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  1. grumpus Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Ok, AnomAnom.

    In the couple weeks since you registered I've watched you advocate and support about half a dozen ideas that would have people doxing themselves to you, to Co$, and to whomever might run your proposed central donation bank, card distribution center, DVD clearing house, and whatever else you think people should be doing.

    I've watched your evasiveness when questioned and I've watched you call people paranoid about getting doxed and Fair Gamed. Here's one of my favs of your posts, emphasis mine:

    You aren't worried about doxing and Fair Game? You think 90% of the people here are resting on laurels and just social-clubbing? You say people who question you on this need to grow a pair?

    Here's a proposal:

    I'm in the Charlotte area. PM me your personal information and I'll see about checking you out. I've been a critic for years and a lot of people think I'm a pain in the ass, but they KNOW I'm a mortal enemy of Scientology. This should make your decision a lot easier than the decision you offered the people you call silly, angsty and paranoid for not taking you up on a ride to Atlanta the day you registered, among your other brilliant ideas.

    If I do check you out, maybe I'll offer my opinion on your legitimacy.

    I give you my word I will not reveal your information to anyone else. I will record your info and delete the PM the minute I receive it. If you think doxing oneself to a total stranger who just showed up is no big deal, then you should have no problem at all doxing yourself to me, a longtime critic with a perfect credit history of keeping confidences.

    There are several people in the critic movement who know my info, but they are people I have reason to trust. Let's see how courageous you are about trusting a total stranger, even one with a long critic history.

    Or (and this is my strong recommendation) if you are legit and were just making over-eager n00b mistakes, you might take a few hours to go browse the Fair Game forum and practice some Google Fu on Fair Game, then realize how foolish and unnecessary it is to go revealing personal information to absolute strangers around Co$-critical websites.

    Then you might apologize to the people you've called paranoid and learn to lurk a lot more before you go telling people to get off their asses and grow a pair when you just got here and don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    Your move.
  2. WagTheWog Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    How do you not lurve "The Grump Man"? :)
  3. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Your anonposting technique needs work.
  4. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    btw I told pwn this was an OSA spai like forever ago

    caek called it
  5. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Gold star for you<3
  6. CoastalAnon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    I miss raidz
  7. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

  8. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    o hai, OSA spy here :)

    I was out-of-town last week, and missed the goings-on on this thread.

    I gave my "poop" to grumpus after doing a little due diligence on him (he had offered to "check me out" after, seemingly, all of Anon decided I was out to identify all the folks opposed to the cult for offering to give rides to Atlanta for a raid, and for suggesting a distribution center for bulk-purchased/produced materials like YFTC cards*). Anyway, I'm headed out in a short bit to have a beer at a place in Matthews. Grumpus was told where, though I haven't heard back from him yet. If anyone is in the area and thirsty for a cold one, and PM me and I'll tell you where I am. ANTI-FLAME DISCLAIMER: For all you know, I am an evil OSA bastard trolling for folks to fair game. Or maybe I just would like to meet some like-minded, beer-drinking anon in the 'hood. Use your own good judgment. DISCLAIMER OFF.

    PM me if you are curious, or hit grumpus up for the location.

    *I DID work out a bulk deal on GF masks... I bought 100; if anyone isn't to skeert, I'm selling them at cost ($2.75!) plus whatever the cost to send 'em would be. I estimate $0.25 for a padded mailer and $0.75 postage.
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Don't be a faggot.
  10. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Uhm, yeah, whatever.

    Anyway, if there ARE any folks in SE CLT who might care for a beer, I'm buyin'.

    I'm about to change venue, but will prob. remain around Matthews. Hit me up.
  11. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    I'm still loling at how you gave Grumpus your poop.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    I added a tag to this thread in honor of you and your "due diligence" comment.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

  14. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Be less anonymous, grumpus.
  15. grumpus Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    rofl, you have no idea.

    AnomAnom... dude. Stop freaking me out.

