Cincinnati still alive

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by the_cloak, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. the_cloak Member

    Cincinnati still alive

    OK, we managed just 5 people today but we did a lot with those 5 people. Got plenty of horn honks and lots of public support. I passed out flyers on 4th street until Formerly showed up and then we met up with Scary and started with just 3, but 2 latercomers showed up and brought us up to five.

    Before we had headed down, I had a long convo with a street preacher and a homeless man and both of them hated scientology. The homeless of cincinnati don't like them at all and say they are freaky. They avoid that part of 4th because they are always mean to them. The street preacher hated them because they are anti christian. Some of the religious folks are getting it now. When I told him I'm not really religious myself I got a bit of a sermon about how Jesus is coming soon and he did ask if I was going to protest him too. I explained that it not his beliefs or even that of scientology we are after but the mind control aspects and the poor treatment of their members and how scientology is all about money and there is really not a real religious aspect to it. He seemed happy enough with that answer and took several flyers and left.

    When we got down to the protest itself, a red shirted scilon came out and made the only scilon contact we had by saying in a nasty way, "Don't you kids have anything more fun to do." It took me a moment to come up with something smartass to say back and by the time I did, I waited till he had the org door open and shouted in, "This is a lot more fun than being ripped off by a cult!". Butthurt scilon was butthurt.

    We had several visits from the vulture minister van and I was able to get some footage of the inside of it at one point. They have what looks like a metal cage in the back.

    The scilons parked it illegally for a bit, then realized we might call the cops and moved it quickly to a meter spot. We shouted about feeding the meter and the guy angrily fed the meter for a whole hours worth of change, for a 5 min parking job and walked off. Finally they moved it because they saw us filming it.

    After that no more contact with them. No binoculars, just stares from inside and butthurt scilons coming out to smoke. No one followed and this time no police showed up at all. We were only going to do a 2 hour protest, but it wasn't too cold and the wind stopped so we gave them an additional hour of enturbulation before we split up and left.

    Great job tonight everyone, scilons are starting to despair we will ever just stop coming. This is a great lesson for them. Fuck with the internet, get a year of agony.
  2. Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Cold protest was cold, but full of win. Love my naked scientologist pic. THANKS CUDGE..

    Karen wrote down what our signs said, perhaps she's going to google it?

    A merry band of brothers we were with fabby chocolate cookies provided by Ms. C.. We never got to the hot chocolate and tea, wo busy were we. We did spot the head clam Jeanne complete with facial tic...skulking off to hide from our epic SPs.
  3. Deetinator Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    So fun, I'm glad I showed up. By the way, the handwarmer you gave me is till burning!
  4. Re: Cincinnati still alive

    LOL thanks to our good buddy THE CLOAK for having the foresight to get those!!!
  5. the_cloak Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Yeah they last about 12 hours. You can get them for about a buck at Meijer or Wallyworld. Its fairly safe, just a simple chemical reaction of iron, salt, cellulose and some water. When you open the pack, the iron starts oxidizing very quickly (turning into rust) and gives off a gentle heat. This one reaches about 140-160F max. If you are worried about safe disposal, just put it in the garbage outside. I'm very glad I brought those things with me. Save me from numb hands and I had gloves on!
  6. Re: Cincinnati still alive

    I swear, you kids, us old ladies had to make you zip up your jackets..LOL I got the pneumonia just looking atcha:) and that was WITHOUT the OTIII:D

    And many thanks to THE CLOAK for the epic tunes, it would not be a cheerful without TuneTech!

    BTW was it my imagination or did Karen head inside when RICK started ROLLING?
  7. the_cloak Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    I'm going through the video now. Butthurt scilon was funny. And you had some funny things to say to him. It took me too long to come up with a smart ass remark, you are right, but I was concentrating on filming him in case he started something, especially since he was standing right in front of Formerly and had a very angry look on his face and several heavy books in his hands.
  8. Kilia Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Sounds like you had a grand time, Cinn!
    Looking forward to video/s.

  9. Re: Cincinnati still alive

    LOL< your comeback was better than mine, just delayed:D

    Besides you KNOW he wanted to look at the neekid pix of MikeT, I think he DID look out of the corner of his eye so as not to seem obvious...:D I mean, HOW many times did he walk by? And, was that junk food he ate? Is that against some rules? Shouldn't he have eaten some nuts and berries?
  10. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive


    When he shot me the look I asked him if he was giving refunds remember...LOL
  11. Re: Cincinnati still alive

    ^ oh now that was primo. When he asked if we were bored and didn't have anything better to do you said you'd be happy to go home if they'd shut down the org and refund your money:)

    THAT got a look..I think he walked faster:D...hopefully CLOAK got that on tape.
  12. the_cloak Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Still going over vids, lots of footage to pick through.

    Getting some stills too.


    Some secrets we found.

    Top pic, scientologist learning to suck thetan dick.

    Next one down, an OT deciphers the secret language of Xenu.

    Bottom pic, a scientologist tries to figure out how to fit food and shelter and auditing into his budget.
  13. Chowder Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    febuary i have 7 commited kyanons carpooling and so far 3 for january
  14. ravenanon Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Great work!
  15. Consensus Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    The more post-raid reports I read, the more I hear 'cops weren't even called' or 'cops were called and didn't show' or 'cops showed up briefly, it was pleasant.' Also a lot of 'they didn't bother confronting' or 'there were scilons that were *clearly* enturbulated.' I think we're honestly, really truly getting to them. They're starting to wonder why the hell we haven't gone away. And it's got to drive them mad that they're forced to reconcile the fact that we're SPs with the fact that we're law-abiding (and often, though not universally, both polite and well-informed).

    I see cracks showing.

    edit - it's like they're trying out 'ignore' tech for the first time, trying to convince us they've tired of us, but they just aren't that convincing as they let us know we're still bothering them. They're still in a tizzy. True 'ignore tech' would basically accept that we're there and go on with business as usual. They're desperate.
  16. CuntwArt Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    echoed this in an earlier post however, I'd like to clarify it here. Fags should know how to address a compliant target

    BTW, I'm running a sale on poking sticks please click link
  17. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive


  18. OHanon42 Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Cincinnati Anonymous is really cool guy, eh is made of enturbulation and doesn't afraid of anything.

    Keep up the fight, Cincy! Columbus is with you!
  19. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Cops were called on the flash raid...ummm 2 weeks prior to this raid I think it was, on one anon, but the cops left, no probs and was a huge fail during their big WISE meeting.
  20. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Cincinnati still alive

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!

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