Chicago Scientology protest for September 2013

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Welcome! This is the place to be for organizing the demonstration against Scientology abuses in Chicago. Please use this thread for anything related to the event: planning, questions, shooting the breeze, whatever.

    Bring along: a cool head, weather-appropriate gear, comfortable footwear, and possibly a mask or disguise if you roll that way. Extra stuff like cameras or munchies are always welcome too. We have plenty of signs we can lend you, or you can feel free to bring your own. We also have fliers to hand out, although there isn't a ton of foot traffic in the area.

    Stuff to avoid: accidentally clogging the sidewalk, using amplified sound at louder than conversational volume, going on Scientology property (including the little walkways from the doorway exits).

    Other notes: Masks or other disguises are legal to wear if you wish. We'll have relevant legal docs on hand, and we're on good terms with the police. Be aware that you may be photographed and/or videoed by the cult at some point.

    Date and time to be determined by consensus in the thread. Make sure to read everything and check back for updates.

    Hope to see you there!
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  2. Did everybody read this?
    [warning, possible Scientology link follows]

    Hear that?

    It's the butterfly effect.

    Can you feel the reverberations?
    Can you feel the shockwaves?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Are luchadore masks good enough to protect identity? I ask this because i notice that they can be very hard for others to remove.
  4. Paladin Member

    Yes, I'm sure that would work. I would not want to try to remove this guy's mask. :D
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  5. how's that dismantling of the church of scientology going guys?

    any progress yet? no? most of your friends gave up already?

    wake up and stop attacking basic freedoms
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  6. Anonymous Member

    If you're into such a straight up and vertical expansion, why are you bothering to read this page, L-O-S-E-R?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Oh look! Isn't it cute!

    Chifags you didn't tell us you were getting your own troll! Such a cutie pie! Congratulations to all Chifags on getting their very own troll.
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  8. Django Member

    Quite well, actually. Membership is on a downward spiral, celebrities are leaving AND talking about it, the "church's" reputation is in the toilet, and the toilet is ready to be flushed.

    The protests are not anywhere near as well-attended as when Anonymous broke in early 2008. Still, many escapees have cited the protests as a factor in their waking up and blowing Scientology. Anonymous/Chanology as a mass movement may be over, but its effects are enduring. Anonymous as an internet counter to "church" propaganda, in conjunction with ex-members and critics, is bringing your cult to its knees.

    How's the attendance at your org? Booming, I'm sure....

    The only party attacking basic freedoms in this situation is the so-called "church" of Scientology, founded by a sociopathic con-man, currently led by a petty, violent little creep. That's going to stop soon, though.

    Hope all is well at whatever OSA office you work out of. I'm sure your work environment is encouraging, helpful and calm, and that every post is filled so that no one has to work overtime, or come in on weekends.

    Hey, it's summer! How was your vacation with the family this year? Nice to get away for a couple weeks, huh?

    Anyway, you're making good money, and want to maybe go and spend some of it, so I won't take up much of you valuable time. See you next time....!
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  9. what makes you think the number of scientologists is down? i see you have no data on that, only your false hopes. have you seen our expansion around the world? russia? taiwan? new orgs opening every month. that's real data. welcome to the real world.

    so what if a few apostates have left? every religion experiences that. every new idea finds enemies. meanwhile new people are joining everyday.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Your troll has obviously reached the terrible 2's (second post) Not as cute but darn little fella is craving attention with his limited vocabulary skills, what do you do? Still, he'll grow out of it and be just as adorable in his next phase...blowing.
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  11. MOOG Member

    hello losers, glad you're here. keep looking, learning, and questioning. you'll be with us someday. <3<3
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  12. RightOn Member

    well least you picked the right name under the avatar. 5/10
    And posting with no identity?
    Isn't this what you always accuse Annonymous of doing? Hiding behind masks and pseudo names?
    Double standard much?

    Yes I have seen your "expansion" dog and pony show to try to keep the money rolling in.
    We have several threads on this forum dedicated to showing others Scientology's empty orgs, uninhabited orgs, orgs in disrepair and orgs that never got refurbished.
    Perhaps YOU should take a look.
    And as far as a few apostates leaving? Check out the Big List of people who left and spoke out. It is up to 2,115 people "apostates" who left.
    That list is just a small example of all the people that have left. There are thousands more, they just haven't come forward YET.
    Oh and if if you are a troll, 2/10
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  13. Paladin Member

    Do you really believe that we protest to attack basic freedoms? Is that what your leaders have told you or is it true for you by your own experience? What do you think protesters would gain from attacking basic freedoms?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    OK, if you are expanding so much, why is the Chicago org a crap hole with missing tiles, roach spray, mold, duct tape on holes in the walls, and extremely sad looking window displays? And why hasn't the idle (oops, I mean ideal) org opened yet. Surely you have raised enough money by now if Scientology is doing so fantastic.

    And the apostates wouldn't be leaving because of all of the regging for money, now would they? Or the constant phone calls to buy the latest books? BTW I have no problem with anyone practicing any religion, but I will stand up against an organization when they abuse people (RPF, ethics handling, etc.) and use children as slave labor. I have an issue with the organization that you are paying money to, not your beliefs.... but that isn't what THEY told you so it obviously can't be right. Question Authority!
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  15. Django Member

    The ARIS survey. The census. Reports from recent escapees. Your own eyes, if you're honest.

    I'll repeat: How's attendance at your org?

    New orgs opening...mostly replacing old orgs with bigger buildings, but, curiously, far less people in them. The "Ideal Org" program, sadly, is a scam. The org raises the money to buy a big building, and the IAS assumes ownership after it's bought, THEN charges the org rent.

    The amount of people coming in off the street to join up is infinitesimal, and they generally don't stay long. Scientology is having slightly better luck holding on to children, 2nd and 3rd generation adherents, but any kid is curious about the internet these days and most find out about the true nature of this cult and get the hell out while there's still a life to live.

    Real world, indeed...

    Look, we're probably both wasting our time. No one who frequents the board is going to be swayed by your arguments (which are, if you'll pardon, juvenile and quite, quite lame). You're not going to wake up until you've suffered some more abuse by the "church", until they've regged you out of your last dime and then maxed out any available credit you might've built, until they've cut you off from family and friends, until they've...

    Well, there's more, lots more. You'll see it. If you're strong, you'll do something about it. You can call 1-866-XSEAORG (1-866-973-2674) for some help, or call Tory "Magoo" Christman (818-588-3044, You won't have to "Route Out" or pay any sort of "Freeloader Debt"...anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. You can just walk down the street, and into a new and, I promise, much better life.

    Good luck...
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  16. Anonymous Member

    ^^^That's the best fucking advice you're getting all day, so shake out the earwax and do just that.
  17. Chipshotz Member

    Oh Hai. Is that you Water-Boy Dom?
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  18. Dra Member

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this month. I has a sad. :(
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm gonna be there and whoever don't like that can kiss my big ________ ass. (Fill in whatever color you like in the blank).
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Looking forward to vid.
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  21. skeptic2girl Member

    Where the eff is the Winner button when you really need it?
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