    You pounced on me in PMs about five minutes after you saw me post in the Charlotte Boy Scout thread. I sent you the link to this thread and you've spammed me with ten unanswered PMs in about 7 hours, pestering the shit out of me to come have beers with you like a psycho stalker girlfriend.

    After the first few, it was interesting just to watch you freak out more and more from not getting any replies. I'm not gonna post your PMs, but you are starting to sound like a hysterical nutball or the emoticon-lovingest troll ever.

    You've already had it explained to you that almost all doxing proposals are unnecessary and foolish. My offer for you to dox yourself to me was mostly rhetorical. I didn't really expect you to do it and I have no real intention to check you out. I kept my word and deleted the PM and nobody else will get that info from me, but assuming your info is legit (yes, he sent me dox info in PM - no, I have not googled any of it), you were dumb to send it.

    I happen to be trustworthy, but you don't KNOW that. And you gain no advantage in the risk.

    If you're legit you're lucky in this case, but you are not wise. Try to understand what people are telling you: stop trying to reinvent Chanology overnight, stop trying so hard that you seem suspicious and/or crazy, and definitely stop trying to do it with ideas that involve centralized doxing departments and meeting trying-way-too-hard-and-doxcrazy-newbie strangers in bars or for rides.

    I don't need a deal on a GF Mask, I don't want a bar date with you, I don't need a ride to Atlanta, and I sure don't need you live-blogging me in PMs with your drinking plans, changing locations and Fatal Attraction intensity about twice every fucking hour, telling me I owe you acknowledgement and demanding I come meet you somewhere when we've never exchanged two words.

    See: stop freaking me out. Seriously.

    Also, having to have this kind of stuff explained to you doesn't help you gain trust. People don't trust a well-intentioned retard psycho any more than they do a Scilon.
  16. Lorelei Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Hey, n00b: PROTIP. The "creepy" message above was not from grumpus. He could possibly be talking back and forth with some people in real time elsewhere and also post that, true; but he didn't.

    Also, PROTIP #2: You ARE acting a bit creepy. The inappropriateness of your "HAI GUIZE, I HAZ ANUTHA AWEZUM IDEA! Y NOT U DOX URSELVES 4 MEH, K?" posts have been explained to you repeatedly.

    If grumpus was a malicious asshat, and if you actually doxxed yourself with your IRL info, you do realize just how much he could fuck with you, right?

    * Could Google Earth your reported location and get a visual of your house and your neighbors' homes. Could possibly see the car tag(s) on your vehicle(s).
    * Could find every blog, social network, video site, etc., you have ever contributed to at any time since you got online, including posts relegated to the Wayback Machine.
    * Could find photo albums with images of you, your stuff, your relatives, your friends, and god knows what else.
    * Could track down your educational history, classmates, maybe even your thesis (if you wrote one), former professors, etc.

    That's just info-gathering. That's not actually fucking with you and making you hate life. It's still creepy, right?

    Now, still assuming you gave grumpus one or two accurate DOX items and that he wanted to be a malicious asshat, here are a few more ways he could, IF he were a malicious asshat, make you very sad:

