Chicago Scientology protest for May 2013

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Apr 14, 2013.

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    Welcome! This is the place to be for organizing the demonstration against Scientology abuses in Chicago. Please use this thread for anything related to the event: planning, questions, shooting the breeze, whatever.

    Bring along: a cool head, weather-appropriate gear, comfortable footwear, and possibly a mask or disguise if you roll that way. Extra stuff like cameras or munchies are always welcome too. We have plenty of signs we can lend you, or you can feel free to bring your own. We also have fliers to hand out, although there isn't a whole lot of foot traffic in the area.

    Stuff to avoid: accidentally clogging the sidewalk, using amplified sound at louder than conversational volume, going on Scientology property (including the little walkways from the doorway exits).

    Other notes: Masks or other disguises are legal to wear if you wish. We'll have relevant legal docs on hand, and we're on good terms with the police. Be aware that you may be photographed and/or videoed by the cult at some point.

    Hope to see you there!
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  2. We can't RSVP for events on this forum anymore, because they lost that functionality when the servers were being redone. But if you're going, you might want to check in here so other people know who to expect.

    We need to finalize the date for this one - anyone have preferences? Are we going back to the 2nd Saturday for this one? Cuz that would be fine with me.
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  3. I'm from Cincinnati but would like to attend the Chicago protest... would like to form one here too.
  4. Paladin Member

    The 2nd Saturday works for me.
  5. Sweet :) I can not wait for this, soooooo happy :)
  6. SkunkSkirt Member

    Still not completely sure if I can go, but hopefully I can.
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  9. OK, since nobody seems to have any issues with the date, I'm gonna go ahead and pencil this into my schedule.

    Everybody get EXCITED.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, real excited. There might even be a Dumb ... I mean, Dom sighting.
  11. Just because you're wearing a shirt doesn't mean you know how to dress yourself.
  12. Dra Member

    I should be able to be there (barring any emergencies)... :)
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  13. Anonymous Member

    This weekend? Or next? Date plox: )
  14. Dra Member

    May 11th (2nd Saturday) I believe :)
  15. Anonymous Member

    Thank you.
  16. I'm gonna be there too. May 11th.

    11-2 again, right?
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  17. Paladin Member

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  18. Dra Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Moi aussi (DOM: that's French for "me too").
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  20. I'm from Milwaukee. Can anyone help connect me with Fellow Members near me. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    Much Appreciated!!!
  21. Paladin Member

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