Chicago Scientology protest - March 25, 2013

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Strong Strength, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. A few of us dropped by the org in the early evening on a Monday, right around when the staff does its shift change. Actually, first we randomly came across a Flag truck illegally parked in a strip mall parking lot.




    Pics don't really do it justice, but there were snow flurries, and it was very, very cold!

    Police were very cool, only had to interact with them at all because we had notified them we'd be there. Got to see a lot of the usual diehard staffers, along with a handful on the Day shift that don't see us so often. Only a handful of public, and it never fails to surprise me how many of them, even the ones that are doing the low-level courses, are aware of the confidential stuff about Xenu and BT's. I wonder how that plays out when they actually do go on and begin OT3. Weird.

    Be happy - the place was pretty dead!

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  2. wolfbane Member

    Lawl... is it just me, or have Chifags gotten really good at talking really really FAST ever since they got to play on the right side of the street! <3 you guise.
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  3. rickybobby Member

    You guys certainly come from hardy stock to get out in that weather. It's a lot easier here in South Bay when it's sunny and at least 60 degrees. My hat's off to you (or my blue wig, as the case may be). CHIFAGS ROCK.
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  4. tigeratbay Member

    Good video and pictures of the truck and Xander. Shows how dead it really is. Congrats on getting out in the cold, brrrr.
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  5. Gottabrain Member

    THANK YOU for keeping up the protesting. Bruce Willis has nothing on you diehards. <3 you. Miss you!

    There is a guest bedroom reserved here for any Chi-anons who want a break from the cold to come to Sydney. Srsly. Its 67 degrees Fahrenheit here and has been in the 80s...
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  6. They should clearly identify that as a Scientology truck, otherwise thieves might think there could be something valuable inside.
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    I thought that anyone who had been following this thread should know about this:

    Scientology Group's Anti-Psychiatry Exhibit Comes to Wicker Park - Chicago

    Scientology has made an indirect — and temporary — entry into Wicker Park.

    About 80 people toured the "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" traveling exhibit Sunday, its organizers said.

    "We didn't think we'd have much of a crowd, competing with Jesus and the Easter bunny," said William Pollack, a volunteer from the "Citizens Commission on Human Rights," a Church of Scientology-related group devoted to "exposing psychiatric human rights violations."

    The free pop-up exhibit at 1329 N. Milwaukee Ave. seeks to "expose and investigate psychiatric abuses" according to Pollack, who said he has a suburban chiropractic practice where he often treats patients who have been prescribed antidepressants for physical ailments such as back pain.

    The group rented the space at what once was home to Rainbow Clothing, an otherwise vacant storefront that now features graphic images of what the commission calls abuses of psychiatry: restraints, electroshock therapy and solitary confinement.


    "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death," will run at 1329 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park until April 24.

    Hours are 2-7 p.m. Monday-Friday; 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Sunday.

    The full article is at
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  8. Darth Xander Member

    Are you friggin kidding me?!?!?!! How did we miss this?!?!?!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    If someone is going please post plans- it sounds like a good time and if I could swing it, I'd go..
  10. wolfbane Member

    Holocaust-related rhetoric loaded with offensive propaganda has setup shop at Wicker Park??? Oh my. The Jewish community bonds in Chitown runs deep. Chifags should consider harpooning these groups to see if they can stir up some collaborative interest in expressing outrage:

    Jewish Council On Urban Affairs
    618 S Michigan Ave., Suite 700
    Chicago, IL 60605
    312 663-0960
    Fax: 312 663-5305
    web site:

    American Jewish Committee Chicago Chapter
    55 E Monroe St., Suite 2930
    Chicago, IL 60603
    312 251-8800
    National Web Site:

    Anti-Defamation League Greater Chicago/Upper Midwest Region
    309 W Washington St., Suite 750Chicago, IL 60606
    312 782-5080 or 800 255-9492
    Fax: 312 782-1142
    Chicago Web Site:
    National Web Site:

    Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
    1 S. Franklin Street
    Chicago, IL, 60606
    312 346-6700
    Web Site:

    Jewish Family and Community Service (JFCS)
    1 S Franklin St., Suite 403
    Chicago, IL 60606
    312 357-4800

    Jewish Community Centers of Chicago
    One South Franklin Street
    Chicago IL 60606
    312 357-4700
    web site

    Decalogue Society
    (Local Jewish Bar Association)
    39 S. LaSalle St.
    Chicago, IL 6060

    University of Chicago Jewish Law Students Association

    Also - any local journalists that have covered Scientology shenanigans in the past should be harpooned. As well as local mental health associations. CCHR hasn't gotten their fair share of shame. Chicago would be an awesome place to see them run out town.
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  11. wolfbane Member

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  12. tigeratbay Member

    Xander, they must love you and Chicago to come by for a visit. Damn, wish I could be there. Give em' some lulz!:p
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  13. Megan Faccio Member

    Silly me can't find any planning thread for April. Strong Strength, youz out there? I'll try the top-sekrit email contact too.

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