Childs & Tobin present another scorching report.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Jacky Blue Note, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Will there be any more parts to the latest series I wonder? Still feels like there ought to be more.

    btw, here's the print front page for the last one (part 4) from monday 21st Nov.....

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  2. Bumpity Bump....

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    Any news on a part 5?
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    Between Christmas and New Years has always been a good time for Scientology articles in previous years. (I've never been caught been good Santa!)
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    By Tony Ortega

    In the wake of Leah Remini’s defection, Church of Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw has repeatedly claimed that there is no Scientology policy of forced “disconnection,” which compels a church member to cut off all ties from someone who has been excommunicated (“declared a suppressive person”) — even if it means cutting off ties with a close friend or family member. When Pouw’s predecessor, Tommy Davis, made the same claim on CNN in 2008, it was a disastrous move: many church members who had been affected by the policy were deeply offended. One of those was director Paul Haggis, and we’ve heard from many others who say Tommy’s denials helped convince them to leave the church.

    Today, Pouw is stepping into that mess once more, and it’s angering current and former Scientologists all over again. Claire Headley responded by showing us the written — and therefore inviolable — church policy that lays out in black and white how families get ripped apart by rules that force church members to choose between Scientology and their reliationships with friends and relatives.

    And now, Sindy Fagen has given us an even more devastating example that should be hard for Pouw to refute.
    In 2011, Sindy was featured in the blockbuster Tampa Bay Times series, “The Money Machine,” which exposed Scientology’s fundraising apparatus. She described how church members were put under extreme pressure to donate money to the International Association of Scientologists, a war chest used for the church to fight its battles in court and in the press.

    “By 2009 she had secretly begun to question the emphasis on money,” write Joe Childs and Tom Tobin.

    The series exposed Scientology’s unquenchable thirst for cash donations, and it also exposed Sindy Fagen to the disconnection policy. By going public in a newspaper story critical of the church, she had crossed a line that Scientology members know is a step too far.

    Scientologists close to Sindy knew they had a decision to make: disconnect from her or risk being excommunicated themselves.

    One woman in particular, who we are not going to name, was especially close to Sindy and had been for many years. She knew, however, that she actually had no choice — if she didn’t immediately disconnect from Sindy, her own status in the church was threatened. In tears, she called Sindy and left a voice message, saying how much she regretted that she would have to disconnect. But with Sindy going so public, she really had no alternative.

    Sindy Fagen has held on to that message for two years.

    She is only now allowing us to make it public because of Karin Pouw’s recent public declarations that the Church of Scientology does not force disconnection on its members.

    Listen to the voice mail message, and decide for yourself.

    Continued with open comments at
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    Published by SurvivingScientology on Aug 17, 2013

    Tampa Bay Times reveals the horrors within the headquarters of Scientology Inc. house of horrors: "seances", beatings, punchings, slappings, body slammings, enforced confessions of transgressions to the sadist David Miscavige. This is filmed with testimony under oath in a court of law.

    Full credit to investigative reporters Joe Childs, Thomas Tobin, and "Mo" Maurice Rivenbark.
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