Charlotte, NC

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Hungry Spectre, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Charlotte, NC

    There is one of their "churches" in charlotte nc that should be hit by a protest again. im gonna find out what times the services go on, and make sure that the protest is still going when they enter. idk when exactly, but as soon as i know that some people live nearby and are interested we can get a time.
  2. mongrel Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Be careful with that. Some places have laws against "disturbing religious services". We all know that their services are just to put on a bullshit show but the law views it differently.
  3. RightOn Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC


  4. Re: Charlotte, NC

    allright. im gonna try and find to what extent it has to be before we could be considered "disturbing"
  5. mongrel Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    It's perfectly legal to spread entheta around at their [STRIKE]recruitment drives[/STRIKE] stress tables. The people who attend their "services" have already been sucked in. Those at the stress tests would be more likely to listen.
  6. Re: Charlotte, NC

    i live about an hour away, so im not sure when/where they do the stress tests. this is also probobly gonna be my first IRL so im very open to suggestions as well.
  7. anoncaek Member

  8. Re: Charlotte, NC

    i went to the CoS website and did the google maps thing to find a "Church of scientology" near you, and the closest were atlanta and charlotte. so i guess they dont update their site? lawl

    let this thread die then?
  9. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    ahhh, well its not only "not updating" but also they like to place invisible orgs on their to make themselves look bigger. also, please be careful as scientology websites will probably track you, use a proxy.

    and welcome to ncanon! we are glad to have new people join us
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte Anon here.

    The Co$ mission is indeed gone from here, though it still shows up on google.
  11. AquaMan Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Wow, web sites using old data. Film at 11. :p

    Anyway, like they said above, there are no Scilon orgs currently active in NC. NCAnons accidentally the whole orgs.

    (Still things like WISE and such, though. Follow caek's links to research and discuss.)
  12. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Well, since this is an NC thread, and Aqua provided /b/lackup from ATL for us at our very first raid, I would like to mention that since we've cleared the state of all orgs, many ncanons have expressed interest in providing /b/lackup to neighboring areas, and a trip to ATL would be well worth it NCanons.
  13. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    [MOD] The link below is a scientology website, proxy up if you're going to click it [/MOD]


    I think there MAY STILL BE a Mission in Charlotte. I saw the pictures of the one on 74 that looked as if it was being abandoned, but there is one listed on their locator that answers the phone.

    Has anyone actually ever tried to simply go to these places and TALK to the "franchisees"? Now, that is how the missions are, from what I understand... Entrepreneurs buy them, then run them as a McDonald's is run.

    I'd like to see more going on in NC... part of the problem is that people come here, to a good forum, then get sent to two other sites for NC'ers. I'd suggest that the cultfreenc gets put on ice, and that the ning site gets trafficked a bit more -- either that, or make it so that the ning site is more of an "about us" with listings of past and future things, and how to join up, while the main communication gets done over here.

    My two (or three) cents.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte Anon here.

    I suggest you edit this post. That's a scilon dot org link. Could you put the location info into your post instead?

    I will investigate this ASAP.
  15. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Well, I dunno what to say to that... If you call the phone number, they give hours. The address on that locator is NOT where they were, but is, I think, the residence of the owner(s). So, Charlotte people, do they exist or not?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Are you calling the number that ends in 7634 or 4367? You said they 'give hours' -- does a live person or recording answer? If a person, did you ask about a location or any other info? If recording, does it give information other than hours?

    btw, anyone calling a Scientology mission, org, WISE business, or whatever, BLOCK YOUR NUMBER FIRST.

    Better yet, call from a phone that has no connection to you or anyone you know.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    ^ Same Anon again. I am on the case. This appears to be run by people who have a WISE business here - possibly run out of the same location/residence. I am compiling data. It would still be good if you could tell me what you got when you called.
  18. ravenanon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Org is gone form everything I have been told.

    Yes I know its not my city/state
  19. pwnon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Without knowing the address to confirm these are closed, I can't say this mission that you guys are talking about that "answers the phones" and "gives hours" is dead or not, but

    I've gone to each location that is listed on any locator or google search. They're all dead. One is abandoned office space, one is a home some people live in, and the other is a rundown building.

    If someone has an address they'd like to PM me, I can let you know if it's real or not.

    And if it's alive:

    Charlotte is a new game for NCanons. I've already spoken to some police contacts in Charlotte last year and their laws are much more strict than Greensboro. So we'd have to go with a side of caution before commencing the act of protesting.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Never was even an Org here, just a crappy mission with very limited hours.

    It looks like it might have been reborn in even sadder fashion. I will know soon and will report.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

  22. ravenanon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    my bad I was talking about the whole state. They shut the org down that was located elsewhere. Charlotte was a mission and was reported gone to
  23. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Anyone need a ride to Atlanta tomorrow? Drop me a line.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Seeing as you just registered here yesterday, don't be surprised if people are reluctant to meet you or give you their info.

