Childs & Tobin present another scorching report.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Jacky Blue Note, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Altho Part 4 is a lil short on lings, oh man it's oh so rich on detail!

    Well played SPTimes, Well Played!
  3. AnonLover Member

    I always have eerie snow white & 7 dwarves flashbacks when you quote my twitfag sock...

    MirrorMirror, OnTheWall, Who's the busiest dang Hivemind of 'em all? :)
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  4. PodPeople Member

    The tax "experts" quoted, saying nothing here (in the series) that would cause tax exemption loss, unless of course, there's illegalities... wot?

    Let's just start with SuperPower fundraiser, Cindy Pahluta, who is talking about members' confidential information given out to extract $:

    "She added: 'It was not confidential by any means. I could tell you who the child molesters are. … The guy naked under the raincoat, exposing himself, the people who have had affairs.'
    Parishioners had no idea their secrets were out, and fundraisers were careful not to let on, Plahuta said. But they made clear in their presentations that Super Power would address the issues they knew were troubling their targets.
    'They are there because they know there is something wrong with them,'' Plahuta said."

    Hey, how about telling the police who these molesters (plural) are? The denial is deep; this widespread fraud can only occur when you have even those at the bottom of the food chain willing to engage in fraud themselves.

    What about the practice of signing up for multiple credit cards in the same month, maxing them all out, before the banks get wise? Or how about refi's or second mortgages taken out or any other loan and claiming purpose other than scientology? Hy Levy has some of the most recent and most detailed quantity of methods and there's no end to them.

    I think Pahulta's tale is the coldest of them all. "Scientologists hit up child molestors for big bucks; no police are informed because Hubbard can fix it all with running around a pole tech." [my quote] Not just criminal, disgusting, sick bastard criminal. Yet none of them think that "they" are criminals, just the other guys.

    Its pretty obvious that IRS rules and regulations need to be overhauled on charities and tax exempt organizations. Right now, the horse is behind the cart. Just disgusting.
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    In most places, there is no confidential privilege for religions (or doctors) in such cases. In fact, there are usually heavy penalties for failure to report.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I know something about that regging of child molesters. They had already been arrested. One had served time in prison and another was not successfully prosecuted.
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hivemind (adjective):

    A flattering, respectful term reserved for brilliant and strikingly-handsome men who posses exceptionally-large biceps and genitals.

    Most common nicknames: Einstein, and Horsecock.
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    Also used to describe equally brilliant and stunningly-beautiful women with exceptionally large breasts and superior baking skills who often produce large quantities of pastries; most commonly cake.
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  9. Zhent Member

    Reading this latest round of articles on the money machine and the huge money accounts public have with Flag, I have to wonder, why hasn't the Church of Scientology simply set up its own bank?
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  10. I have a rather strong hunch that you have intuited one of the next moves that the criminal cult will get involved with.

    Bank, credit union - doesn't matter, because the whole international banking scenario is rotten to the core. What's one more criminal player in the scheme of things involving International Finance?

    Cf. the work of John Perkins for those who find themselves out of the loop.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I rather hope they do set up their own bank. Their internal oversight procedures and control mechanisms would never be up to the task. It would be mayhem. Every reg from one end of the cult to the other would be debiting accounts based on a whim, a 'prayer,' or a promise. Checks would bounce. Business accounts would be a mess. Confidentiality lapses would freak out even more of the kool-aid drinkers.

    It would move along the decline quite nicely.
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  12. Ike Drifter Member

    Banks lend money. I can't see scientology ever doing that.
  13. Anonymous Member

    the outcome would be predictable
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Banks lend other people's money, and Scientology's okay with that. These days, however, they're driven to suck every loose dollar into the black hole at the center, so there's no chance of them letting money circulate at the edges.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    It would be hilarious.
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  16. As foot rockets and boot RPGs! :)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    heh, maybe something The Bridge Bank, operating offshore via Freewinds in International waters
  18. DeathHamster Member

    If they need someone to set up the technical end: (Scilon-owned site.)

    Oh and ..
  19. Anonymous Member

    Bank Of Miscavige
    I would imagine a lot of the money is over seas
  20. Sponge Member

    The Village Voice commments on part 4 of the SP times series....
    Scientology's 'Super Power' Building: Cash Cow for the Church
    by Tony Ortega. 21st Nov 2010
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  21. Hi Anon - do you have any further details of what happened around that kind of 'regging'?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Seems to be a lot of $cientologists with a known history and convictions for being child molesters.
  23. Sponge Member

    The SP Times story, with the feature on Lynne Hoverson and Bert Schippers, has travelled to Seattle....
    Scientology Milks Seattle Couple for $1.5M, Punishes Them Later for Not Giving Enough
    By Curtis Cartier. Seattle Weekely Blogs. 21st Nov 2011

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  24. Anonymous Member

    The policy defining what are suppressive acts states (paraphrased) that one Scientologist may not turn another in to law enforcement, not dissimilar to the way the Masons used to operate. Once the guy has his IAS membership, another Scio can't drop dime on him, or he gets Hubbard's justice.
  25. Anonymous Member

    The number of uncontested denials would make a CIA press agent green with envy.
    Not saying these couldn't be countered...
  26. Sponge Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    May their garbage be under lock and key.
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  28. Anonymous Member


    Maybe Scientology will don Nazi regalia again, or do a repeat of its demonstration footbullet that they pulled in Portland in 1985, this time in protest of SPTimes, and we can hard-troll it.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    over 9000, even
  32. Anonymous Member

    Over 40,000 page impressions on the website.

    Magazine distribution is 24,160, (paid circulation 16,647).
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  34. RightOn Member

    I have seen this video before ^^^^
    that man sickens me to no end
  35. Triumph Member

    awaiting part 5
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  36. Sponge Member

    Seattle Weekly again, with the "comment of the day" in response to the above previous article......

    Comment of the Day: 'Beware Any Religion That Offers You a Special $80,000 Introductory Price'
    Seattle Weekly 22nd Nov 2011
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  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The defectors just keep piling up -- on the front pages. What to do, OSA, what to do....
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    Over the past couple of weeks, the St. Petersburg Timeshas been publishing their latest blockbuster series on the Church of Scientology, that ever-mockable collection of has-been movie stars and good people being driven to donate more and more money just to realize an intergalatic overlord name Xenu is the problem behind it all. Two of those good people are Luis and Rocio Garcia, who gave more than $1.3 million to Scientology since 1982--but left the church last year because they feel the current hierarchy is corrupt beyond belief. Ya think?
    The St. Pete profile is here, but Luis penned a fascinating post of his own on the blog of leading Scientology dissenter Marty Rathburn that has a lot of juicy details about how Scientology operates. You should read the entire post, because there is a lot of juicy gossip regarding Scientology's 2006 purchase of a building in downtown SanTana, historically the Masonic Lodge, and restored to its original splendor by evil landlord Mike Harrah before selling it to the Xenu zoo. It's been virtually empty ever since, to the point where the Co$couldn't even pay their water bill, but Garcia also claims that church volunteers have been forced to sleep in the building every night since 2007 as impromptu security guards, since the area where it stands, as Garcia puts it, "is not precisely Beverly Hills."

    Garcia continues to believe in the tenets of Scientology--just not in the Church. Let's hope he reveals more juicy gossip soon...

    The OC Couple Who Gave More than $1.3 Million to the Church of Scientology--Only to Leave – OC Weekly
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