$cientology sending out emails to prepare for February 10th.

Discussion in 'Media' started by b00bs, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. b00bs Member

    $cientology sending out emails to prepare for February 10th.

    From the other board:

  2. b00bs Member

    I think this was most telling:

  3. AnonyTsunami Member

    Their solution is to donate more.
  4. I have no idea what this means, between the squirrels and the lice.
  5. donotstalk Member

    I understand everything but the "VM Tents".
    Can somebody enlighten me?
    (And a "squirrel" is what they call people practisng Scientology outside the church)
  6. WinstonSmith Member

    The fuck does that mean?
  7. Did Bob Dylan write that?

    Is the fifth leg of Help some lost Beatles sequel?
  8. a VM is a Volunteer Minster; they have tents, yellow t shirts, and hand out "way to happiness" brochures

    to Squirrel is to modify L Ron Hubbard's writings, or someone who does that
  9. so, they are planning to bring in people who are not really used to handling the public the way a VM or office worker might?
  10. yes, it looks like at least this one Org is trying to call in its "publics" (regular rank and file members) as a show of force and will have VM tents is place to provide "touch assist" (kinky huh?) to regular members who become flustered when their "success through communications" course turns out to be epic fail.
  11. Kamizar Member

    Huge ava is huge...

    Plz reduce...
  12. b00bs Member

    Sorry about that. :D
  13. Anon9001 Member

    There better have a shit load of Sci-fags if they want to make a dent in the Atlanta protest.
  14. IBoughtADog Member

    Seriously. Isn't Atlanta confirmed at like 100+?
  15. Anon9001 Member

    Fuck Yeah
  16. pooks Member

  17. Really???
    Fuck yeah! That just made my day.
    Does anyone have numbers on the other protests? What about LA and London?
  18. XP Member

    London is multiple hundreds without a doubt
  19. anon11 Member

    A new email:
  20. wait. leaked emails? does this mean we have already have a convert, a spai?

    also, if they do turn up at your protest, it's probably best to liaise with them. remember they're not bad people.
  21. ReadPHNX Member

    St. Louis is at 70 + right now
  22. anon11 Member

    I found the last one on alt.religion.scientology.
  23. FALLEN Member

    For a full explanation, go here:

    Some on that board are still wary of our actions, but still volunteering help and advice. Their stories of being "in" sound like prison camp, I understand why it'd be hard to trust anyone after that.

    b00bs, that squirrel is hilarious. The ex-Scios would get 9000+ lulz out of it.
  24. cookiemonster Member

    Re: $cientology sending out emails to prepare for February 1

    So we're making them pay already...

    This could be a good chance to confront large amounts of scientologists and tell them we can give them tons of info on Scientology for free instead of them paying thousands of dollars to the CoS.
  25. if there is a spai working for anon, we most probably do NOT want to liaise with them. good people, and for that, we don't want to risk blowing their cover
  26. no i mean if they have those tents. if they offer you touch therapy or some shit, take them up on it and start up a conversation. we want them to know that they're safe to interact with wogs even if they strongly oppose their practices.

    conspiracy theory time: is that phone number real? they could have sent an email with different number to each scilon, so they pinpoint exactly who leaked the email
  27. donotstalk Member

    I wouldn't risk calling it either way.
  28. ReisenInaba Member

    i don't think they are trying to convert your more than they are trying to just keep you from picketing
  29. anonEmouser Member

    Do NOT fraternize with the enemy.

    Do not accept food, massages/touch therapy, bathroom breaks, whatever. Simply put, it gives them a huge PR BOOST--"look how nice we are to these meanyhead internet terrists!! We are good people...yes...."
  30. xenuslc Member

    If it's from Laura Prepon, I'm converting. Sry.
  31. anonEmouser Member

    The Laura Prepon exemption clause has been covered extensively and is not being challenged or further debated. :D

    However, unless the Scienos have been talking to the Raelians and swapping notes, we can rule out cloning tech and so drastically reduce the odds of her offering you a happy ending....sorry. :(
  32. xenuslc Member

    And here I thought picketing Scientology was going to get me laid. Man, fuck this. I quit.
  33. Kamizar Member

    Thats the worst joke I've ever read...
  34. Anon9001 Member

    I gave it a 7/10
  35. Anon1517 Member

    more like 2/10 amirite? :<
  36. AthlAnon88 Member

    a 6 mebbe?
  37. AB Member

  38. SomeOldGuy Member

    More like pretend we don't exist at this point. I think they're falling back hard on "what is true is what is true for you" for the rank and file, and "suck in all the cash you can because (speculation) we're no longer able to make it faster than we can spend it" for the RTC/leadership.

    BTW For those of you all about Laura Prepon: Notice the "Freewinds" and "Celebrity" in front of those course names?[/url:3m0hv08d] I'm betting she's dropped a lot of cash, is loving it, is being treated like a, well, celebrity (in short, getting the standard treatment for celebs).
  39. SomeOldGuy Member

    Meh, that's unfortunately as old and ugly a practice as the art of the swindle. The number of Christian missionaries running around after the big tsunami was shameful - it's inexcusable when anyone does it, but after a big disaster like that and coupling it with star power to replace authenticity with emotional oomph (remember Tom Cruise and the firefighters?[/url:1ne23vsq]) it's disgusting.
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