    * Contact your workplace and piss off your boss. Maybe get you fired, if his social engineering / acting skills were advanced enough. Economy's bad. An employee making clients / customers pissed may find him or herself axed. Get the drift?
    * Post your details and photos to various dating sites. If you're in a relationship, or not into gay dudes (or straight females, or traps, or whatever you DO NOT LIEK) / scat porn / whatever, you and your significant other might not appreciate your sudden popularity.
    * Sign you up for every "free magazines" / time share scam / "our salesman will visit you" / whatever online that he could find, stuffing your mailbox with reams of crap, some of which will be offensive to you, and which will trigger months if not years of similar crap being sent to you when your info gets distributed to other mailing lists.
    * Repeat the above, but make it e-mail instead.
    * Repeat the above, but have snail mail from NAMBLA or the KKK or whatever embarrassing group can be found sent to your workplace.
    * Troll you mercilessly on all your other favourite forums and online hangouts, and let all your online friends know that you brought it upon yourself, and they are merely collateral damage because you were stupid on the Internet.
    * Encourage people near your IRL home to leave "presents" on your lawn. How about a really racist yard sign that magically appears in the middle of the night?
    * Like that Rick-Roll? Did you know that there are approximately >9000 robo-dialers online that you can set to call a certain number at a certain time, at which point they will deliver a recorded message or tune? Would you enjoy being awakened at 2, 3, 4, and 5AM for three months straight with "V" from V For Vendetta purring at you, or a Rick Roll, or other "wacky" robophone fun? How would you like your number being added to every political party's "possible sucker" list, so you get harassed to death for donations or opinions every night during dinner? Hell, how would you like SCIENTOLOGISTS calling you to rege you for class fees repeatedly every day? It wouldn't be THAT hard to get your name on a cult DO Call List.
    * I herd u liek pizza, so I ordered a pizza to go with your pizza. Also, a thousand UPS boxes and you've been signed up for a Fruit of the Month club and some Disney bookclub. Also, if you don't pay the nice Chinese man for all that Chinese food "you" just ordered, you will be very sorry.
    * Order thousands of free biz cards for an embarrassing or illegal service and distribute them widely...with your contact details on them.
    * Post FREE KITTEN or LOST DOG or GARAGE SALE, 6AM or HOT CAR FOR SALE CHEAP photocopies all over town with your number and name & address attached.

    Again, that's just stuff that requires absolute minimal effort and skill. Someone really determined to fuck with you? You don't want to know.

    The above fuckeries don't require creativity or smarts or even a lot of passion to pull off. A bored person with time on his or her hands who decides he / she just doesn't like you could pull much of that off without breaking a sweat.

    Scientologists, with axes to grind, have harassed critics and exes and Anons far more thoroughly.

    There is A GOOD REASON Anonymous is Anonymous. Furthermore, Anonymous was Anonymous BEFORE Chanology and will be Anonymous after Chanology.

    How many times do you have to have it explained that you need to lern2anonymous?

    Even if you don't give a damn about your own privacy or the possibility of being harassed, you have no right to insist that everyone else in Anonymous take privacy as lightly as YOU do.

    1. You ARE being creepy and pushy. If I had a bunny, I'd be afraid you'd boil it.
    2. Your suggestions STILL require other Anons to either dox themselves or meet you in person to facef@g themselves. Why you persist in offering suggestions that STILL lead to people doxxing themselves or meeting you face to face (after being told to fuck off with that crap), no one knows.
    3. You are lucky grumpus is an honourable fellow, and that--if your real info was given and if it was accurate--he will not fuck with you. You just don't know HOW lucky you are.
    4. Your attempts to appeal to Anons with emotional appeals to plz not be mean to you, because all you want is a friend / ally, will get your ass kicked (virtually speaking). Lern2anonymous. Anonymous is not nice, and is not your friend. Ironically, more than one Anon has already BEEN nice and told you that up front, to help you adjust. Sadly, you have apparently failed to really grasp that.
    5. Some Anons do form friendships, but those friendships are not made instantly nor made with some random over-eager new guy online who has, as noted, repeatedly asked Anons to dox themselves or meet face to face.
    6. Lurk Moar and stop being so damn creepy. Anonymous just said what grumpus was too gentlemanly to say.

    You have, in essence, come to Anonyland, refused to comprehend Anonyculture even with repeated hints, and are trying to get Anons to trust you when you insist on defying deeply-ingrained Anonymous "rules". U R DOIN IT RONG. If you're just clueless--rather than attempting something actually nefarious--it would behoove you to pay attention to the hints you have been offered repeatedly, settle down, stop trying to "just add water, get Instant Friends," and lurk moar. (If you are up to no good and trying clumsily to dox people, perhaps it is time to give up on that and go away. The effort you are expending is far greater than the "value" of any non-info you may have been deliberately fed as a red herring or which you think you cleverly tweezed out of someone.)

