ChanologySF 2012: The Winter of Our DiscoTech

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by enthaeon, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    And for those fans of caramelldansen...

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  2. amaX Member

    How happy you make me, SanFranAnons! So well done. I'm all verklempt here!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    whoa -- sorry! all of this video stuff was already posted -- whoops
  4. Anonymous Member


    Disconnection in 5... 4... 3... 2...
  5. JeffQuiros Member

    Uh, do you think he called me? ;)
  6. JeffQuiros Member

    Me neither!
  7. Anonymous Member


    Cinco de Megaraid SF 2012

    Coming soon...

    (specifically, May 5, 2012)
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  8. adhocrat Member

    Had to look that one up. I was afraid you were doing something...weird.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    "can I get a photo"?


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  10. enthaeon Member


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  11. adhocrat Member

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  12. enthaeon Member

    Last 10 seconds, teh lulz.
  13. Anonymous Member

    He put his penis on your foot.... which then ejaculated 3 times?
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  14. moarxenu Member

    I lol
    I lol'd. "Scene of Jerry's Crime" - lulz
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    ***Has anyone else been having trouble with the new Pfizer direct deposit payroll system?!
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  16. skeptic2girl Member

    What is Pippi saying in the beginning of the video?
  17. adhocrat Member

    she wanted us to move our sign off her sign. seems it touched her sign.
    Since it wasn't MY sign I direected her towards MOOG, forcing her to interact with two SPs.
    Aren't I mean?
  18. skeptic2girl Member


    Moog, please pick up story... :)

    Did you get to talk to Pippi?

    What, did one corner of one of our signs tap their sidewalk fail sign?
  19. MOOG Member

    o Pippi was great that day. one corner of my SCIENTOLOGY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS sign was less than 1/2" underneath their Dianetics sandwich board. Pippi asked if I would move it. I said "Yes of course", moved it, and she went back inside. yay Pippi!
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  20. Anonymous Member

    In her head she is thinking (when I ask nice, the SP's are nice, but when I am a bitch they laugh at me. That's not what Jerry teaches)
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  21. Herro Member

    Two people eh? Yeah I'd say there's a stat crash agoin on...
  22. I think of little Pippi left the cult it would, like, make my life.

    I really want her to get out of there before her pretty complexion deterioriates into the Purif Rundown/Chain Smoking gray that the female clams sport. (The dude clams just get pot bellies :()
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  23. enthaeon Member

    Aww, you stopped by. <3
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Two people... huh? Protesting? Stomping on people's feet? Plx say more.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Plx say less.
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  26. jensting Member

    gosh! Kids of today. Etc.

    Best Regards

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Herro thinks he knows what he's talking about lol!
  28. Anonymous Member

    Someone suggested to me that we should have called the police when Jerry stomped on that one Anon's toe.

    I disagree, BUT I was thinking it might be a good idea to compile a list of things they've tried with SF protestors in the past year or so? I think Tommy and Jennifer Gorman have suffered the brunt of the harassment. :(

    I mostly hear stories of what happened, but I'd love to nail it down and put together the dox.
    (Also, when you add this stuff up, it, well, adds up!)

    note to Jerry: plx wipe off your shoes next time you're going to try to crush a toe, lest your shoe leave a tell-tale scuff mark...

    Here's a partial list - please add or edit/correct:

    1) January 2012 - Jerry OT8 goes out of his way to step on protestor's foot
    2) December 2011 - Chris K. storms out of org and is threatening (not sure of wording to use) towards Tommy Gorman
    3) July 2011 - Scientology (staff?) member threatens Jennifer Gorman saying, "I'm going to kick your fucking ass."
    4) September 2011 (?) Jennifer2 and BookBoy try to intimidate Anons by following them to a restaurant and taking pictures of them, against the wishes of the restaurant owner

    Didn't Jerry also pull Tommy G's arm at some point?

    A chronological list can also build a record of any escalation.
  29. skeptic2girl Member

    I bet Jerry missed us today. :(
  30. adhocrat Member

    absence makes the heart grow fonder
  31. JustNoise Member

    You guise stood Jerry up?
  32. enthaeon Member

    He had it coming
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  33. xenubarb Member

    I thought that was absinthe...
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Jerry's a tease. He says we should protest more, and then when we do - per his instructions - he sometimes doesn't even come out to say "hi." :(
  35. Anonymous Member

    I just remembered -- Jerry the OT8 has lost quite a bit of weight, right? I wonder if he gained it while on OT7 -- didn't Tory Magoo say a lot of people gain weight on OT7 because you're never supposed to audit on an empty stomach (or something like that)?
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. MOOG Member


  38. skeptic2girl Member

    Smurf posted this at wwp:

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  39. enthaeon Member


    Dead Org was in Non-Existence. All the moar reason to party. Found these fags there already. /slowpoke








    This pleases audience


    The few, the proud, the idiots.





    The restaurant next to the mOrg utilized Scientology's FREE toilet paper literature during their renovations. LOL NOBODY TAKES YOUR CULT SRS. DOWNSTAT.

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  40. enthaeon Member

    Forgot my supplements:

    moog nyaning for the camera



    O hai, Jeff. Liek teh new doormat?


    Obligatory CaramellDansen

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