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Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by 3rdMan, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. dogcmp6 Member

    Re: Chicago, IL

    ok guys heres the plan so far, that no ones objected to, we will be meeting up 1/2 block east of the Belmont cta station at the jamba juice, which is over priced as hell so we may want to make a last minute change to starbucks which is a block east from the station, we are meeting between 11 and 1130 AM we will then march to the org and party till were bored, you all need masks for this raid, NO ONE IS TO BRING A WEAPON INCULDING PAPPER SPRAY, MACE, KNIVES ETC ETC...if we agitate them an they call the police and say some one has theartnd them with a weapon you will be butt fucked, do you understand? DO BRING: WARM CLOTHES, LAYERS ARE KEY also bring A CAMERA OR CAMCORDER well i am going to be the primary video for this, i expect to have /b/lackup if i get targeted. do not drop your camcorder to help me unles they are going to kill me, in fact let them beat me to a pulp, more money from the law suit.
  2. dogcmp6 Member

    Re: Chicago, IL

    we are going with this orginal plan, 11-1130 meet at belmont l outside on street, then 1 e got millenium
  3. Re: Chicago, IL

    The latest plan for Saturday the 10th:

    Please check and confirm later tonight and/or tomorrow morning on our local forums Sat. 10th thread.
  4. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Chicago, IL

    Sorry guyz. I haven't got a call back yet on the amplified sound. Seems my calls are getting lost in the bureaucracy. :(
  5. dogcmp6 Member

    Re: Chicago, IL

  6. Meatwad Member

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