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    Coming May 9: Silvertail Books publishes Chris Owen’s ‘Ron the War Hero’

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, April 19, 2019


    We’re extremely excited to tell you that Chris Owen’s masterful investigation of L. Ron Hubbard’s World War II experience, Ron the War Hero: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard’s Calamitous Military Career, will be published on May 9 by Silvertail Books. (Full disclosure: Silvertail is also the publisher of our book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely.)

    Chris originally posted a version of this work online in 1999, but for Silvertail publisher Humfrey Hunter, he re-investigated, rewrote, and vastly added to Ron the War Hero so that it’s practically a new work entirely.

    And along the way, he discovered what might have been L. Ron Hubbard’s most calamitous experience in the war. Chris is doing us the huge favor of revealing that disastrous episode, previously never before described, in a sneak peek here at the Bunker on the day the book is published on May 9.

    “I am delighted to be publishing Ron The War Hero, a book which exposes yet more of the truth behind the lies told both by Hubbard and about him by the Church of Scientology,” Hunter tells us. “Chris has done a remarkable job with this book — his investigative skills make him a force to be reckoned with — and it casts new and vital light on the deceit involved in the creation of this uniquely sinister organisation.”

    For more than a year, British historian Chris Owen has been writing deeply researched pieces for us here at the Bunker. His subjects have included the real story behind L. Ron Hubbard’s time as a Los Angeles cop, how Hubbard dumped his own parents, the real story behind Hubbard’s “brainwashing manual,” previously unknown documents showing that Hubbard tried to buy an African nation, a previously undiscovered testament by Scientology’s first Clear, and the origins of the Snow White Program.

    If you’ve read those pieces, you know how thorough, fair, and conscientious Chris is as an investigator and writer. And few subjects are ripe for that treatment like L. Ron Hubbard’s mythologizing of himself as a hero of the Second World War.

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