Cincinnati is clear, on to Florence

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Cudgel, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Cudgel Member

    Been busy. Family come first, then work. For the most part, you faggots come in third.*

    On August 26 Scary and I paid a surprise visit to the Florence idle borg. It was, as a farmer friend says, dull as dog shit. We were photographed from a distance. We worked around the sprinkler in the corner garden bed (it should be noted that the sprinkler was gong when we arrived so it could not have been set up as a raid deterrent since Scary and I didn't really know we were coming and there were NO public postings to out arrival. We did employ hose kink tech after the sprinkler was turned up after we got there.) I had a nice, brief conversation with an elderly African-American gent who would hear nothuing wrong about Hubtard. There will be a longer reporet sometime this coming week with still images and video as I should have more time free than I have had.

    The important thing I've made time to report is this:

    CINCINNATI IS CLEAR. Yes, I know it's mostly symbolic because they've just picked up and moved to Kentucky. But there's just something so deeply viscerally satisfying about being able to say that and post the following image.

    The Cincinnati borg is no more. Even the sign is empty:


    *(Most of the time. Mrs. C is VERY supportive. She bakes our cookies (and the occasional odd cake. She keeps me from going too far over the edge and offers cogent suggestions about signs and tactics. She's raided with us. And she lets me hang out with Scary.

    All hail Mrs. C!).
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  2. Good on you and all the other Cincy activists for carrying the torch and keeping the faith. Plenty of work left to be done, but it's great to see a major city liberated. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
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  3. CarterUSP Member

    Great news! Clearing one city at a time with anontech.
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  4. anon walker Moderator

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  5. DodoTheLaser Member

    Update: Old Cincinnati Org building is about to facilitate some food joints.
    Two of them - fish and cake, I believe. The irony.

    New Cincinnati/Florence, KY Org is failing even more, despite of being "Ideal".
    The course rooms are pretty empty, so as auditing rooms. The stats are falsified.
    So they are leading in LRH Bday game. What a joke. The stats are low anyway,
    falsified or not. Div 6 people are probably in apathy, since the foot traffic is almost 0.
    Well, they got 3-4 public buses plastered with Scio banners and some bus stops,
    but I know it helps little to none. Disaffection within grows. At least in some I know.

    Jeanie Sonenfild, the ED is reportedly at Flag re-doing the Purif. WTF??
    (Must be a code-name for a 6 month sec-check these days. She is on New OT VII.
    Never mind she graduated the old one. Like it matters anyway in this whole scam.)

    David Sonenfild shows up once a week or so in his Hawaiian shorts,
    when he is not checking Marty's blog or whatever he is doing, not so
    much dedicated Sea Orger/staffer anymore.

    So much for LRH Tech.

    That's it for now.
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  6. skeptic2girl Member

    Thx for update!
    Didn't Scilons use bus tech in DC or something once and it somehow didn't go right? (I can never keep the which and where of cult antics straight: way too much ridiculous to track properly...)
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  7. DodoTheLaser Member

    Welcome! Yeah, bus tek is a fail, 'cause most people have internet and they heard of google.
    At least they don't waste as much paper on useless hand outs anymore. Oh, the horror it was.
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  8. DodoTheLaser Member

    2nd update:

    Apparently, Pittsburgh's "City Office" set up by Cincinnati Org is a fail now.
    They got an eviction notice about 2 weeks ago. Cross post from ESMB:

    Dunno if the bill is paid by now and they are still there or what, but it's telling.


    Here is how it started in 2005:

    View attachment sgmp3b.png
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Soon, the city of my birth will also be free!
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  10. anon walker Moderator

    2005, trying to "regain a foothold" in the city. Such high hopes, I'm sure. And now, it's come to this. Another org drained of resources by Flag, IAS, Idle Org, etc. etc. etc. All those hopes dashed!

    C'mon, you gotta feel a little sorry for the poor things! Or my empathy chip is malfunctioning.
  11. EPIC WIN

    "Zet die plaat af!"

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