    Tealdeer version: Take a hint, already.
  17. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    I read every word. I appreciate you taking the time.

    I fear, just like the "dumbing down of the world," this sphere of consciousness (WTF else might one call this non-group-group?) has had far too much influence from bored 10-year-olds (no disrespect meant to those of that age with a clue!), emotionally-fractured exes, and "ohai i just foundz me a new club" folks that get off on using "n00b" and "newfag" as "ego tech." [author's note: not a bad use of sci-speak on the last bit, eh?]

    Call me creepy, over-eager, or what-have-you, the fact remains that there is a shit-pot of work to be done, and it is all doable. I'm surely not the first person to randomly come in here with something to offer that was met with a hostile environment. Yes, Ms. HazFerret, I sincerely appreciate you and your PM from a while back. However, look at the state of affairs in North Carolina, from what (little, admittedly) I know: 1 week ago, a Narconon dude proselytized to a scout troop a mile from my house. I've been "on the scene" for over a month, participating as best I can, and there hasn't been a SINGLE POST to the NC forum (new one OR old one). I haven't shared a single PM volley of "'sup, fellow NC dude?" It is almost as if the participants of this forum prefer to do little more than armchair quarterback (based on your English-style spelling, you might need to Google that idiom) what Anderson Cooper said, or live vicariously through "thatcoolguyben"...

    Darlin', it isn't about ME. It is about how outsiders to this non-group group are treated. Things here need to change, or there will be no fresh blood, full of vim and vigor. Just sayin'.

    That's my $0.02.

    teal deer this: reach out to the new folks, and enlist/encourage those who are willing to put it on the line.
  18. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Another fool who thinks he can organize anonymous, lol

  19. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    *Send your info to OSAOSAOSA


    Don't be fucking with my NCfags, laddie.
    Simply put, they're better than you.
  20. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

  21. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    ilufags <3
  22. Lorelei Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    LOLZ. Yes indeedy.

    HEY GUIZ, what happened to the last three dozen (plus) n00bs who popped up over the last two (plus) years to tell us we weren't doing things the way they thought was best?

    Seen any of them lately?

    Did any of them offer anything of value before huffing off from WWP?

    It's not like we have done anything at all over the past two + years, you know. (BBC...wut? NYT...who? CNN...huh? [Insert &gt;9000 critical hits here]...duh? Orgs go bye-bye...where? Exes escape the cult...when?) Yup, nothing whatsoever has happened. We clearly need The New Guy to tell us how badly we are doing and how ineffectual Anon has been.

    What's that you say? You don't even remember the previous three dozen or so eager n00bs popping in to tell us we should do things his/her way instead of the way we've been doing things?

    Yeah. That's what I thought.
  23. Giruganon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Hey guise,

    Another NCfag here. It looks like there's not much to do in this state other than spread the word. I'm happy to do that. I'm new to the forums but I'll keep a close eye on this thread. Let me know if anything happens within the triangle.
  24. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    I just sent you a PM.

    For the public, here's what I said in short:
    Welcome to the cause, and welcome to a hostile environment to outsiders. If you are interested in taking action against the CoS, you have an ally in me. Keep your skin thick, as there are lots of people here who, these days, I think are more in it for the "newbie-pick-on-lulz" than anything else. (Many of you reading this know what I mean, and have seen the posts towards folks that only serve to keep "outsiders" away.)

    There are the channers who I helped to teach how to triforce; there are the 15 year olds whose parents just let them use their computers; there are the folks that have been waging this war for decades longer than Chanology has been around; there are the recent ex-scions. A lot of these folks ARE true champions of the cause, and a lot are just plain assholes. I hope you can find your place among 'em. Me, I'm trying, but it is trying to do so (and it really shouldn't be that way.)

    I welcome you, and I hope others do, too. Now get to work :)


    Some not-so-new-as-you-but-close-enough-well-intentioned-dude in Charlotte
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Okay, AnomAnom, let me explain it to you again, for the sake of Giruganon here.

