Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Sounds like there are two questions that need to be resolved:

    Date: Last month was a change from the usual pattern of holding the event on 2nd Saturday of the month. Is the group going back to the old standard or holding it on a different weekend?

    Location: The usual choices are Millennium Park or the org on Lincoln.

    Add your input and help figure it out!
  2. Darth Xander Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I have a lot of prior commitments in November and I'm not gonna ask you guys to adjust your schedule to accommodate me for a second month in a row. I think I'm just gonna skip November.

    Heed this Scilon: I am in not in any way intimidated or deterred in my quest to expose the Cult of Scientology. I will be back for the December protest, which should take place on the Saturday following my court date. I'll see you in court Domenic.
  3. 9376 Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Xander, I was pushing for a second saturday raid at the park just out of familiarity and getting some street attention again. There are always opportunities for a flash if you want to go back to the org on any particular day, and chances are good I'd be in for that, too.
    But what I'm sayin' is we need our second sundays back, and we need to get back to the park for some attention.
  4. Darth Xander Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    No problem. I understand and appreciate that all of you were willing to get off the regular schedule to accommodate me. Had I not made plans on the 13th without realizing that was the second Saturday I would be there. I've just not yet got to the point where I automatically make sure to block off the second Saturday of the month. I think going forward I'll have it down though.
  5. Paladin Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    The 2nd Saturday is good for me. I volunteer at a Food Pantry to help needy families on the 3rd Saturday of each month. The 4th Saturday is a holiday this month and, unlike the Scilons, we should all be able to enjoy the holiday weekend.

    As for location, I will always vote for the org. I want our friends at the org to know that taking our pictures and calling the police will not succeed. I want their staff and customers to see that their leadership cannot "handle" us. The police who work in that area need to become accustomed to seeing us. Developing good relations with the police will make things easier when we are able return to the org's doorstep. The Scilons will continue to complain about us. The police need to know us as peaceful and respectful protesters.

    However, I will go to the park if that's what most of you want to do.
  6. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    My preference is for Millennium Park on the 2nd Saturday this month.

    Re: the location, we've been at the org for a couple times in a row now, and while that's fun, I would like to get a little more Millennium Park in my diet, because I enjoy it there too. The legal stuff about demonstrating at the org seems to be in the process of working itself out anyway, so this might not be the worst time to take a break as we hopefully wait for a favorable resolution, and then maybe we can return to the org with a completely green light.

    Re: the date, I definitely would prefer to go back to 2nd Saturdays. It makes things way simpler for planning. Also, I think it works well in the short-term too: the 1st weekend in November is just way too soon, and like Paladin said, the 4th weekend is gonna be Thanksgiving stuff. Also, thinking forward to December, you have people who are finished with school as early as the 3rd weekend and are busy moving home or spending time with family, and the 4th weekend is Christmas Day (haha).

    As we already have one person for whom the 3rd weekend of the month doesn't work too well, the 2nd Saturday seems as good as any to me. The only mini downside is that it's coming up sooner than usual, but soon we'd be back on a monthly schedule. That's my 2 cents for now.

    To be fair, I thought a lot of the reason we shifted was to accommodate the Minneapolis regional event, but it ended up working out perfectly for you too so that's great. Take a good long rest and don't worry about it, 'cause we're in this for the long haul and everyone has real-life commitments or needs a breather once in a while. Unlike Scientology, we try not to make people feel guilty about that. :D

    Thanks again for your giant nards at the org.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I'm excited to wear my costume this month!

    Someone else wear one with me!
  8. Dra Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I will be there in November, but December is a no-go for me unless my schedule changes (too bad, since I wanted to try out the ice skating!)

  9. metgyre Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    my vote is for millenium park, 2nd saturday. yes, i prolly wont be there. but....!!! I MIGHT BE COMING! OMG!!! if i do, i need space for 2 to sleep. someone kind, pm me letting me know we can use your floor. and it IS a femanon (!)
  10. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I'm new at this, but I'd very much like to help. That 2nd Saturday could very well work for me, how exactly does this work?
  11. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Step 1: Show up.
    Step 2: Be awesome.

    That's kinda all there is to it. I think the location is still in question, but we usually have people showing up by noon, and then by 1 p.m. we're hitting full stride. People hang out, dance, hold signs, pass out fliers, eat candy, whatever. You're in control of your own experience, so you can roll however you want while there. (As long as it's not anything illegal - did I really need to say that?)

    You can check out a cool gallery of photos from various months if you want to get a feel for what it might be like. Some people bring a sign, fliers, or whatever, or if you wish, you can borrow one of ours too - we have plenty of extras. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
  12. MrAnonV Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    just requested off of work today so I will finally def be there. I personally vote for millennium park, I'm checking now to see when the ice rink is up and running.
  13. MrAnonV Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    damn, the ice rink opens the 17th, the wed after the scheuduled protest.
  14. McBeth Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Well this may seem like a stupid question but there is a church of scientology in chicago (as I'm sure you know) why not just protest in front of it?
  15. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I think I can make some extra room in my cardboard box for y'all! Just kidding - sorry I can't help you. I hope you're able to make it, though, because that would be fun. We still gotta do our plan of you holding a sign while getting a piggyback ride from me.