    Can you answer the questions about your phone call that are on the previous page?
  25. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Church of Scientology Mission of Central Charlotte
    8226 Pence Rd
    Charlotte, NC 38215
    United States

    THAT is the info I got from the locator.

    Anyway, I'm headed down to my alma mater from the 80's tomorrow to go eat some epic caek, or so I hear. I hope others make the trip. Yep, I'm damn new to this forum.

    Though the utter anonymity thing sounds "fun," I really don't think the OSA is everywhere, monitoring everything... I mean, they can't even keep their various sites updated... Should there be reason for me to believe otherwise, please let me know ASAP before I wake up at the bottom of a lake!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Thanks. What hours or other information did you get when you called? Was it a live person answering?

    As for OSA, they do in fact monitor this site closely and they do try to get their hands on the personal information of any critics they can. I doubt you're in any danger of ending up in a lake, but people are necessarily cautious, especially with brand new people who solicit personal info. Don't take it personally or as paranoia. It's just prudence.
  27. pwnon Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Pence Road "mission" is dead. The phone is still connected, but, unless in the past 3 or 4 weeks, they've completely opened an org, then it's dead. Went and checked it out in February or late January.
  28. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

  29. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    No, I wasn't meaning to imply that I was thinking you/he/she/they were being paranoid... But, like, I have "over 9000"/10 friends on FB, who I actually KNOW. I'm 40+, and have been raging to them to go to ifoundthecard and lisa and here, to poke around and learn something then get on the bus.

    I have no fear of surfing their sites. In fact, last night I d/l'ed all the "Find a Scientologist Near You" or whatever names and links, from my machine. I don't use proxys (If I knew how, I might). I DO call from Skype, but I don't know if that is any less traceable than my cell. It is just easier for me.

    Anyway, what is the deal with the Katz family? Are they out of the "lifestyle," or what? Has anyone tried to get them on board with real life from our perspective (or do they even need it?)
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    On the previous page you said "If you call the phone number, they give hours."

    For the third time, I ask: Was it a person or a machine that answered? What hours did they give? Did they answer "Hello?" or with a "Mission of Scientology: Charlotte" greeting, or what? Is there any other information you got when you called?
  31. AnomAnom Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Do you not have a phone?

    OK, I call yet again, and give u a xscript... or not.

    'Twas a message. It said something like:

    "You have reached the CoS Central Charlotte Mission. We are open (?) 7:30 to (?) 9:30 from Wed. to Fri. (?, I think). Or by appt other hours, leave a msg."
  32. grebe Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    LOL newfag.
  33. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Has it not occurred to you that maybe some people don't want to call Scientology buildings from their personal phone? I'm glad the whole namefag thing works for you, really I am, but respect the fact that others may have different degrees of concern for their anonymity.

    Also lern2anonymous&Anonymous.

    Pwnon: If you guys start doing shit in Charlotte, let me know, that cheapass airline I like flies to it direct.
  34. anoncaek Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC


  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    I'll explain why people are treating you with suspicion:

    In your first post you seem to be unaware of anything other than an address and phone number on a Co$ dot org locator (which you hotlinked) but in your last post a couple hours later, you mention the "Katz family" and "the lifestyle" out of the blue. This indicates that you not only compared the mission address to the WISE construction company/residence address that matches it, but that you looked at the construction company's website and/or looked up the number listing.

    More interesting is that there is only one Katz listed on the company's website. The woman who is the second listing on their "about us" page turns out (apparently) to be married (or was at some point) to the Mr. Katz in question... BUT... she is not named as Katz or as his wife on the company website, and only has a "Katz" name show up if you run her through a Scientology completions list.

    Did you go through all those steps, while browsing and posting in other threads, or did you already know far more than you originally let on? Do you know them? Are you one of them or affiliated with them?

    I find it odd that you imply you are a longtime lurker, and you mention OSA and refer to Fair Game tactics, but you seem to think it's safe to visit Scientology websites without a proxy and suggest that it's no big deal to phone Co$ entities without security measures.

    Again, though you imply you are a longtime lurker of critic sites, you seem puzzled that people find it strange that you signed up Thursday, then Friday were trying to get people to meet you for a ride to Atlanta. If you have lurked critic sites you know this is extremely unusual.

    Even off of critic sites it would be quite odd to be offering rides to total strangers, or accepting rides from them, on a message board.

    Call us paranoid, but that's a lot of oddness.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    More: So where did "family" come from if you didn't take these steps or already know? If you did take these steps, or knew already, why didn't you say everything openly or from the start?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    Do Charlotte people get together and do anything these days, like YTFC drops or ???
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    FIFM - Fixed It For Myself ;)
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    AnomAnom, I saw you lurking this thread just now. Why don't you answer post #35?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Charlotte, NC

    If I knew just what the question was, I probably WOULD answer it. Care to boil it down for me and give it another go?

    What I took from several of your posts was just an awful lot of tinfoil hattery, and a very accusatory posture. It was like I popped on here, asked some questions about the state of affairs in CLT, then got ass-blasted. I'm not the enemy, amigo.

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