    You're late. The NC anons already chased out all the Orgs and Missions in their state. There's a few that still say they're open that they've confirmed are NOT open, and I think someone mentioned a Narconon or something, but the basic fact is, they've cleared it. Now all they have to do is keep it clear, and that's a relatively simple matter of spreading information. They don't need a distribution system of guy fawkes masks or shit like that.

    You, AnomAnom, are showing up ONLINE to a closely-knit group of protesters who have worked with and can trust each other. Normally, that's okay. Everyone loves newfa-- well, everyone tolerates newfags. Where you've gone wrong is in what you did AFTER you showed up. You repeatedly suggested plans that would involve anons namefagging themselves to you for shit they didn't need. On top of that, you had the arrogance to tell us and them that you, some fuckwit who showed up days earlier, knew more about what had to be done than all the anons that had come before you, and that we were doing it wrong and had our heads up our asses for not immediately seeing the logic of your ways.

    New ideas are great. I love new ideas. But we know what the fuck we're doing. We know when we see an idea we've seen fifty thousand times before that it doesn't fucking work for us. And when we try to tell you this, you shriek like a little girl and claim all of Anonymous is out to get you.


    We're not "bored 10-year-olds" you fucktard. We're protesters, damn good ones, that have been doing this for years and are experienced not just in protesting but in organizing protests, dealing with police, understanding the statutes -- for instance, do you realize how fucked up your guy fawkes mask plan is considering you're not allowed to wear guy fawkes masks to protest in your state? Moron. -- funding, dealing with other cells, managing supplies, and god knows how many other things we learned from experience that frankly, I see no reason to believe you have. How about instead of telling NC they don't know what the fuck they're doing and they're just children you get your shit together and work with them and take advantage of their extensive experience? After all, they're the ones that chased Scientology out of your state. Not you.

    Presuming of course you're not OSA, AnomAnom.
  26. Lorelei Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Pretty much what I sent him in PM multiple times over the last week when I was taken to task for not appreciating his magnificence. He's still convinced he wasn't creepy nor DOIN IT WRONG and that we are just meancaekz.

    Your turn to field this one, I am tired.
  27. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC


    also we dont hate outsiders, just people that come and try telling us what to do when they need to lurk moar.

    also welcome new dude :)
  28. Random guy Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC


    Sit back, enjoy the drama. It happens every now and then. I'm neither an USA'an, nor an old hand, but from what you wrote you are doing it right.

    Do not take unnecessary risks with your identity. In 99% of cases other Anons have no need to know your name. That way they won't be able to dox you by accident, or be able to name you should they be forced to do so (under oath in court with a phony charge for instance). Quietly spreading the word about the cult is one way to help killing the cult by a thousand cuts.
  29. ravenanon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Come visit ALT and Protest with us.
  30. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC


    also raven, im going to be mysteriously absent again this month.

    may, i promise!!!!
    and i really mean it this time...
  31. ravenanon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Some how I knew that would be the case lol

    R U at least going to Boston?
  32. AnonRapture Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    This thread is fail and a waste of my 5 mins to read half of this TLDR post, this is all. NC4LIFZ
  33. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    <3 rapture
  34. grumpus Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    AnomAnom -

    Again, I remind you that my "challenge" in this thread to you to dox yourself to me was meant to be rhetorical (duh) and to make you think about what you've been asking of others. I did not think you would be so foolish as to do it.

    Since I see you're still around, I finally decided to look into the info you sent (I saved your info elsewhere and deleted your PM the day you sent it; did you know those can be read by mods?) so that you might understand what risks you've taken (again, if that is really you) - not only with yourself, but with many other people you know - as Lorelei tried to explain to you above and, apparently, in many PMs. Even if this does you no good, perhaps others will learn a lesson about how important it is to be prudent with personal information.

