Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

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  1. auchraw Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I translated Rathbun's Creed into Real English.

    Thirty-one Factors for Scientologists to Consider

    Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, otherwise known as Dead Old Ron or DOR, invented meaningless routines that allowed him to exploit people who believed everything he said and grind them into the dirt [or 'lock them in the chain locker']. He invented a method of mental bullying that increases imaginary feelings of guilt in previously able, happy and peaceful beings. He invented an 'ethics' system where 'good' is whatever benefited Hubbard personally. DOR established an organisation based on these techniques. His various 'creeds' and 'codes' are flagrant lies designed to repackage his money-making scams as a religion. Some of his more brain-washed followers recognise no fewer than 31 factors that they believe threaten the continued viability of DOR's dangerous inventions.

    One They oppose the self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige (DM), who has been more successful than they in using Hubbard's legacy for his own profit.

    Two When Hubbard died, DM defeated many other equally greedy but less effective people to gain control of this cash cow.

    Three He has now been in control for thirty years and Scientology flourished until the advent of Anonymous and other critics.

    Four DM continues to protect his position against palace coups by people whose initials are often MR.

    Five DM was always a close disciple (=bumboy) of DOR, having grown up in the cult. He supplied the old man with all the drugs and anything else he wanted.

    Six Scientology has always cloaked its deeds in silence and mystery; Miscavige is no exception.

    Seven The leaders of Scientology have always used the confidential confessions of Scientology members to control them.

    Eight The leaders of Scientology have always used physical violence to enhance their authority.

    Nine Ditto.

    Ten Ditto.

    Eleven DM is more concerned with his own reputation than with that of Dead Old Ron but still quotes dead old Ron's 'anachronistic' policies better suited (like the rest of DOR's inventions) for the circumstances of the fifties and sixties.

    Twelve DM has quite naturally used Scientology to amass incredible wealth, just like DOR. That is what Scientology IS.

    Thirteen DM is trying very hard to maintain DOR's major scam, that the Bridge goes somewhere, and has so far succeeded. The truth that the Bridge leads only to bankruptcy, insanity and death is becoming difficult to hide but accusations of falsehood are irrelevant in a cult based on a scam.

    Fourteen DM's “Ideal Org” strategy is one of the most brilliant of his money-making schemes. It has put hundreds of millions of dollars under his control. DOR must be proud of his boy for dreaming up this one.

    Fifteen DM has however messed about with some of DOR's inventions, though the end result (to make more money) has never been abandoned.

    Sixteen DM's use of the technology of suppression to impose suppression is a brilliant evolution no doubt inspired by that great suppressor, DOR himself.

    Seventeen DM knows very well that the only hold he has over the dwindling number of brain-washed suppressives who still consider themselves Scientologists is the practice of disconnection, which was never a voluntary tool.

    Eighteen DM rules OK over the entire International Base Crew (including RTC, Watchdog Committee, CMO INT, Executive Strata and Gold). DOR would be proud of him.

    Nineteen DM believes divorce should precede remarriage. DOR did not always bother.

    Twenty [Dear Xenu, how many more?] DM does not like using pregnant women [STRIKE] as slaves [/STRIKE] for heavy manual labour as they are liable to miscarry at awkward moments or otherwise tend to focus on their offspring to the exclusion of his money-making project. His forced abortion policy is the logical result of his desire to KSW.

    Twenty-one DM uses the term 'suppressive' in an inexact way, much as Anonymous uses the term 'fag'.

    Twenty-two Our Little Dictator has co-opted Scientology’s multi-million dollar audio/visual production facility and its several hundred Golden Era Productions staff for the purpose of forwarding his own image and power through
    Scientology events. DOR would be proud of his little boy.

    Twenty-three Up to now DM has managed to hide the decline of the organisation by presenting the faithful with videos which no-one in his right mind would believe. The manipulation of truth is skilled and extensive and until the advent of Anonymous was accepted at face value by the devoted cash cows.

    Twenty-four Instead of producing a biography of DOR, the hired biographer (TD??) has worked almost exclusively for nearly two decades in an even more demanding area of fiction: writing speeches for DM.

    Twenty-five Scientologists are trained to lie whenever KSW demands it. In consequence of this policy DM has repeatedly lied, and directed others to lie, in all sorts of situations.

    Twenty-six Like all dictators, large and small, DM has personally enriched himself, though his lavish lifestyle is not vastly different from that of DOR, a penniless hack who nevertheless owned an ocean-going yacht with a crew of nubile teenagers. He did not, however, spend money on dental work or personal grooming. Of the two, DM is by far the cleaner.

    Twenty-seven DM follows closely in the footsteps of DOR, having his every word recorded and transcribed and distributed to staff. Since DOR is dead DM has taken it upon himself to update DOR's utterances under the guise of “getting it on Source”. Divine status is rumoured to be on the cards.

