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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Kevin Freeman, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Kevin Freeman Member

    So I had an idea for Team Fortress 2 style achievements for anonymous protests. some achieveme are universal while some are Chicago only (Ex. Hit on Domenic achievement), but could be easily altered to
    Be for all Scientology protests.

    Unless explicitly stated, you can earn an achievement for something you've done before you obtained a achievement page.

    I love you Domenic - Males only: 150 pts.
    Hit on a male Scientologist
    Extra 50 pts. if Domenic
    (Achievement Photo: Billy Herrington in his leather harness)

    I love you Rebecca - Females only: 150 pts.
    Hit on a female Scientologist
    Extra 50 pts. if Rebecca

    Doesn't Afraid of Anything: 500pts.
    Clearly state your IRL name in front of a handler or any other Scientologist who would use that information for evil. Ineligible for this achievement if they initially found out your name without you explicitly providing it to them.

    Masks are for the weak: 200 pts.
    Spend an entire raid maskless (hats are acceptable)
    Bonus 50 pts. If you smile, wave or somehow pose for a Scientologist taking your picture
    (Achievement Photo: Guy Fawkes mask with a red circle-slash through it)

    No photo!: 200 pts.
    Take an image of a scientologist who explicitly stated they did not want you to take a photo of them.
    Bonus 25 pts. if you say "say cheese" or somehow notify them that you just took a picture.
    Bonus 75 points if the exact same scientologist takes a photo/video of you the exact same day.
    (Achievement photo: picture of XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage robot when she looked like an Ogre for picture day.)

    Flowers for grandma: 300 pts.
    Have flowers delivered to your parents or grandparents courtesy of Scientology
    (Achievement Photo: stock photo of flowers )

    We know who you are: 150 pts.
    Have a handler talk to you, addressing you by either your IRL name or your Anon name.

    Newfriend: 100 pts.
    Attend to your first protest.

    Anon Reunion: 200 pts.
    Come to a protest after 4+ months of not attending any protests or mini-raids.

    Represent: 200 pts.
    Attend a megaraid located anywhere but Illinois, representing Chicago Anonymous.
    (Achievement Photo: Chicago flag)

    Perfect Attendance: 400 pts.
    Come to every monthly protest and mini-raid for one year (any 12 months in a row). This achievement can be awarded multiple times (each time after the first gaining 200 pts.) You cannot earn this achievement for any perfect attendance before January 1st, 2012.

    The names, photos and achievement points are not set in stone, an I also am thinking of adding more achievements.

    Opinions/suggestions of more achievements or changes to current ones?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Bored, bro?
  3. WMAnon Member

    Well Traveled: 200 pts.
    Attend monthly protests or miniraids in more than three cities. Extra 50 pts. for each city after the third.

    Ideal Org (city name): 100 pts.
    Attend an Ideal Org opening. Each city earns full points.
    Bonus: Get a photo or video of Miscavige from the event.

    Leaderfag: 150 pts.
    Organize a successful monthly protest.
    Bonus: Organize successful protests for a full year without getting lynched.

    Papers: 0 pts.
    Get a Cease and Desist letter from Scientology lawyers. Your letter is your reward.

    Free Hugs!: 100pts.
    Get a hug from a Scientologist.

    Media Whore: 50 pts.
    Have any of your materials or your likeness appear in mainstream media coverage of Anonymous. International stations count.

    Lawyer Up: 500 pts.
    Get taken to court by Scientology. No points if you puss out in a way that harms other Anons.

    Ambassador: 50 pts.
    Talk about Anonymous and Scientology at work, school, or in another non-Anonymous setting successfully.

    Into the Lion's Den: 300 pts. (non namefags only)
    Enter a Scientology Org or Exhibit without masks.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    This is just straight-up gay.
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  5. WMAnon Member

    Pffft, whatever works for Chicago.
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  6. Kevin Freeman Member

    I'd suggest Leaderfag say protest instead if monthly protest. Some cities have no real set up for their monthly, and the planning tread is just the protesters agreeing on site A or B and time X or Y. Mini and flash raids however are a different story.
  7. WMAnon Member

    Yeah, we haven't had a "monthly" here in over a year, but we've had some raids. Boston's kinda all over the place as far as initiatives go.
  8. Kevin Freeman Member

    Wisonsin achievements:

    Holy shit: 1,000 pts.
    Have any type of protest.

    Holy fuck: 5,000 pts.
    Actually see a scientologist in your state. This can be earned multiple times, at most once a day.
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. WMAnon Member

    Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers: 200 pts
    Create an Anon website that sees significant traffic and doesn't suck.
    Bonus: keep it up for longer than a year

    Fuck Yo Couch: 100 pts
    Let an Anon couchsurf at your place for purposes of a raid. Social visits don't count.

    Bag Check: 50 pts
    Cross international borders (EU nations don't count) with obvious Anonymous paraphernalia in your luggage.

    LOL Geography: 400 pts
    Attend a protest on another continent. Full points each time if you have to cross an ocean.

    VICTOLY!: 1000 pts
    Run an Org or Mission completely into the ground. For full points, they must not have any remaining property within a reasonable area. Partial credit for running them off into smaller offices, abandoning an Ideal Org building, or forcing them to merge two separate offices.

    Costume Department: 250 pts
    Bring costumes related to the raid theme for more than two people other than yourself.

    Cunning Linguist: 100 pts
    Translate Anon materials into another language, or engage the public at a raid in a language other than your native one. Full points for each additional language you translate for.

    Pics or it Didn't Happen: 10 pts
    Post pics or video of a raid you attended. Full points each raid.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Didn't get any points did you? Awwww.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I don't want points, I want an increase in my paycheck from Pfizer.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Points system is part of the new Big Pharma bonus program.
  15. This thread is indeed super retarded, but it's fun to see people being creative anyway. How about these:

    No Homo: 100 points
    Have a Scientologist state or imply that you are gay. (Other alternatives like bisexual, transgender, etc. count.)

    Wait Are You Guys For Or Against Scientology: 100 points
    Get a Scientologist to take your flier, leaflet, or pamphlet before they realize it isn't pro-Scientology.

    Tourist Trap / Do You Speak Photograph: 100 points
    Have your picture taken with tourists who don't speak any of the local language.

    I Know Already, I'm From Clearwater: 100 points
    Talk to someone from the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area who is well aware of Scientology dangers.

    Is This Another Bar: 100 points
    A drunk person decides to go into the org after having their interest piqued from talking to you.

    One-Finger Salute: 100 points
    Get flicked off by a Scientologist. (Other obscene gestures count.)

    Role Reversal: 300 points
    Talk to a Scientologist who is wearing a mask while you yourself are not masked. (This happened in Chicago, LOL. Seen it happen in France too.)

    I Get My Cults Mixed Up: 200 points
    Have a police officer mention something negative about Scientology while they are speaking privately to you (e.g. reference to them being a cult, they are a pain in the ass to deal with, etc.)

    Poker Face: 100 points
    Get a Scientologist, who is obviously under orders not to speak with you, to smirk at a comment or joke you make as they walk by.
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