ChanologySF 2012: The Winter of Our DiscoTech

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by enthaeon, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. moarxenu Member

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  2. moarxenu Member

    Scilon erases our awesome chalk tech ...




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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    I am so glad I was not there to see the destruction of Nyan cat. It was the most amazing chalk art I have ever seen. Art fags ftw!

    Pts: when I saw the promise: Kyle Brennan SOON I got shivers.
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  4. JustNoise Member

    I agree, S2G. That Nyan cat was really awesome!

    Love to the art fags...
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  5. MOOG Member

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  6. MOOG Member

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  7. MOOG Member

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  8. Exponential Member

    Havent posted in awhile, pictures say enough, epic raid glorious faggots, i luff you all so much. EPIC Caek was EPIC. Nyan cat took its place as rightful ruler of the galaxy; so many lulz were had. TY for group chalk tech , I could raep train you guise all night for it. Oh, did someone mention azns??
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  9. Exponential Member

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  10. Pique Member

    WOW. SFAnons...a sh*t heap of win!
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  11. JustNoise Member

    So glad you guise were there to stop the scilons from setting up stress test tables during the parade.
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  12. adhocrat Member

    my only regret from yesterday is that I had a line planned and never used it
    "Watch Today Tonight tomorrow."

    note to self Chinese New Year = lots of people, lots of traffic,
    gung hay fat choy
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  13. Random guy Member

    Amazing, you guys are simply amazing!
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  14. grebe Member

    This thread reminds me how much I luv de kittehs!

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  15. I love you guys sooooo much!
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  16. enthaeon Member

    o hai, Naomi! u liek teh caramell?? y u no video? lol we party n e ways.
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  17. Zhent Member

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  18. moarxenu Member

    For even maor lulz check out the vids of the live feed:

    Anons descend for raep blaring Nyancat song trolling a Sea Ogre in uniform on the way. Epic. Also, caek.
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  19. GuyFox Member

    Why does SF have to be so far???
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  20. enthaeon Member

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  21. Endless pressure and constant enturbulation on the org. Erosion. Every week. What's not to like about this? It's even got cats! Kids aren't afraid of you. And that is saying a lot since lots of kids are afraid of clowns. Speaking of clowns; everyone, especially kids should beware of Scientology.

    You people are like Casper The Friendly SPs.
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  22. skeptic2girl Member

    MOAR from SF Anons' Anoniversary...
    Recording the Livestream:
    Number #1 Cinematographer!
    A favorite of mine: kind of romantic...
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  23. SPRTT Member

    Every day is Valentine's Day up in this thread. I know there are practical reasons to film, but the fact you all go through the trouble of uploading is a gift of love from the generally unforgiving and cruel interwebz. Thank you San Fransiscohhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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  24. skeptic2girl Member

    arirhodes (curly-haired photographer in green) uploaded some of the video footage he took from Anoniversary... let's give him some lurv...

    ...and caramelldansen! (and many more -- note to fellow Bay Area fags -- let's add this dude's vids to SF Anon channel)

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  25. skeptic2girl Member

    SPRTT -- have a speshal one for you... currently finishing youtube edits, AND... here we go...
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  26. skeptic2girl Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    This speaks for it's self.

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  28. MOOG Member

    <3<3<3 LOVE <3<3<3

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  29. skeptic2girl Member

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  30. SPRTT Member

    I was really enjoying that clip and then...light bulb. You are Nevar. Going. Away. Do they get that? I repeat the auditing question...

    SRLSY, I hope they are paying attention. When you got the funk, you got the funk. And you ain't getting the funk out yet, are yas? So San Fran has been a beacon of many things over the years. Now, it's a beacon of LULZ. Anonymous, you run this. Anonymous, you WIN this.
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  31. I used to think those masks were creepy but not anymore. I think I get it now. It is hard to put into words but the effect that it has when you see a group of people all looking the same is quite something. The Scientologists get it too I think and they don't like it. Keep eroding the cult, Anons.
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  32. moarxenu Member

    Adopting the Guy Fawkes mask was a hivemind stroke of genius. For years now strangers have been coming up and saying, "Hey, you guys are from Anonymous!"
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  33. JeffQuiros Member

    I <3 this one cuz it has adhocrat dancin'
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  34. enthaeon Member

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  35. One hilarious way in which the sf cult has failed Big Time is in their inability to attempt to use the SFPD as a no-fee 24-hour "security" (lol) service. It wouldn't make any sense if the cult quit calling the police every time we showed up, when they did it so regularly before.

    The only thing that makes sense is that the cult still calls but the police ask the usual question, but this time on the phone instead of in person: "Are the protestors in any way acting outside the bounds of their 1st Amendment Rights? No? Well, until they do, stop calling."

    Damn Jeff Quiros, if you ever stub your toe and need an ambulance, you're going to have to ask US to call the police for you -- between Anonymous and the cult, only one of us has credibility.

    I was reminded of this at the parade this Saturday when a police officer (Oakland) strolled by us, waving us a friendly hello... much as we hope to wave Jeff Quiros a happy good-bye as he's carted off in the paddy wagon....
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  36. skeptic2girl Member

    Kyle Brennan Protest Party!!



    Friday, February 17th

    Featuring *New and Improved* Start Time:
    2pm until dark

    Come when you can, leave when you want to

    Featuring Kyle Kaek, epic tunes, and moar...


    Get yer Google on...

    ps: miss you, Kyle <3<3<3
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. adhocrat Member

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  39. JeffQuiros Member

    &quot;There are no words to describe how a mother feels when she has lost a child. In many ways, I am able to cope by pretending he is still with us. Whenever I see a group of college-age young men, I look for my son's face among them hoping to find him...&quot;

    -Victoria Brennan, mother of Kyle Brennan

    Kyle Brennan: Raid for Great Justice (and Lulz)

    Friday, Feb 17th
    2pm until...

    tunes, caek, dance, cult fail, the usual

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  40. adhocrat Member

    Those SF Anons are dancing fools
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