Chord Of Doom

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Django, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Django Member

    Chord Of Doom

    Hope this is the right place to post this. I'm also not sure if this is the WAY to post this, so bear with me if it doesn't work.

    This is a recreation of the Chord Of Doom the sound they play at Gold when the picketers arrive. Did this on a synthesizer.

    It's pretty damn close, if you'll allow me a bit of braggadocio.
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Hm, not bad. Would've been better with a link to the sound file tho...
  3. Django Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Nope, that didn't work. Damn.

    Let's try the Mega-Uploader thingie...
  4. emplode Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Yeah, add the link and it's perfect.
  5. Django Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Yeah, I'm still (obviously) figuring out how that might be done...
  6. Re: Chord Of Doom

    well you have the timing right to project the concept of doom
  7. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    edit: redundant
  8. Django Member

  9. Django Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    OK that link seems to work. Please forgive my ignorance.

    Is there a better place to host things like this than Mega?
  10. adhocrat Member

  11. moarxenu Member

  12. anonymous9 Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Glad to see Muzikanons finally getting it right re: G+ chord. I noticed erroneous info in previous threads, calling it a tritone(diminished 5th). I know, small point but it's good when anon knows what they are talking about(except for deliberate retardation for lulz). Still waiting for Budoanons to teach protesters how to evade sci attacks without fighting back.
  13. Django Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Yeah, saw that. Honest mistake, I guess. The Hemet sound is also just a quarter tone out of tune, something I copied in my version. I'm a little obsessive about stuff like that...
  14. anonymous9 Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Perhaps the"player" is a Daler Mendhi fan.
  15. Re: Chord Of Doom

    hmmm, if the exact frequency of the tone is know can we not play the inverse sound wave back effectivly silencing them?
  16. anonymous9 Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    In that case, watch for Sci's accusing Anonymous of "Sonic Attack".
  17. Django Member

    Re: Chord Of Doom

    Heh...well, my recreation isn't exact. You'd have to have the exact source audio they're using (CD, maybe? You can hear it looping around every so often). And some speaker closely matched to theirs. And some control over the phase of your playback, more than just a normal/reverse switching.

    Also you'd have to be standing in a precise spot. Move an inch any way and yer SOL.

    I say just blast it back to 'em louder, and in multiple locations.

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