    Millennium Park is a beautiful location with a lot of things going for it. It has way more foot traffic and people around than at the org, and the protests there have a slightly different vibe to them. It's a perfectly good spot in its own right, and a lot of us enjoy it there.

    We're also interested in protesting at our org. Currently there is a legal dispute about how close we're allowed to be to it. Chicago has a law which prevents demonstrations within 150 feet of a house of worship holding services. To try to push protesters away, our org claims to be a church which holds services basically all day ever day. This has resulted in a lot of confusion for the police about what the spirit and application of the law should be. If you want to see how this has played out recently and what the latest developments are, watch this:

  16. 9376 Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Bailing on this one.
  17. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Event now with 100% more candy! I found a place unloading their Halloween stock at crazy low prices and will bring some along. I have chocolate, super sour candy, Twilight-the-movie-themed candy (haha), you name it.

    I have my sights set on Millennium Park, since that's where it seemed most people want to go for this month. Wouldn't be surprised if turnout was a little lower this month, maybe in the 5-9 range, by the sound of things. Just don't want anyone to come expecting a mob of people and ending up disappointed. I always have fun regardless of numbers, so I'm excited.

    Can anyone volunteer to bring an MP3 player this month to use with MiniBoomBox? I'll have mine, but its battery isn't what it used to be, and it sometimes runs out of juice partway through. If someone else brings their MP3 player, they can DJ for the 2nd half of the event (or whenever).


    One of you... must do this.
  18. Kevin Freeman Member

    I like Bacon

    "Uhhh... Not During the protest."

    I have three choices that I you will choose.

    [STRIKE]1. Blu Spy[/STRIKE] (Nevermind, cat hair all over the suit.)

    2. Green-faced Anonymous suit.

    3. Knockoff Dr. Horrible labcoat

    D. Asshole, just dress normally.
  19. 9376 Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Don't mind me, just posting a shot of me outside the ol' org in DC from last weekend.
  20. Dra Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    ^^^^ Awesomeness!!!!
  21. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Sorry we missed you man. But glad you raided them.
  22. Re: I like Bacon

    That's a terrific photo, great setup of the sign, the building in the background, you two colorful characters, and even the pretty flowers in the foreground.

    On this day, maybe whatever's the most comfortable, because it looks to be cold and quite possibly rainy. No worries though, I'll come with my loins girded and all that.
  23. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    [size=+1]--> This month's protest details <--[/size]

    Date: Saturday, November 13th, 2010

    Location: Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, at the intersection of Michigan Ave. and Madison St. Note that this is at the western edge of the park, not somewhere in the center of it. Look for the wackos in masks.

    Time: Noon is usually when people start trickling in, but sometimes the group doesn't hit full speed until closer to 1 p.m. We go until we run out of gas, which is sometimes around 3 or so, but we play it by ear. Of course, you're welcome to come and leave whenever you want.

    Do: Hold signs, hand out fliers, talk to people, dance, shoot the breeze, etc.

    Don't: Amplified sound, chalking walkways, clogging up sidewalks, soliciting (why?), alcohol (duh)

    What do I need to bring? A mask or disguise if you roll that way, and stuff to keep yourself functional - comfy footwear, a drink, warm clothes, etc. If you want to bring a sign or fliers, go for it; otherwise, we have plenty that we can lend you. (Just please be careful with borrowed equipment to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.) Other stuff like cameras and munchies are optional. Have fun!

  24. 9376 Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I looked for you guys at the rally, but there were SO many signs and SO many masks... I'm sorry. We got tied up with some drama in Virginia and got there WAY later than planned. I couldn't leave without paying at least a photo op visit to the org that essentially got me started. HubbardTelescope getting attacked was the last thing I had to read to get involved somehow, and I have wanted to take a trip to that org since. Now, Gold Base.

    Thanks for bein' awesome, though. Hopefully we'll be back soon.
  25. Darth Xander Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    That pic is of the old DC org right? The one where Sparrow first started? What's going on there now? Is it vacant?
  26. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Emptied out. Old furniture sold. The place is being used for storage and office work but from what intel says on it, its dead. Nothing to see there but a brick building with no activity.
  27. Darth Xander Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Much obliged. Thinking about DC gets me worked up about Sparrow. I miss his multi-part epic vids.
  28. metgyre Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    shit happened. no longer have femanon. no longer have money. no longer gonna make it
  29. Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    Crap, sorry to hear that. :(
    Hang in there, buddy.

    On the plus side, it looks like they now are predicting somewhat better weather for Saturday than before. That made me so happy I had to dance like this (I'm at the 50 second mark on the left side of the screen):

  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    I want more of these lovely ladies here in the Hot Girls with GF masks on thread.
  31. 9376 Member

    Re: Chicago - November 2010 - Planning

    That's me on the right. With a penis.

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