tomorrow....
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  40. Robocat Member

    I don't get it.
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