Church admits little pay to workers and tax problems!

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by an()n, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. an()n Member

    Church admits little pay to workers and tax problems!

    The Cult of $cientology wants the IRS to ammend a few recently proposed immigration regulations. The comments they filed are public information and available on the IRS website (and linked below).
    Statements filed with the government are hard to deny:

    Smells like Fair Labor Standards Act violations to me. Could also spin into an easy immigration loophole for foreign terrorists. No papers to show work history or pay and no green cards???
  2. L.the.Anon Member

    Call the Feds! Seriously though, send a mail commenting on that. It does seem fairly strange.
  3. an()n Member

    2007 irs form says you don't file if income is under $8,750

    $6.15/hr is minimum wage in Florida, the homebase of this particular CoS operation. wage&URL=CH0448/Sec110.HTM

    I'm estimating a full time, minimum wage employee in Florida would earn $12,500 - $13,000 annually. Even if the Cult tries to say that room & board makes up the difference, I believe the IRS still requires that you claim that value as "income" and then work out the details.

    Sounds like fraud to me.

    Anyone see problems with that math? 'cause it looks like $cientology shot itself in the foot on this one.
  4. MollyBloom Member ... 23,00.html

    Hmmmmmmm, interesting.

    Does this apply to Sea Orgs?
  5. an()n Member

    their comments to the IRS indicate that Sea Org is a religious entity of CoS.
  6. anonEmouser Member

    Well, to paraphrase my mother, they do work the hell out of them...

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