    Mind you, I am a total n00b at playing detective on people, but I didn't have try very hard. I stopped well before the information was drying up. If you are really the person you claim to be, here's what I was able to gather (EDIT: from a partial name, a few seemingly minor, random bio facts and a cell phone number) in about TEN MINUTES:

    • Your *full* name (and other info). EDIT: *Lots* of other info.
    • Your photograph.
    • YOUR WIFE'S *FULL* NAME (and other info). EDIT: *Lots* of other info.
    • Access to TONS of information in the relatives/friends category (and CHILDREN are in this mix), including photographs.
    • Your business information.
    • How to contact the people you went to school with.
    • How to contact your business associates.

    I stopped there. Hell, why would I need to go on? Wouldn't you say that's enough?

    Are you getting the idea yet of how careless you've been? Feeling vulnerable yet? Let it sink in. Then think about how casual you've been in regards to your attitude about OTHER people's privacy, including your suggestions to other Anons. Go ahead. Think about it.

    Are you getting the idea of why other people don't trust you as a security risk? You want people to trust you with their personal information, yet you handed yours over to a TOTAL STRANGER on a site lurked by OSA (whose intelligence-gathering skills far outweigh mine) and thousands of trolls who would rip you a new one just for the hell of it.

    I happen not to be OSA (which you also can't KNOW yet) but let's just assume I'm a psycho. Assume I'm a pedophile or a rapist or a burglar or an identity thief or just a blackhearted troll who would fuck up your life for the laughs. Assume I go crazy or that you piss me off somehow and I decide to get revenge. Assume someone offered me money for you.

    I have a long history as a critic of Co$ (and a personal history with some others), and I never have revealed (nor ever would reveal) the tiniest scrap of info about someone publicly or privately to others unless they made it public first themselves, but YOU don't know that and you don't know ME. I'm still a complete mystery to you. Now think about it some more. How could you stop me if I decided to use this info against you? Answer: you couldn't do a damn thing.

    You're not smart, man; you're fucking lucky or you have one hell of an intuition about whom to trust with your entire life. You are simply LUCKY that none of this information will ever be passed to anyone else by me or utilized by me in any way. In fact, I've gotten rid of it all now just to make SURE nobody else ever gets it. But... you don't know that either, now do you? Now you have to trust me and you have nothing in return for that as insurance. You don't KNOW that you won't end up on RFW or 4chan (or worse) tomorrow, or that your wife's pic and info won't end up on about 5 billion sex sites.


    You are LUCKY that I am not a psycho or someone who would sell your ass out. Not only that, you compromised the safety/privacy of your WIFE. I didn't bother to go so far as to look up your home address, but I bet I could. And how difficult would it be to follow you home based on what I already found? Or follow your wife? How difficult would it be to go to your home when you aren't there?

    THINK about it.

    Yes, there are many Anons who know each other and have come to trust each other. I have relationships like that with some other critics - yes, some people know who I am just as well as I now know whomever belongs to this info you gave me - but that comes with TIME and it comes with your establishing yourself without DEMANDS on others and it comes organically as people get a sense for you, just like trust does in all parts of life. You have to establish credit, and you have established nothing. In fact, from what I see of your internet security measures, I wouldn't trust you to know the tiniest thing about me, and I SURE as hell would not meet you for rides or beers or give you my real-life contact information or risk letting you have a photograph of me.

    By handing over your information to an absolute stranger - and going over my WWP post history IS NOT sufficient vetting - you have not only opened yourself up to possible shitstorms, you opened up women and MINORS you know to shitstorms. Now tell us again how much you have it all figured out. Tell us again how laughably paranoid we all are, as you've been doing since the day you registered here.

    And this doesn't just apply to WWP, dude. This applies to anywhere on the internet where you're dealing with strangers, especially when you put others besides yourself at risk.

    And in case you feel the urge, please spare us the bravado and bluster of any "bring it on, I gots gunz 'n' shit" speeches. They are unnecessary and they would be utterly hollow. I'm not threatening you; I'm doing you a favor (I hope) and using you as an object lesson.

    I hope you take all this to heart and learn to STFU and lurk a LOT more. No need to thank me.

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