    Twenty-eight Many veteran Sea Org members have been RPF'd, imprisoned in the Hole,
    beaten and declared by DM for having the temerity to object to DM's way of running Scientology. Why they still want to work for him is difficult to explain.

    Twenty-nine DM has spent millions of dollars on buildings, fast cars and bikes, unlike DOR who was more into ranches, yachts and race-horses.

    Thirty DM has created up-market orgs that he imagines will appeal to normal people ("raw meat") in the 21st century. But his experience of real life is sadly limited.

    Thirty-one (at last) DM has not only squandered money that is not his on a lavish life-style and some amazing and very expensive buildings but lures women into his schemes. The best known is Katie Holmes who was [STRIKE] lured in recruited [/STRIKE] cast for the part of Mrs Cruise after Tom's break-up with Nicole K.

    David Miscavige rules and exploits Scientology just as Scientology rules and exploits its staff and public members. The evil aspects of this psychologically-damaging Ponzie scheme cannot be separated from its alleged beliefs or methods of management. DM has followed, with remarkably little adaptation, in the footsteps of his one-time boss, Dead Old Ron. Scientology is not only worthless as a self-help philosophy, it is inevitably designed to allow extreme manipulation and financial exploitation of vulnerable people who believe it has some inherent value. It does not.

    You may take anything they say in their own defence and believe exactly the opposite.

    “We of the Church believe... that all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others”

    The sentiment is correct but it is not espoused by Scientology. These rights are available only to people who have not been drawn in to the scam that is Scientology.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    For those who have accused people against Marty Rathbun of religious hatred here is an old statement by Michael Pattinson:

  3. lothar Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Someone needs to make a Thirty-one factors for aspiring Cult Leaders to consider

    It seems to me many of these same arguments could be made about Rathburn. The only known Scientology exec to have admitted to beating people. THe only known exec to admit to covering up the death of a young woman and the destruction of evidence to further his crimes.

    Fuck you pot calling kettle. This man is 100% delusional. I hope some day he wakes up and starts his 12 step program of trying to make up for the harm he has caused people and their families.

    The MRs are probably as much or more of monsters then Miscavige. At least you know tiny dwarf's motivations and justifications.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I would agree that they both are just as bad or worse than DM. And I lean toward worse, there has been nothing but fail since DM has been left to his own devices.

    Rathbun admits he was part of the these weird spy-op programs like entering people's homes under false pretenses to steal from Pat Broker and tampering with evidence. He was also front and center in Jesse Prince's statements that state that Rathbun was directly involved bringing in people (ie: Cooley) to coach members to commit perjury, stood by while supposedly a woman riding in a car w/ him was shot to death etc. Other horror stories about the cult may or may not be tin foil, but suggest that DM and Marty where always connected at the hip. If any of the tin foil stories are true, DM could not have done them with out Rathbun.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    So many exes saying exactly the same or similar things about both Miscavige and Rathburn make the stories of abuse more difficult to dismiss as tin foil.

    Rathburn has already proved he was a ruthless power-mad bully when he was serving for years as DM's right hand henchman. Rathburn is baaawing because he wants to usurp DM's throne. With scilon stats crashing worldwide, best of luck to Rathburn's Dead Agent tactics against DM.
  6. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Wait what does this have to do with anything?
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I think, think he was trying to make the point that Rathbun is a faggot, by using the particular case of him being a faggot about the religions of others, ironically contrasting with his supporters accusing people of being a faggot about his religion.

    But I'm still unsure about how relevant it is.
  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Good job guise. Nothing screams "subject mastery" like not even knowing the name of the person about whom you are speaking.

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    So...Rathbu[strike]r[/strike]n is a faggot?
  10. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    I tried reading the quote and it's fucking lost on me.

    Any ways Rathbun is an opportunistic faggot that likes to prey on the easily manipulated. Much like all freezoners.

    What MP has to do with any of that baffles me.
  11. Snake Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    Shut up you whore and suck my cock.
  12. bastet Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    It is built on a foundation that is rotten to the core. No one can reform it.
  13. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    tl;dr the quote was Pattinson saying Rathbun was an ass about his religion. Anon poster was using it as a comment against people complaining about people being an ass about Rathbun's religion. Sort of a "WELL HE DOES IT TOO SO THERE." Despite this, anon poster is clearly still an idiot.

    I'm still not willing to braid daisies into your hair.
  14. Re: Checked out Rathbuns site lately?

    ^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^ I also believe the vulnerable people slowly transform into zealots eventually considering themselves superior beings than the lowly wogs of the world. They are no longer vulnerable after long term processing but develop misguided confidence becoming eager participants and foot soldiers in spreading the scam. Scientologists no longer have an open mind on matters concerning the real world and refuse to take an honest look at the abuses in Scientology even ones they observe and have been victimized by themselves. The scam and abuses have been exposed and they simply won't or are incapable of accepting the sad truth of Hubbard's science fiction religion scam.

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