Chicago - Feb. 12, 2011 - Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Strong Strength, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. If you randomly clicked a Google link and arrived here without knowing what this is about, I suggest you check out this cool photo album of Scientology protests in Chicago and elsewhere.

    We hold a protest once a month, and this is our planning area. Details follow...


    Alright, where's it gonna be this month? The org? And do we wanna start at 1 p.m. again?

    I assume we're all going to be watching what happens on the Jan. 13th hearing (legal background link), and we may adjust our plan accordingly. So this thread may be a little premature. Still, I wanted to get it up here so people know something's happening.
  2. Darth Xander Member

    Well, the city dropped the ticket. As far as I'm concerned, that's the same as laying out the welcome mat right in front of the Org. I say to the Org!
  3. Paladin Member

    Yes, I want to see what the Scilons will do now. If they call the police, it will be interesting to see how the police will react to the news that the citation was dropped. Noon or 1pm is OK with me. TO THE ORG!
  4. metgyre Member

    February shall hail the RETURN OF METGYRE TO CHICAGO!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! I WILL BE THERE!!!! as usual with any other raid i attend in chicago, any kind anon willing to put me up for the night is appreciated. PM if you can handle me. w00t! oh, and i vote on MP for the raid, just easier for me to get to.
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  5. Kevin Freeman Member

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  6. 9376 Member

    Freeman got a website. Nice.
    Will actually be there and shit. I say Org because fuckyeah Balls of Steel. Also, check out the Wikileaks bit this saturday. I'm gonna be DOUBLE FISTING my protest schedule.
  7. Dra Member

    I will be there :) Awesome result Xander! (I definitely count it as WIN!)
  8. Alright, Metgyre! We've missed you, man.

    Personally, I really want to go back to the org too. I think it sounds fun. Either way, can we start at 1 so the out-of-townies have an extra hour to travel, maybe eat a meal, and get settled?

    The other reason I prefer 1 is that we seemed to be a little more in sync as far as starting times goes. That may be Kind of a Big Deal in the winter months when our total time out there might be limited to like two, two-and-a-half hours if it's really cold. If we have a majorly staggered start and some people are there an hour earlier than the others, it only gives us like an hour-something of all being together, so that's the scenario I want to try to avoid if we can.

    Granted, starting at 1 would probably mean missing the Scientologist lunch break crew if we're at the org (because right after noon is when it seems to be busiest), but maybe we could worry more about that when the weather's warmer.
  9. Anonymous Member



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  10. Paladin Member

    Starting at 1pm in Feb. sounds good. I don't think we need to be concerned about being seen by the staff members coming back from their lunch break. We can work on that in the future. This next time out should be about being seen by the person who sits inside their front door. Last October, the receptionist (or whatever) came out as soon as she saw us outside their door. She told us that she called the police and that we had to leave. When we didn't, Dominic ( The guy with the camera in post #8) arrived. He told us we had been warned before and sat at the front desk. We could see him frantically talking on the phone until the 2nd group of police arrived to issue the citation to Xander. After we know how they will react to us returning to their front door, then we can start thinking more about how to reach the people inside.
  11. Darth Xander Member

    Words alone simply cannot convey how excited I am to return to spreading the truth in front of the Org. I feel like breakdancing.
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  12. In case anyone wasn't aware, the "Like" feature on individual posts isn't just some local board feature to prevent clogging up threads with "+1" posts, it's actually connected to Facebook itself. So if anyone uses that, you probably don't wanna be logged in there while browsing here. Just saying.

    Do it. While shouting slogans.
  13. Toughposeidon Member

    Im a new Anoymous but ready to do what I can for the cause
  14. Showing up on the 12th would be a good start!

    ...Xander? ...Is that you?


    (Millennium Park, Dec. '09)
  15. 9376 Member

    Oooh, Rooftop. Don't mind him, just gettin' pictures of all of us and never coming back again.
  16. dogcmp6 Member

    OH HAI CHIFAGS, Dog is ready to get back in the game after being out for over a year and a half...freaking school, anyway, I hope to make it on the 12th, and will do the research on what i missed...I will be returning, with my camera as well
  17. Pareo Member

    Okay guys, I'll be there. With cupcakes. :'D (I feel so weird, because I always post things on here, but never come. :c)
  18. Pareo Member

    No, I lied. Waaay too far. I'll go to the next one in Millennium Park.
  19. Haha, I remember when Rooftop was new and making his initial forum posts, he sounded so retarded that a friend and I were secretly trying to guess whether he was an actual person who was really gonna show up or just some troll persona.

    That's OK, we've gotten so used to it that our planning threads really wouldn't be the same without you. ogeyoj.gif
    Seriously though, catch us at Millennium sometime, should be fun.

    Welcome back, man. Here's what you missed:

  20. dogcmp6 Member

    some one scored on mustache guy? I hope they brought listerine,
  21. Incidentally, Mustache Guy no longer rocks the 'stache.

