Cincinnati Fail at opening new ORG and its crashing stats!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    mother of trollcannons?
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  2. DeathHamster Member
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  3. Cudgel Member

    First Pic - having some difficulty using this PC to retrieve them.from the camera. The rest will have to wait until I get home this evening to equipment that's set up for this. I'll also up some video, too...

    This is some of what was waiting for us when we arrived, not including the two handlers (Bruce and Gary) who met us halfway to the borg. You'll notice the TV crane in the background that the scilons used to film the event. ANd the extra Florence PD car at the other end of the block (we're troublemakers the clams told the PD). Notice the pine trees on stands to the right? They were part of the wall (3 large tour buses) to keep the attendees from seeing us.

    Are they so afraid that their hold on the sheep is so tenuous?

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  4. skeptic2girl Member

    LRH report card could make a good protest sign...
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  5. skeptic2girl Member

    Looks like the Scilons raided Christmas tree lots after the holidays and got themselves some dead ones, dirt-cheap...
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  6. Cudgel Member

    Techincal difficulties will limit what I can post until I get time to do some batch image corrections (working a camera in gloves has never been my forte). But here's the highlights:

    Here's what we walked up to as we approached the borg (the first still is from here):

    Here's Scary with her new bff Bruce. As some of you know I limp on occasion. Good ol' Bruce tried to accuse me of leaning to bump him as I passed. I replied with "I don't ry. I do. So since you didn't get bumped I must not have been trying" and promptly went and told the Florence PD OIC about the CLearwater clam tactic of forcing protesters into tight quarters hoping to provoke contact. Bruce kept his distance after that.


    My best bud Gary. He tried to take an analytical tack with me. He knew all about my A.R.S. history and had apparently been fed data from here. He kept asking why I was biased about scientology and just kept denying that I could have nothing against their beliefs and only objected tot he way members were treated abd the fact that they still had tax exempt status here in the U.S. (according to him, other countries have been false data and that is why the cult is considered a business most other places). He was fun, in a weird way, and wil have some wurprises as he tries to authenticate some of the things that were said to him...


    About the only really interesting thing that happened was when this lady asked about Scary's sign. She ignored the clam handlers as tehy crowded around the conversation and was followed across the stret when she left by a gent who did an immediate about face when I yelled "Look - he's going to go handle her!" He was not amused when I said to one of the police that he came back because they knew where to find her later. He was also no amused to hear davey referred to as "the dwarf"" (neither was my BFF Gary). They also both winced when they tried to explain something and I used my favorite tubbard paraphrase: "Well, I guess it's true if it's true for you, isn't it? But it's not true for me..."


    In the next day or two (I need to get rid of some window reflections) I'll post the pix of the three men who were watching us in the parking lot, waiting for us to go to our cars.

    Nashanon Zonker arrived bearing cupcakes as we were considering leaving. Since we were getting ready to lave, the cupcakes ended up in a shelter for runaway teens. Sorry I didn't get any pix to post, but they were nice Smurfy cupcakes. Thanks Zonker!

    We'll be back. Anyone is welcome to come with us. Just watch here or the Cincy forum for details.
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  7. BLiP Member

    EPIC raid

    3 Anons: 1

    10, 000, 000 scilons: zip.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    Yup, their response level is definitely way up when His Lowness is present.
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  9. DodoTheLaser Member

    Nice operation, DM.
    Same sad result.
    The show is over.
    Stay tuned in.
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  10. DodoTheLaser Member

    Lol one herro.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    That Bruce fellow looks a bit nuts. Stupid grin on his face. Love the sign. Bet lots of people saw it. Wonder if they're going to be able to dox Scary since she let it slip she personally witnessed Miscavaige beat people?
  12. Anonymous Member

    HAHA three protestors was all it took to create massive flap and enturbulation...and cost them a shit ton of money they don't was epic...three protestors...and EPIC BAWWWW by the cult.
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  13. anoninoob Member

    often, to have police protection, you have to pay the officers time and a half pay, for the entire length of the event.

    Unless they did their standard baw "cyber bullies, terrorists" in which case the cops will have seen the anons and said to themselves "for this?!?" making the cult look worse when they baw in the future.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Don't overestimate the intelligence level of cops (see here for the intelligence requirements for hiring cops...not too high... . If I was offered a contract job the first thing I'd do is research who I would be working for, especially if I was told that I would be protecting them from vicious protestors. Then, upon getting to said job and seeing the protestors being harassed by the people who hired me I'd have even more questions for them.
  15. Anonymous Member


    The man in this picture is Nashville's own Brian Fesler, freakin worm. Glad the cupcakes went to good use. Had some company while I was waiting for my ride, but the guy didn't say anything. I did see Brian and waved. Don't think he recognized me. I look different when you don't have one of my friends pinned to the ground. Understandable error.

    I'll be back Cincy! You guys are full of awesome!
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  16. Does the local org pay for all of dedication day expenses?
  17. Anonymous Member

    I have NO idea...but they stopped being able to afford the usual protest policeman a few years ago...and they regged the hell out of people to make this org...and have not sold their old blg..and this one will be as empty/dead as the last one...
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  18. Anonymous Member

    He was pretty tardish for sure...he's got that "look" in his eyes...I mean...come on..three protestors and they STILL couldn't handle us!
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  19. ditto
  20. Anonymous Member

    Didn't DM already handle Anonymous?
  21. DodoTheLaser Member

    He sure did. Anonymous don't exist. They are in The Hole that does not exist either.
  22. anoninoob Member

    you can only cry "wolf" so many times
  23. DodoTheLaser Member

    Some SP Declare stats review for Cincinnati:

    2011 - 5 SP's
    2012 - 1 SP
    2013 - 2 SP's in process to be declared, so far...

    There might be 2 more SP's to follow them shortly = 4

    It's an upstat trend again! Hopefully 2013 will be even better than 2011!

    P.S. All in all, it makes it about 10 SP's in about 2 years for Cincinnati Org.
    They only had about 4 SP's in 10 previous years. Hmm... Definitely upstat!

    It seems to be a successful action to declare more people SP's in order to get
    even more SP's declared thereafter. Besides, it's a lot easier to produce an SP than Clear.

    Happy 2013 SP Year! ;)
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  24. BlooAnon Member

    And it's barely 2013. I like this news!

    Please sir, may I have some MOAR?
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  25. DodoTheLaser Member

    Give us a month or two buddy, we are a bit overloaded here in CLO EU.
    Most of OSA and HCO (all 3 of us) are fighting the flu and other NY things.
    We will keep you posted though. Only the tigers survive, even if the Bengals kind.
    Stay on target. Much Loves.
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