Church of Scientology launches marriage rights bid

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    The only worship I did when I was in Scientology was hip-hip-hoorahing and hand-clapping the framed photo of a blubber-lipped conman. And only then because I thought people might be watching me and would report me to ethics if I wasn't showing the expected enthusiasm. This Sunday Services lark has been a con all along. They don't happen unless a "church" is forced to put on a show to con some officials.
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    Unfortunately "the advancement of religion" has in the past been considered a public benefit (here in the UK).

    This could change.
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    Indeed. Anyone who has seen one of these fake chapels during periods where they haven't had to put on a charade of being an actual church knows they are generally dark, dirty and everything is under a layer of dust. They have to dust them off whenever they have to fake some "Sunday Services."
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    Private Eye - current issue 1356. Page 3:

    Cult Corner.

    The supreme court ruling allowing Alessandro Calcioli and Louise Hodkin to wed in a Scientology chapel will be a double celebration for another member of the East Grinstead-based Hodkin Family.

    Not only will solicitor Peter Hodkin be celebrating the family nuptials, but he's also the cult's solicitor who has spent many years battling various local authorities over whether its premises should be exempted from business rates as a religious organisation. Until now Scientology buildings have been treated as business premises, although its weird drugs rehab offshoot is allowed to register as a charity.

    Local Government minister Brandon Lewis says the government is taking legal advice on the implications of the court's decision that 146 Queen Victoria Street in central London is a place of worship for the purpose of marriages "and its implications for business rates".
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    Lord Gnome's esteemed organ has long referred to that particular company as Carter-Fuck :D
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    Five things to watch for in today’s first Scientology wedding in the UK

    By Tony Ortega

    The Church of Scientology is naturally very excited that Alessandro Calcioli and Louisa Hodkin (pictured right) will marry today after winning a landmark court victory allowing Scientology “religious” weddings to be held in England for the first time.

    Scientology may be dwindling, but it can use every bit of good publicity it can get, so today’s wedding will be streamed live on the Internet at 11 am Eastern, and we wouldn’t miss it.

    But coverage of the impending nuptials has been uninformed and even embarrassing. Despite decades of revelations in books, magazine articles, and newspaper stories that have laid bare most of Scientology’s secrets, the church still seems to be something of a mystery for most reporters and many in the public.

    So we’re here to help with a few things to look for today as you watch “Ale” and Louisa tie the knot — or circle the triangle, as it were.

    Continued at

    A comment below the article:

    John Cruisolta
    What we really need to know is, have they annulled their previous marriages from previous lifetimes before today? They might still be married.
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    So... Now that marriages at the orgs are legal, with their many thousands of claimed members in the UK, the London org will be busy every weekend with marriages, right...?

    Perhaps they can train the crickets to perform "Here comes the bride"?
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  16. rpr

  17. DeathHamster Member

    The other shoes are starting to drop...
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    It is packed with Scientologists. So packed there is barely room for the raw meat fighting to get into the Org, waving their check books. When they open their doors in the morning there is an explosion of raw meat running, scrambling, fighting to be first in line to hand over their money checks to embark on services and their entire Bridge. They are flock, flock, flocking in. Success Stories fill the air. Every five minutes, a raw meat graduates their course and dances for joy inside their hall and giddy-headed, dances through their door and out onto the sidewalk and even the street, dancing in giddy circles with the taxis and buses having to avoid them with the drivers angrily murmering about "yet another success from the powerful Scientology tech". That Org is bursting to the seams with up-stat paying publics getting life-changing wins doing the mega-fantastic new GAT II courses and Grades.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega posted this:

    ...the Daily Mail has a new story up about the wedding of Ale Calcioli and Louisa Hodkin. Naturally, they left out any of the background that we tried to fill in on the day the wedding happened.

    However, we found one line from Ale really hilarious. We’ve never heard this excuse before. He says he can’t talk about remembering his past lives in auditing because it’s “not polite”… “For instance I could have fought in a war and you could have been on the opposite side. It’s a politeness thing. I have never even told Louisa my past life memories.”

    Yeah, you don’t want hurt the feelings of the guy you slaughtered on planet BooBoo 20 million years ago. What a faux pas!
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  21. RightOn Member

    ahhh so straight up and vertical and theta!
    DM should have been the ring bearer
    a no brainer
  22. DeathHamster Member

    Dunno. Does he have furry feet?
  23. RightOn Member

    lol I was tired. Wait I thought I spelled it wrong. That is correct isn't it?
    I bet he has a furry tongue tho.
  24. DeathHamster Member

    He's short enough to be the ring bearer, but furry feet are mandatory.
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  25. WTF He works one day a week and she doesn't work at all. Now I don't know that many ordinary people who only have to work one day a week. Even on a modest lifestyle.

    Read more:
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  26. vaLLarrr Member

    Wait - they eat kebabs??

    Oh that's OK then.

    Call off the critics - they must be normal then.
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    Why are we so mean to this lovely couple and their religion? True, they have some quaint beliefs that not everybody will embrace, but why aren't we being tolerant and being nice to all Scientologists everywhere? I used to know once but I have forgotten.
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    do the people in England know about the forced abortions? Or the disconnections?
  29. Do you mean like this
    remember Shane Weightman who was friends with this "lovely couple" above

    Shane is (or was, I should say) good mates with the Hodkin clan - David, Eli, Louisa & Rob (now in Sea Org/on staff). It will be devastating if scilons such as Garion Gilchrist just disobey orders to disconnect

    There's going to be sooo much paranoia & sec checks now (more so than usual!).
    JohnB2008, Feb 25, 2010 Report
    Chrissie Pearlman-Weightman said...
    Haugens... the "harm" is telling the staff members the truth. Really that's what it comes down to. I know in our situation Shane's friends were told so many lies and then when he told them what really happened, they freaked out and stopped communicating. The truth makes people think!! =)
    Ugh and yes they use facebook, like it's the be all end all of communication. Idiots!!
    July 17, 2012 at 9:50 AM

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  30. tinfoilhatter Member

    this makes me wonder if the marriage bid was a victory at all. All it takes is for one declared person to get a wedding invitation on accident, and next thing you know: BAD pr and discrimination lawsuit.

    The facebook stalking is also interesting. Are there apps/plugins/programs that tell you who is visiting your facebook page?
  31. RolandRB Member

    Nice PR piece for the cult. I guess the application for registering all their Orgs as 100% places of religious worship will be sent in in the next few days.

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