    OK, so have you guys heard this song? (0:08-1:08)

    I was thinking of trying to make a short parody/spinoff of it by doing some filming for a "music video" at the February event. It will be some anon taking the lady's place (the interviewee) and "singing" the song. The storyline will be that someone went into the org and the Scientologists were saying, "We want your money, everybody, now!" Then it's the anon backin' up, backin' up out of the org. Because their daddy taught them good.

    Basically, we'd just need some people to act and lip-synch some of the lines and do their best impression of the lady crouching and stepping backwards. We could bring a coffee cup too, as a prop for that one line. Then maybe a couple group shots of everyone backing up away from the door. I'd take all those clips and mash them up into a "music video." No idea how good it'd come out, because I've never tried something like this, but if anyone thinks it would be fun to try, let me know.
  22. dogcmp6 Member

    Strong, your editing program allow you to see the audio waveform?
  23. I guess in theory I have something that can do that. Any reason why you ask? I wasn't planning on doing anything fancy, just copying & pasting the music track and using different video clips.
  24. dogcmp6 Member

    It helps if you can see the wave form, you can get your clips to change on right on the beat, rather then guess at it (more pleasing visually to see it change on the beat)
  25. Dra Member

    "In an important victory for LGBT rights activists and for civil liberties in general, on Tuesday the top legal official for the City of Chicago sent the American Civil Liberties Union a letter saying they would not arrest protesters at a forthcoming February 13th Gay Liberation Network ( GLN ) protest for violation of an ordinance which bans most picketing of religious institutions immediately before, during or after religious services are being conducted."
    rest of thread linked below....

    Letter from ACLU:
  26. Darth Xander Member

    Thanks for posting Dra. Not really surprisingly giving what happened with my case. It remains to be seen, of course, whether the city's decision filters down to the officers on duty on the 12th.
  27. If it hasn't, we'll just show the docs of the case getting thrown out. I don't think it would be wise for them to try that angle again, because I believe it would further damage their credibility with the police through wasting more law enforcement time.

    Oh yeah, I have the tools to do that. I think I can pull it off. Now all I need is a main actor or actress. (Hint, hint.) Preferably a woman, because the song's voice is a woman's. And preferably someone who doesn't wear the V mask or a full face mask for this, because being able to see the mimicked expressions will make it funnier. Good charisma or acting skills a plus, but even if we fail, it should be funny.
  28. I'm trying an experiment of making an event thread for this. As those are visible in the "Planning" section, which is right off the front page of the forums, I'm going to see if it helps us get any random people who might be interested. Or at the very least, it makes sure our event is advertised in as many appropriate spots on this site as possible.

    There's no need for you to do anything special, but if you want to click the RSVP thing in that thread, it probably wouldn't hurt - lots of RSVP's would help reassure any potential newbs that the event is actually going to take place and help encourage them to show up too.
  29. dogcmp6 Member

    Awesome Idea Strongstrength
  30. I wouldn't exactly say that, and I don't know if anything will come from it, but it won't hurt anything.

    There's also the Follow Up forum which is not only visible from the front page of the forums, but hardly gets much traffic at all. Put those two together, and if you have a halfway-interesting postgame thread, it should surf the front page for days and get views galore. Being the attention-seekers that we are, we must exploit this. So how about we put our postgame thread in the Follow Up section this time around?

    P.S. This site must have a great search engine ranking. Just check the random-ass stuff that's landing visitors here! (See "Users found this page by searching for..." at the bottom of the thread page.)
  31. Shalashaska Member

    Hello! Im from the anon group in Seattle but since im around the aria I will join all of you on the 12th. I just got one question to ask; will their be cake???
  32. Dra Member

    There will be cookies ...
  33. Shalashaska Member

    Well whatever, but do you guys have a theam. Like since it's Valentines Day and all; your guy's main message is love. Or do you just raid the fuck out of the org?
  34. Anonymous Member

    just raid the fuck out of the org
    (or the nearest street corner)
  35. Paladin Member

    I have been having problems posting to WWP. This post is just a test to see if the problem is fixed.
  36. Hello, Shalashaka, welcome.

    We're so lucky - it's supposed to be a beautiful, sunny winter day with temps in the 30's on Saturday. Seems like early February always has some terrible cold spell, which is why I was a little worried going into this month, but it looks like we're going to dodge the bad weather again this year.

    My MP3 player has a new battery, so the music shouldn't conk out partway through like it has been the past few months.

    Dra and dogcmp6 - check your PM's!
  37. Here's the map for any new people:


    Basically their building is at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., close to the 6-way intersection of Lincoln/Wellington/Southport. If you show up early and nobody's there yet, I don't recommend hanging out there solo with no cameras to cover you, so consider killing some time by taking a stroll around the neighborhood or check the corner at the intersection in front of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, which is where we gather up sometimes.

  38. Shalashaska Member

    Even if it's hotter than hell or colder than ice Anonymous will be there, DEAL WITH IT! :)
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  39. Shalashaska Member

    S0, tomorrow; 1 PM right? Im ready for this raid!
  40. Meatwad Member

    Oh hello. Who wants to watch me get arrested tomorrow?

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