Church of Scientology Opens Up Shop In Queen Anne (Seattle)

Discussion in 'Media' started by DeathHamster, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    The usual Idle Org pony show.

    The bit about hunger relief is actually true, or at least was. Unusually, the Seattle org did participate in food drives at above the PR stunt level. (I wonder if that spirit survives after being crush-regged for over $14 million for the new building, which is now owned by the mutha church and they pay rent on?)

    The Seattle Times article isn't PR fluff. It mentions the accusation that Miscavige beats his staff, abortions, and the strange gap between claimed membership and actual numbers.
    Time to review CoS's completely not shooped pictures, I guess.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Son of a BITCH!

    I would have loved trolling that. Shame they didn't actually advertise locally. At least there are fewer junkies per capita in Queen Anne then there are in Lake City. Of course the only time I did crack was on Queen Anne so ha-ha!

    If they had wanted a huge central 'bodies-in-shop' location they failed. Only people who live in QA go there for the most part.
  3. The building needs something. Maybe a statue of L. Ron Hubbard would do.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    This happened a long time ago. Was there something new?
  5. DeathHamster Member

    The Curbed story is new, and I didn't notice that the Seattle Times was July, reporting on an event in June, because they used teeny-tiny font for the story date. Sorry.
  6. Anonymous Member

    No prob. There wasn't a protest there, but we pooned the staff of lawmaker invitees and one bailed, the other didn't.
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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here are two related videos that were uploaded by the cult today.

    Grand Opening: Church of Scientology Seattle, Washington

    On July 24, 2010, over sixteen hundred Scientologists and their guests packed the street in front of 300 West Harrison in Seattle for the opening of the new Church of Scientology of Washington, a milestone for the congregation formed 54 years ago.

    Tour of the Church of Scientology Seattle, Washington

    A tour of the Church of Scientology Washington State and the Church of Scientology Seattle Life Improvement Center.
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  8. Richard Sanders last supreme court term ended in 2010 when he lost his re-election bid. Sanders then ran for another position on the supreme court in 2012 - and lost again!
  9. Well I haven't been out to QA yet, but I happened to walk past the downtown location today.

    The tall front windows are covered with posters, the better to confront other humans behind. The inside was empty. The only view in is through a relatively narrow glass door. In a case of bad business feng shui (proving that hubbardites suck even as new-agers), the front desk is all but jammed in front of it making the space inside seem small and cramped.

    The man behind the desk was probably close to his seventies. He was staring down in the direction of his desk, not even looking out the door and his expression was not pleasant. There were no customers, or even people glancing at the posters and sandwich boards offering free personality tests inside.

    On edit: In retrospect, it came to me that the set up is similar to the old porn stores that once thrived in the same neighborhood.
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Seattle Ideal Org Open 12 Hours A Week

    By Mike Rinder, March 4, 2017


    Things are progressing pretty slowly on “the wholesale Clearing of our area” when they are only working at it 12 hours a week.

    As with many other “ideal” orgs — they have been moved away from the city center. They are not the worst, they are in the fairly near suburbs. Some have ended up in industrial parks and alongside freeways where there is no body traffic. The volume of people walking past orgs has traditionally been a measure of their likelihood of success. “Body routing” line has always been one of the few methods of attracting new people into scientology.

    You see the staff from these ideal orgs sent to “apprentice” at the “model” ideal org in LA and they are invariably found standing on the corner of Sunset and Vermont in front of the subway entrance trying to entice people to come in for a free personality analysis. This is considered to be THE “successful action” on bringing in new public. They do the same thing at the “Life Improvement” center on Hollywood Blvd.

    Seattle “ideal” org is now off the beaten path where there is no foot traffic. So, they have a “Life Improvement Center” in the downtown area, bought and renovated at great expense.

    This is the sign on the front door of the Life Improvement Center.


    Presumably, those who need their Life Improved in the morning or evening or on Tuesday, Thursday or the weekends should go elsewhere.

    This is a reflection of the REAL state of this $20 million “ideal” org.

    It does not have enough staff to man their main “new public entrance route” full time. And it is not considered a “viable” investment of the few staff they do have to try and get new public into scientology through their “Life Improvement Center.”

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